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What's that big star in the northern sky, Butch?
According this, Ethan, it's not a star... It's actually the planet Venus.
Say, are you just making that up because the Venus de Milo statue has no arms and you're playing me for a fool?

by edoggydog

by edoggydog
I spray 'em, you splay 'em!
Try again.
I squirt 'em, you dirt 'em!
I wet 'em, you Jimmy Fredette 'em?

by russman
Well, your dad just died.
What, my dad died years ago.
Very funny the man who raised you.
You mean your ex-husband that was two other husbands ago?
That's no way to talk to a widow.
You're right. I might be able to use this to get time off from work.

by edoggydog
Well, this Bethpage Black was a very tough course, but I got through it.
Although, I did go through a sleeve of golf balls!
Losing three balls isn't so bad.
I'm talking a long-sleeved shirt type of sleeve!
Oh, snap!

I'm not too sure about this...
It'll be fine... I hear these natives are friendly.
In fact, VERY friendly.
They wouldn't happen to be the Cocksucking Watoozi tribe I read about in that pamphlet at the hotel, would they?
There's only one wonderful way to find out!

♫ ♫ I'm singing in the acid rain... Just singing in the acid rain... ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ What a glorious burning feelin' ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ I'll never see my three layers of dermis again ♫ ♫

Wow, grandpa... The cops beat the **** out of the African-American!
Niggers gotta learn, Susie!
That's pretty racist, grandpa.
It is?
Everyone knows ******s can't learn!
I've taught you well, Susie!

Okay, you got me here... Now what?
We wait!
For what?
Halloween, silly!
That's like five months away!
I know! Can't you feel the excitement???

I love drinking a cup of my World's Famous Coffee in this room when the sun shines through the window just right...
If, my arms weren't so short, I'd masturbate to it until I came five, nay, ten times!

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