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My right side is definitely more photogenic.

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by JoeBlough
Inside "Vishram's Pawn Shoppe"...
Welcome Mr. Limbaugh! Take your time. Feel free to browse. Unless you're in a RUSH? hehehe
Knock it off towel head. You have nuthin' I Sikh, anyway! hardy har
Not buying, then?
Nope, not today! How much can I get for this "Presidential Medal of Freedom" thingy?
Not much. I'm already stuck with ones from Mother Theresa, Roger Staubach, Aretha Franklin, Harper Lee, T.S. Eliot, Tennessee Williams, John Steinbeck....
Roger Staubach, huh? Well SHIT....
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Moturd says:

And the next Democrat administration will be giving one to Louis Farakhan
posted Feb 8th ( permalink )

JoeBlough says:

"Fara" nuff!
posted Feb 9th ( permalink )

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