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Fwegh onto your ninnies, *****. Make sure you sort by date. 3 am should be the first read in the series. Also, remember not to hit the scroll arrows at the bottom of the comics, just push back in your browser.blatant plug (profolyx)The following comics are actually a series believe it or not. If you're offended by Robitussin used as a reality enhancer, strong language, sexuality, and things that have to do with random fun, please seek another comic....now.You have been warned. email: kupo@profolyx.com
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by Kupo
Cue dream sequence
Oh, Robot of Justice! I thought I'd never see you again.
That's right we're together at last....but we must get you out of jail.
I have 2 more days until I'm free again. Can we make out again?
I'm sorry, I'm only a dream sequence and you'd find that you'll only be misundering your deep subconcious thoughts......oh well, sure let's go at it-
Wake up call
....you will die....
Sorry, I was lonely so I thought I'd wake you up.....
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