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by ArtemisStrong
God! I miss the days of my youth! Now, every waking moment is devoted to my 3,009 children. And my diets.
Oh, to relive those days before we had so many thousands of dependents! Oh the swift cruelty of aging, the inexorable goosestep of the clock!
Whatever DID happen to your crippling substance abuse?
Let's sell these kids on Craigslist and find out!

by ArtemisStrong
Kids these days. All they want is goddamned "transparency" and "restorative justice" and "an equitable society based on respect for differing cultures and values" n' ****!
Like, "Do the carpets HAVE to match the d****s?" Yes, son, they do! Put yer big boy pants on and squash all your emotions into a tight little ball of festering anger so you can actually be useful!
And then, then you can like... like... let that anger EXPLODE!
Alll over your wife and children!
I was sure this conversation was headed elsewhere at the outset. I figured we'd end up talking about philosophical absurdities.
I was hoping for gross-out humor, myself. Welp, still have some space left. Uh. Erm.


by ArtemisStrong
Uhh... uh...
I dunno... Skrillex?

by TheGovernor
72, 25, 38, 3......
What are you doing?
I'm flicking to various pages in 'Atlas Shrugged' in order to generate lottery numbers
Essentially it's a Rand-om number generator

by TheGovernor
We try to be a green company around here, this building is actually powered entirely on bull****
Damn, the power's out, quick say something that's totally bull****
America's private insurance based healthcare system is clearly a better funding model than western Europe's socialised system
Great work, that should keep us going 'till noon
Ever thought of simply popping a tv in the corner with Fox News on?

by TheGovernor
Whenever anyone tells me how impossibly old their pet is, the cynic in me always starts to wonder...
My cat Mittens is great, she's 23 years old and still going, Im guessing in cat years that's a lot
I bet she acted a little different after you came back from Summer camp about twelve years ago?
I ran over the cat on the driveway Martha, I didn't see it. What will we tell Alice? She's due back next Sunday
I'll find the number for the pet store, you measure it, take a photo, and then bury the corpse in the back yard under the rosebush.
Now that you mention it, she was kind of aloof for a while, wait how did you know I went to summer camp when I was little?
Just a hunch

by TheGovernor
Everyone knows about my apprentice Plato
No-one ever seems to remember my other three students though...
...Knifo, Forko and Spoono

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars
Actually you'll likely end up in a large elliptical orbit of the main planetary body and die a cold lonely death as your life support and oxygen slowly run out
by TheGovernor, 6-27-14

Just remember, everyone you love is made of stardust
And by that rationale so is everyone I hate, so really all you're saying is the universe is nothing more than an even money douche bag crap shoot.
by TheGovernor, 6-24-14

by TheGovernor
Four fingers of wine please
Sorry we only serve glasses in standard measures
Ok I'll have a hand of wine then.

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