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by DBoba
So should we get a twenty or thirty pounder this year?
Damn know you always cook too much bird and we end up eating turkey leftovers until Memorial day!
For real? Spagetti-O'S? YUM!

by DBoba
Mr . Chairman I'd like to table a vote that we move to recess...
..what the hell they just got started..???
The Chair recognizes the member's request to table a vote to recess however the member be reminded that the chair handles all matters of protocol
..what a Dick...
Mr. Chairman I'd like to remind the committee of my esteemed Democratic colleague's condition of incontinence and request a vote to recess..
What did he just say? Somebody is about to **** her pants???!!!

if the main character is scratching his head and not saying anything - ABORT!
by DBoba, 11-16-19

by DBoba
...and so...the Pilgrims..having enjoyed a surplus harvest that year... invited the Indians to a big feast...and that was how Thanksgiving came to be....
Dad...that is such total bull**** know that don't you?
OK Smartie pants....what's the real story then?
The damn pilgrims almost starved because they had no food and the Indians felt sorry for them so they invited all their relatives over and loaded up their table with tons of food.....JUST LIKE US!!!

by DBoba
Thanksgiving's coming up...
So are we going to your stupid parents' again?
No..I thought just me and you would spend a quiet day in the kitchen while I teach you the fine arts of holiday cuisine's that sound?
can I get a do-over of MY LIFE???!!!

somewhere near Rodeo
Hey! Aren't you the same TYLER...from the FIGHT CLUB?
What the **** do you mean "the same Tyler" there more than one of me?
by DBoba, 11-16-19

by DBoba
Hey're still alive! You got the goods?
Yep here it is...gimme my $5000...!!!
Here ya go..good deal..I'll check in with ya later...
right *smirk*
The next day...
Dude what the **** was that you gave me..a video of a bunch of squids...I asked you for the recording of Trump's Ukraine call! I want my $5000 back!
Hey said SQUID GO PRO...turn off your damn TYPE AHEAD!

by DBoba
OK Tyler's turn...your word is PUNCTILIO....GO...
Come on Tyler...wake up..your word is PUNCTILIO...what is it?
uh...PUNK T he was one of the first rappers...I think he was EAST COAST....maybe BROOKLYN?
No Tyler..that's not correct...but nice try...
The **** is it then?

by DBoba
Got any ID on ya?
nope I don't carry any ID...
What's your name?
um..let's see....human appendage removal technician...that ought to fit the description...

by DBoba
OK so you got it Easter Bunny...?....the kids are on the 5th floor in Ward 4...
uh...yeah...ok... hour later
Jesus Christ what the **** happened?
You set me up *****...Ward 5 on the 4th floor is the psycho ward!
ASSHOLE! I said Ward 4 on the 5th floor....WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO???!!!
Hey man I had to get out of there alive...which is way more than I can say for them lunatics!!!

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