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NO, NO! Don't Look! Look away! I am hideous!
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by Jabizo
Commander Grubek. Are you sure it is wise to alter our course just so you can search for new cooking ingredients? Won't Mission Control frown on this?
Silence! I must do this. Do not question. My retina has fortold of this day. I must follow my destiny..
I am sorry. I had forgotten about your prophetic, mystical eyeball, sir.
Do not dispute me again. I order you now: bring the ship down to the planet. Then we collect anything we find which appears flavorful, gathering samples for later study.
Yes sir, O wise and majestic...
Yes, yes. Cut the sucking up. I don't really feel like punishing you right now anyway. Its not very gratifying when your legs just grow back after only a few hours.
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