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Fwegh onto your ninnies, *****. Make sure you sort by date. 3 am should be the first read in the series. Also, remember not to hit the scroll arrows at the bottom of the comics, just push back in your browser.blatant plug (profolyx)The following comics are actually a series believe it or not. If you're offended by Robitussin used as a reality enhancer, strong language, sexuality, and things that have to do with random fun, please seek another comic....now.You have been warned. email: kupo@profolyx.com
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by Kupo
Ever have one of those days where you just feel like you're floating on air?
Ya know, just hanging over the street watching all the people pass by. The music made of passing cars.
Oh how lovely the purring kitties are today.
Sir, I bought you the Robitussin, can I have the money now or do I have to hear more of your drug-induced *****ing?
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