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by JoeBlough
The Dentist will see you now!
I HATE Dentists!
This injection makes this procedure totally painless.
I wouldn't say "totally" painless!
Before you go I'll need you to pay this.
See what I meant? Now comes the REAL pain!

by JoeBlough
ISIS just blew up our oil pipe-line!
So oil gets cheaper now, right?
You actually ARE dumber than a bag-o-hammers, aren't you?
Never answer a question with a question! It makes one look stupid and unprepared! Doesn't it?
Are you asking me who is dumber? YOU or ME?
There you go I right?

by JoeBlough
"On top of Ocasek, all covered with dirt..."
"...they laid him in lessen his hurt"!
Adios amigo! The lead "Car" is now in Long-Term Parking!
Ahhh..."Wayfarers"! I never left home without em'!

The murder rate in Baltimore is at 245 for 2019.
Almost 250! Go Team Baltimore !
by ralahinn1, 9-16-19

by Moturd
I don't mind you coming here
and wasting all my time.
Cause when you're standing, oh, so near...
I kind of lose my mind. Yeah!

*slurp* *slurp* *SLUURRRRP*
Why are you licking your ice cream so loudly, Butch?
I'm pretending its your left tit, Phreaky.
Okay... Carry on.

Wanna go inside for a night cap, Miyuki?
Hai, Gabe-san.
Go ahead, Miyuki... Don't be shy!
You must ret go of Miyuki's reft butt cheek first.

Meanwhile, back at the party...
Hi, my name is Neo...
Nice to meet you... I'm Jamalia.
So, Jamalia... What do they do?
"They"? Are you talking about my breasts?
They don't really do anything except give losers like you boner fuel for jack sessions when they get home.

So, Jesus... What do you think of my new office layout?
Seems to be a lot of cubicles with high walls, George.
I find that when you isloate people, they tend to be more productive.
Well, you'll experience a lot of isolation in the Afterlife where your headed!
Wait... Are you saying I'm going to hell I die, Jesus?
Of course... We don't let *******s in Heaven. George.

Well, at least your tie is a clip-on!
Wrong again, Clappy!
What about the goatee?

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