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by DragonXero
Okay, I get that it's only fair we let the Europeans in, but why do we have to give up our tomahawks?
You just don't understand. Tomahawks are only made for killing others! they have no other use.
But they're bringing in boomsticks. We aren't even allowed to have boomsticks!
Look, we can't stop the illegal import of boomsticks, but we can at least stop children from hurting themselves with those filthy weapons.
Why can't Chief Omaha Banana at least let us keep the tomahawks to defend ourselves from the invading Christians?
You really think you're going to be able to stop a white man with a boomstick using a tomahawk?!

by DragonXero
There are hundreds of English colonists attacking any natives they see, and we're letting them in by the thousands.
Racist. They're just looking for opportunity.
It's just, we developed a way for them to mix with our culture and learn to speak our language, but they just come and murder us.
What would you do, build some kind of sea wall? Not like that would stop them!
We could at least do something. At this rate, we might all end up being forced to walk thousands of miles and stuffed into little camps.
Oh you are such a pessimist. We need more diversity!

by DragonXero
Northeast America, 1680
Contemplating Squirrel, I have to admit I'm concerned about all these Christians.
Don't be such a racist, Sitting Bird. We have to be inclusive and help them out. They're underpriveleged.
But they just murdered 250 Iroquois last week!
Those were just radical extremists! Most Christians are peaceful!
Okay, yeah, but do we really need to be giving them all corn and half our buffalo?
They're downtrodden and fleeing a tyrannical government! They're refugees!

by Jeanster
Mom and I are much happier since the landlord fixed up the place.
Kimmy, I'm so happy for you.
Mom was worried about me not eating enough and that it would affect my grades in school.
That's great. You do look less skinny. Good for you.
I don't know how many calories there are in ****roaches, but I can certainly do without them .
Go visit the Alameda County Law Library! It could help you, too!

by Jeanster
A few months later . . .
Hi, Lani. Want to come over after school and play?
Sure, Kimmy. Do you mean at your home?
Yeah! The landlord fixed up the place and even got rid of the ****roaches!
That's great! How did all that happen?
Mom went to the county law library and got information on tenants' rights!
I can't wait to see how much better it looks!

by Jeanster
Last time I had spaghetti it was a horrible experience for me.
Go on.
I was about to eat it when I saw a big dead ****roach in the forkful I was about to put in my mouth.
Eww! Gross!
I screamed and flung the fork away. My mom said I was overreacting.
If it happened at a restaurant you could probably sue.

by Jeanster
Well, Lani, now you know why I haven't invited you to play at my home.
It's not so bad, Kimmy.
No heat, bad water, flaking paint and ****roaches up the wazoo. It's disgusting!
Want to come over to my house for dinner? Mom is making spaghetti.
With or without ****roaches?
Uh, without.

by TheGovernor
Greetings, My name is Jonathan Frakes. I'll be your new press secretary
Some of you may remember me from Star Trek the next generation where I played 'Number One'
In this administration however, as I will be dealing with all the spurious **** coming from the POTUS I am officially 'Number Two'

somehow i managed to escape that hellhole! i wouldn't believe it were i not here! now i just need to make it home in time to prevent a crime too... too... *choke* too RIBALD for words!
hey mac, did i hear you say you're planning a jewel heist?
er, no, i'm afraid you're mistaken! right now the only thing on my mind is going home to my wife!
i've got a crew ready to go. if you're in, do or say anything and i will find a way to misconstrue it as assent.
wow, what impenetrable silence. i can see you're already fully in stealth mode. reading you loud and clear, pal. we ride at midnight.

holy ****, we have a pool, too? er, i mean, of course we do. fantastic, simply fantastic.
it is, isn't it? it's so easy to forget to appreciate the things we have. i'm bad about it, myself. i love how even after all these years of marriage, we're still learning from each other. hee hee!
it's true, raindrop. i really have been blessed. fortune has smiled upon me. not like that brother of mine, lluks. life's been so hard for him. but what do i care, huh? i was mom's favorite anyway.
yep, i'm sure old lluks would love to have a place like this and a babe like you. i'm sure seeing all this would make him incredibly angry. perhaps even angry enough to kill? i wonder. i wonder.
indeed! what an interesting hypothetical! i enjoy these sorts of abstract thought experiments!

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