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by TheGovernor
God damn it, I just got back from heaven and that was Mickey Rooney, the boss was not impressed
You must have misheard, I'm Jim Hellwig, also known in the Wrestling circuit as 'The Ultimate Warrior', see here's my id.
Ok that checks out I guess I'll be on my way.
Let me get this straight, Mickey Rooney I could understand, but you're telling me you couldn't tell the difference between a professional wrestler and a 93-year-old actor?

by TheGovernor
Abe Vigoda, it's time to meet your maker
You've got the wrong man, I'm.... Mickey Rooney, Yeah Mickey, that's it! IMDB must have our photos mixed up.
My mistake, sorry for scaring you.
No problem Death, happens all the time, like two peas in a pod me and Mick.. I mean Abe.

was that thing here yesterday?
oh, so you noticed! that, my friend, is my brand new pizza oven! guy down the street gave me a fantastic deal on it!
can't you just make pizzas in a regular oven?
what?! are you crazy, dude?! that's genuine italian brick! no regular oven can match the flavor, texture, or pure QUALITY of AUTHENTIC pizza!
wow. i didn't know that.
now run down to the gas station and pick up some red barons so we can try this baby out!

hey darrell, long time no see. you still dating what's-her-face?
how did her facial reconstructive surgery go...?
pretty good, you ****ing prick.

so, how long have you known the groom?
oh, forever. ever since we were little kids. heck, i was the guy who talked him into getting the snake tattoo on his ****.
you can't see it from here, it's on the other side.

two six packs, one large keg, will this be all today, bro?
why yes it will, friendly merchant. this should be more than enough to slake the thirst of my stalwart compatriots.
let me tell you, the dark sultan of norba's keep had better watch where he treads. when i get a few flagons of this elixir in me, i can slay all night.
i usually ask for one form of identification, but i want two from you.
okay, here's my student ID and my v-card.

by TheGovernor
Im afraid we dont have the item you pre-ordered in stock
What? I ordered it months ago. Don't get me angry, you wouldn't like me when Im angry
Be that as it may, Im sorry sir we cant fulfil your order so either I'll have to give you a refund or you can wait until next week

by TheGovernor
Cucumber sandwiches check; mini hot dogs check; chicken nuggets check, single size quiche portions check....
Aha! Take this deli meat platter and corn-on-the-cob you undead fiend!
That's right, never mess with "Buffet the Vampire Slayer"

by ivytheplant
So what have you been up to lately?
Oh, you know, the usual: Disposing of corpses through taxidermy and gardening.
Haha you're always such a kidder.
Haha yeah. I've also learned a lot about how human trafficking works.
Oh, that's...nice I guess.
Hey, wanna come see my unventilated shipping container?

by TheGovernor
Left down a tad
Ok right down
Smidge more to the right
There you go
Thanks for the help hanging these paintings

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