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by gabe_billings
Time to get back to comic making!
I’ve been trying for years but the computer won’t save them.
I’d be happy to try and troubleshoot for you.
I’ll go grab the ****er!
That’s not a computer, you asshat. That’s your toaster!
What the ****? Then where have I been putting all my Pop Tarts?

by gabe_billings
Happy Birthday! I got you a present!
It's a dead raccoon with a ribbon wrapped around it.
Silly. The raccoon isn't your present.
Thank god. For a minute there...
I just used the raccoon to wrap it.
What the **** is wrong with you?

No, YOU suck.
by wirthling, 5-16-15

by gabe_billings
Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick. My life is ****. I haven't done anything.
You sure watched a ****load of movies. And you jerked off an awful lot.
That I did. Well, that pretty much wraps up my life to date.
There's one panel left. We shouldn't waste it.
Wirthling sucks!
Crabby sucks!

by gabe_billings
Investigating lost communications with space colony? Went back in time and met my parents? Hunted by cyborg killing machine?
Aliens. Back to the Future. Terminator.
Next you'll tell me that Gimli, Legolas and I didn't help Frodo get that ring back to Mt. Doom.
No, you did that LARPing in Pennsylvania last year.
Well thank god.
Yeah, remember you got lost in the woods and **** yourself because you were so scared?

by gabe_billings
Well I'm definitely going to include that time I had Saturday detention and Vernon tried to make...
Breakfast Club.
Mother ****er. Did anything interesting ever actually happen to me?
How about that time at Scout Camp when you told me you were curious about what it felt....
Sorry, I was just trying to help.

by gabe_billings
Son of a *****. I probably should have kept a diary.
You probably should have spent less time watching movies and sniffing white out.
Remember when we got lost in that cavern with those creeps chasing us and we found the pirate ship?
That was the Goonies. I remember you got lost in K-Mart once and **** yourself because you were scared.
I'm sure as hell not writing about that.
You should. That was funny as hell. Especially when they wrapped you in the garbage bag and made you wait in the manager's office for your mom to come pick you up.

by gabe_billings
I have to fit my whole life story into fifteen panels. That's gonna be rough.
You should probably just hit the high points.
Like that time my adoptive parents found me in that crater in the field in Kansas.
I think that was Superman.
Fuck, you're right. Let's see... How about the time I found that alien in the woods and he made my bike fly?

by gabe_billings
Comic 500,000. You got something good planned?
Fuck yeah. It's gonna be epic.
How epic?
Seriously ****ing epic. We got Bruckheimer directing. Matt Damon and Will Smith are starring. ILM is doing the effects.
You know you're out of space?
Well, ****.

by gabe_billings
The first rule of Robotics states that you do not talk about Robotics.
You're thinking of Fight Club.
No, no. The first rule of Fight Club is that you always bring a dish to pass.
Now you're thinking about the potluck on Fridays.
I'm pretty sure the Friday potluck is a no-holds barred cage match, and there are no rules.
Ok, now you're just being stupid.

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