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by DragonXero
So what are we having for dinner?
I made some stuffed mushrooms, homemade mac and che-
Oh my God! You know I hate mushrooms! Why would you do this to me??
Because I thought you might like to try them, and I tried to eat the carrots last night!
Why are you causing all this drama?? I'm going to my mother's! I won't be back in the morning!
She'll be back in the morning. Again

by DragonXero
Here's some stew.
Oh cool, the carrots are pretty big so I can pick through them, thank you!
I have been slaving all day! You don't like my soup!!
No, your soup is awesome, I just don't like cooked carrots. I told you this before.
You just hate my cooking!
Dear lord, haven't we done this before?

by TheGovernor
I dated a girl once but we just didn't click
We did try following the plan and building a life together but she kept putting up walls
In the end I realised it was time to lego

by TheGovernor
I tried dating apps for a while but it never worked out
Why not?
I kept getting Catfished
That's awful
Perhaps I shouldn't have put down on my profile that I liked making love on steam trawlers

by Jeanster
Theory 1: Debra is possessed by a fragrance demon.
Hahahahahaha! She will reek and won't even know it! Hahahahahaha!
Will an exorcist do pro bono work? We are strapped for cash.
Theory 2: Debra's body somehow is able to make its own fragrance. Too bad it's not a pleasant one.
She should be written up in medical journals!
Theory 3: The laundry products she uses are mislabeled as fragrance-free and she just does not realize it.
Her clothes smell heavily of fragrance when she leaves them in the restroom during her yoga class, right?
Eliminate the impossible. Whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth. Yep. It must be that.

by Jeanster
The boss had a private talk with Debra about her strong scent.
He hauled me into his office to tell me I have a heavy fragrance!
You mean he asked you politely to come to his office for a private meeting about it.
The boss said that others have noticed the strong scent coming from Debra.
What did you tell him??!! What did you tell him??!!
Don't you dare try to make this about YOU being the injured party! I have been putting up with your fragrance for MONTHS! MONTHS!
Debra relocated to an upstairs workstation.
Hey, folks upstairs! She's YOUR problem now! I'm going to celebrate the fact that I can now breathe clean air while working!

by Jeanster
Debra returned from vacation and she STILL reeked of heavy fragrance. She is so oblivious to it!
Unbelievable! It's still strong and makes me feel sick!
But talking about it upsets her, so I come up with ways to cope with the situation.
The air purifier is on order. Cost me over a hundred dollars, but I need it!
The janitor saw the air purifier. I told him what it was for. He told me he noticed the heavy fragrance coming from Debra.
Yeah, it hits you really hard!
I am SO glad to know I'm not the only one who smells it.

by Jeanster
I apologized to Debra for upsetting her and assured her that was never my intention.
Yet she never apologized to me for subjecting me to heavy fragrance!
Days, weeks and months went by with no change in the strong scent emanating from Debra.
How does she not smell it on herself? It's so strong and makes me want to hurl!
She took a vacation for almost a month. I was able to breathe without having to put coffee beans on my desk or spray vinegar in the air to neutralize her obnoxious fragrance.

by Jeanster
I asked Debra to tone down her strong perfume. She did not take it well.
I don't wear perfume! Do I look like I can afford perfume?
I thought maybe someone gave it to you as a gift.
The heavy fragrance emanates from her despite what she says.
I'm telling you I don't wear perfume!
What about laundry products? Or bath and body products?
Then I don't know what to tell you.

by ArtemisStrong
Hey... Heyyy...
Don't just stand there, STAB MY ASS!
You're making this weird.

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