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by kaufman
Goodness! Are those ancient cave drawings? Can you figure out what they say?
Yes, it's coming to me. It seems to be an essay on primitive obscenity. Listen here ...
It says the seven words you can't write on cave walls are OOG, NURG, SKUNG, GRONK, POOGSNUG, SKUNGOREET, and UNGH.
That's incredible
Wait, there's more. It says, "What's ungh even doing in this list? Ungh is such a friendly word ..."

by ivytheplant
Welcome to the Great Library of Askendore. Here you may ask questions that will help you on your quest.
I roll to eat some books so I can gain knowledge through osmosis.
I roll to loot the rare book room.
Guys, you're supposed to ask the library a question.
I roll to ask the library if I can eat some books for gaining knowledge through osmosis.
I roll to ask the library to look over there for a minute.
The Great Library of Askendore is revoking your library cards.
I roll to eat my library card.
I roll to steal the DM's book.

by evil_d
Julius Caesar
Abraham Lincoln
Mother ****er!
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Son of a dolphin ****!

by choadwarrior
This formula goes right through her.
In fact, it smells like someone just had an accident.
Seriously, grandma, go clean yourself.

by evil_d
Why should we let people from all these ****hole countries move to America?
Because... that's literally what it says on the Statue of Liberty?
What? No way does it say "****hole" on the Statue of Liberty.
Yeah, they modernized the poem a couple of years back.
"Y'all huddled masses tryna get up outta them ****holes? We takin' tempest-tossed, we takin' wretched refuse, we takin' all them *****es."
I'll be damned.

by evil_d
How much would you charge to write a three-page essay on A Midsummer Night's Dream for me?
That's easy. Fifteen dollars.
And how much if it has to be single-spaced and in Times New Roman?
Whoa there, Hemingway.

by choadwarrior
Carnac the Magnificent will now use his borderline divine ways to determine the answer to the question in this hermetically sealed envelope.
And now open the envelope and reveal the question.
How does a woman feel after cunnilingus?

by choadwarrior
So why did you invite me to lunch.
I need to tell you that it's obvious you've stopped exercising and it's making you fat.
So you invited me to lunch?
I knew you wouldn't pass up a free meal.
Thanks for your concern.
Ready to order?

by choadwarrior
Now that you've saved Christmas and everyone appreciates you for your grotesque red-nosed birth defect, are you going to stay with Santa's reindeer?
Fuck them in their bigoted *******s. I'm going to fly off to where nobody will find me this time.
Back to The Island of Misfit Toys, again?
Even more secluded.
The Spare Bedroom of Unused Exercise Equipment.

by choadwarrior
I'm a woman now, T.A.R.D.I.S., and you have the personality of a woman, so I hope we can work together to fight the universal male-dominated hierarchy.
No response?
I hate her.
I hate her.

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