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by TheGovernor
Welcome to hell, where your soul will burn in eternal torment for your sins
Um, it's a bit cold for that isn't it?
Sorry about that. Hopefully it should warm up after Inauguration Day. Last year was a bit of a strange one for us
We did open a ski school though. In the meantime do try the Brexit Black run, and the Trump half pipe

by TheGovernor
Ext. Central America, 3000 years B.C
So, I've just finished the Calendar, man those calculations were a ball-ache
Cool, so we're good for another five thousand years or so..... Wait did you remember to carry the one in the Katun column?
Ahh crap, and it's gone to the stone printers now
Screw it, what's four years at the end going to matter anyway?
Ext. 2016
Bloody Mayans

by TheGovernor
Hello, is this God's complaints department? I'd like to register a faulty year. Yes that's right, 2016 has just got a little too silly
Look you've had 11 months of it, we can't take it back now, it's all used, besides we don't know where it's been
I don't care. It is a defective year and I want a refund
Look if this is about all those celebrity deaths, or that election result I'm afraid that's just part and parcel of the intricacies of life, you'll just have to deal with it I'm afraid
On the contrary this is due to the fact that you've made a Scotsman the worlds number one tennis player
Ahh I see your point

by TheGovernor
Thunderbirds are go?
Nope just counting how many dollars I get for my pound sterling in real time

by TheGovernor
Elephants are fluent in over thirty different languages, but still have difficulty understanding your average Scotsman
I'm sorry I still did not quite catch that
Ah say'd yeerh divvinaae louuk lieek yaw peecture ahn Tinder
Elephants can see through time and space, but are forbidden from interfering by the council of telepathic space chimps.
Happy Gilmore was ok but If we don't stop Adam Sandler now this truely will become the darkest timeline
I'm sorry, we've looked into the void of pain too, but it is the will of the council that we should not interfere
Although they are the symbol of the Republican party in the United States, most Elephants could actually be descrbed as Libertarian
Free market for the win, yeah!
So does that include the Ivory trade?

by TheGovernor
After that I started dating a Web browser
Yeah it was love at first site
So what happened?
After a while she didn't seem to want to connect. We were never on the same page, then when she started using third party plugins again I knew it was over, it's all deleted history now
URL always have Paris

by TheGovernor
I was an objectophilliac for a while
Oh Really?
Yeah I wound up having an affair with an elevator
How did that work out?
To be honest it was a bit of an up and down relationship

by TheGovernor
I once won a major contract with a credit card company in the city to reupholster the offices of their goods reclaimation teams but it went badly
How so?
I accidentally ordered yards and yards of the wrong fabric
That doesn't seem too bad
Well the Repo Cushions were felt for miles around

So I bought a new crockery set online, and they've only gone and shipped it to the Arctic circle by mistake, bah!
Sounds like a case of "buy polar       dish-order"
by TheGovernor, 9-14-16

by TheGovernor
That's it Europe we're through, I'm leaving you
It's for the best really
It's not you, it's me
Actually I just realised you own all the cool CDs and have a better friend circle
Oh ****, maybe this wasn't such a good idea

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