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by Tiq
Hi there, Im doctor stevenson, are you ready for your operation?
Thats the fifth time thats happened today...

by Tiq
Later than night.
Gah! where is that stupid thing? This would be so much easier if the lightbulb was wo- AHA! here we go...
Who's the *** now, *****?
Oh dear god, please call a doctor.

by Tiq
Hey dude, Im back from the cinema!
Sweet! So how was King Kong, then!?
Awesome, I actually cried at the end.
You cried?

by Tiq
Tiq arives at bewts house.
Hey bewt, its great to finally me--
Oh good, your finally here, we were beginning to think you wouldnt show
Yeah, we thought we would have to start without you, now wheres the baby oil?
Thish ish tha greatesht day of my life!!!
Are you ok?

by Tiq
Bewt says: Im really looking forward to your visit
*type* yeah, I cant wait, although Im a little nervous.
Bewt says: Dont worry hon, theres nothing to be nervous about.
*type* Yeah, I suppose your right.
Bewt says: Of course, anyway, I'll see you soon.
*type* See you soon.

by Tiq
Where the heck could zod be?
Rowan says: If zod has been defeated, he must truly have succumbed to the mightiest of foes.
meanwhile at Zods place...
Truly I have met my match in you L33T_B0IY but this is my time for victory, I shall not lose another battle of online chess!! Now get ready to Kneel Before Zod!

by Vampjazzy
Hey Julio.
Hey Vamp.
Want to play guess how many fingers?
Waaaaay ahead of you sweetie.

by Tiq
*Sigh* This is where we had our first drink.
this is where we had our first kiss.
This is where that ram started flirting with her and I had to headbutt him to prove I was the alpha male.
Im still here ya *****, get ready for round two!

by Vampjazzy
I'm going to ask Tiq how his meeting went with his secret sweetie..
Oh I hope it went well!
Vampjazzy: So Tiq, did she r0xx0r your s0x off?
*sigh* Do I even dare type back and tell Vamp that she already had a boyfriend?
Back at Demosthene's house..
I thought we had something special.. How dare you go behind my back and destroy everything with.. with.. Tiq!

by Vampjazzy
Hey bewt, its wonderful to finally meet you in person! *hugs*
I know Vamp! I thought this would never end up happening! *hugs back*
Hmm.. I wonder if Tiq's face to face meeting is going as well as ours is.. So.. wanna make out?
Duh.. Like you even have to ask.. Let's use the bed, its more comfortable..
My god.. she's so... beautiful.

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