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by ivytheplant
That was a hell of a fight, man!
I mean, you really knocked them all right out!
The PTA will think twice before criticizing your cookies again.

by ivytheplant
Nadine gazed lustily at Ethan as he dimmed the bedroom lights.
He turned around and walked towards her, only one thing on his mind.
"Sulsul! Plerg majah bliff?"

by Injokester
Hey Injokester, why don't you draw a big set of female and ethnic characters to address stripcreator's lack of ethnic and gender diversity?
No, it'll only lead to white men arguing about their political views on the internet.
But that's your excuse for getting out of everything!
It literally works for everything.

by LuckyGuess
i wonder if any of those old in-jokes are still running
no one will remember you

by LuckyGuess
i sure made a lot of comics about girls
all married
some about you
also married
didn't you used to crash your car into trees? like, often?
more like THEY crashed into MY DICK

by LuckyGuess
it's been five years. are you still sad and poor and unfunny
life turned out okay, actually. i'm pretty successful. make the news once or twice a year. what about you?
we haven't talked in half a decade. all the characters from these comics are gone now
oh this is gonna be sad now isn't it

by LuckyGuess
oh hey
been a while i guess
we've been through a lot, haven't we? so many years. so many kind-of-racist-jokes-but-also-i-was-15-so-those-don't-count
and that's what's important. none of the racist jokes count
racism doesn't count

by HCRoyall
On the one hand I'm getting a lot more done on personal projects, but on the other hand I feel like I've lost a bit of a connection with a community that made up part of my personal identity.
If you're done whining into the computer, the patient in 305 needs an enema.
All right.I'll get you some extra packets of lube.

by HCRoyall
I mean, I had close to 30 web comics I'd visit every week, plus keeping up here to at least participate in the contests.
Now I realize it's been almost a year since I've had anything close to a cohesive regimen other than Facebook and email.
I don't want to quit, it's just so jarring that I could drop them so easily.

by HCRoyall
Life is surreal right now.
I'm finally finishing this nursing program, but my new job has basically removed most of my internet browsing from my routine.
What's weird is that I don't even miss it, and trying to get back into it almost feels sometimes.

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