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by choadwarrior
Why did you put up the Halloween decorations?
I put up the Martin Luther King Day decorations.
You put a skeleton on the door.
Martin Luther King didn't look like a skeleton!
He does now.

by JoeBlough
Butch SO nervous!
Maybe beautiful blind date think Butch ugly man. Ridicule Butch! Butch no can take THAT!!
Hot damn! Yer handsome as hell! Let's FUCK!
Shoot! Now Butch gotta buy condom!

by JoeBlough
High atop the HQ
I'm sure gonna miss RCLG!
True dat! His personna alone made quite the impact.
His "PERSONNA"? How many "personnas" does he have?
Almost one for every year he's been banned.
So, is he really ragu4u, DBoba, AtomicLunch, edoggydog, Moturd as well as...?
Let's just say that If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya!

by JoeBlough
At home with ragu4u & Makin_d_bacon
I hear RCLG is banned from!
Yup! For 5034 years, or some such ****!
5034 years, you say?
What up? I don't like that look in your eyes!
Just think, now I'll have enough time to create truly "FUNNY" comics without getting laughed at!
Nobody laughs at your comics NOW!

by Moturd
My next pick for Supreme Court Justice is a man you all know and admire, none other than the King of Kings, himself, Jesus Christ
But the senate confirms nominees...
You were quite the hellraiser as a young man, according to my colleague, the right honorable senator from New York, Charles Evil (D)
He says you drank wine religiously, and once, in a fit of rage, you overturned tables in the temple.
Don't ask me about abortion. Don't ask about abortion.

by JoeBlough
*knock knock
Rags, I think that consultant you called is here!
Already? I didn't think an expert "Page Domination" consultant could get here so quick!
Rags! She thought you said CAGE domination!

by Moturd
RCLG is going for SFPD!
Oh my gosh! We should help him.
Hello, San Francisco Police Department? My friend RCLG needs your assistance.
Listen, they. We already found their friend. All they needs is a few days in the drunk tank.
As long as I have you on the phone, mind if I make an unprovable allegation against a conservative?
Did you have one in mind already?

by edoggydog
January 18, 2020....
Aaaaaaand, there... My first SFPD of 2020 is complete! EAT MY DUST, STRIPPERS!!!!
I just wanted dominate the front page of for the day. I didn't want to hurt any-one's feelings. I'll never do it again.
January 25, 2020

by JoeBlough
Welcome, fine sir. How may I serve you?
My "check-engine" right came on. Can you rook at it for Chen?
Certainly. sir. I'd be happy to!
On second thought, forget it! Chen sure this a "crip joint". You no be cheatin' ME!
So why did you accuse him of being a cheat and running a "clip joint"?
Heck, woman. The damned shop is named "Crippy's"! What mo you need?

by JoeBlough
Party! Party! Party!
Hey! What do you think YOU'RE doin'?
What's it LOOK like? Party! Party! Party!
Look, 2019 ended almost three weeks ago. Time to move on!
Not ME. I turned 21 and so you know what THAT, party, party!
Now I get it! PARTY like it's 1999! Duh!

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