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by choadwarrior
How come you aren't dressed up today?
Aren't you going to the potluck?
You're about to learn two things about me.

by choadwarrior
Would you like to read a story to the children about kindness?
I really don't have time.
It would be an honor.
Look, I said I'm too ****ing busy.

by choadwarrior
Have a blessed day!
I said, “Have a blessed day.”
You’re supposed to bless me back.
It only works when you believe.

by choadwarrior
There's a good taco shop down the street you should try.
Is it authentic?
Is it next door to a payday loan and check cashing business?
You don't know what the **** you are talking about.

by choadwarrior
How has your first week been?
I really like everyone, but I’ve noticed one thing.
What’s that?
Nobody swears.
We don’t do that here.
I’d better watch my ****ing mouth.

by choadwarrior
Carnac the Magnificent will now use his borderline divine ways to determine the answer to the question in this hermetically sealed envelope.
And now open the envelope and reveal the question.
Where should you go after an ORGY?

by choadwarrior
Are you a coffee drinker?
I'm a coffee snob. I weigh my beans, use a burr grinder for consistency and have a temperature-controlled kettle for my pourovers.
I love coffee too. I stop at Starbucks every morning.
I see. Well, do you know where I can get a great cup of coffee around here?
There's a Keurig in the break room.
I don't think we're going to get along.

by choadwarrior
Is everything okay with your room>
Well, I would compare it to a ****hole...
But mine is much, much nicer.

by choadwarrior
Your house, it is very dirty.
You may have wondered why I called you here today.

by choadwarrior
Why did you bring me here, Easter Bunny?
I want you to become just like me.
You're going to turn me into a middle aged man in a pink bunny suit?
Hollow inside.

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