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by tommybravo
Okay Mr., uh, Pogo? was it? Okay your office is right down that hall and welcome. My name is Steve. Just let me know if you need anything.
I like Steve. AHH! Must not ask for ******* or anal sex. Must not ask for ******* or anal sex. Must not ask...
Uh...are you okay? You look like you're sweating and shaking? Can I get you something?
Must not follow Steve to parking lot, **** and torture him. Must not follow Steve to the ...
By the way, do you like these pants I'm wearing? I got them on sale but I think they make my ass look big. What do you think?

by tommybravo
I'm not going to say the thought hasn't crossed my mind...
I like my dawg. I like to watch NASCAR.
Reading makes muh head hurt.
Yes. Yes. I know. That's why I have to kill you.
What for? Just cause I'm an ignorant, racist, lazy, unmotivated...
That's IT! SUBMIT!!!!

by tommybravo
Lara Flynn Boyle's career goes down the tubes...
Hello everyone and welcome to the Grand Opening of Super Wal-Mart!
I'm sure will all have...a ....great can't do this. What has happened to me?
I just need another chance. Where's the new Twin Peaks? I totally nailed that Donna character.
Eat a cheeseburger would ya?

by tommybravo
Pogo does stand up comedy...
Hey there! Welcome to the Wacky Shack. My name is Pogo and I'm your first comic tonight. Let's start things off okay. So two dead bodies are rotting away like cars in a junkyard in my basement...
and I think to myself "Boy I've really got to clean up this place."....hello? this thing on?
This guys sucks.

by tommybravo
Pogo the comic...
I started taking a class to learn how to do comedy. Here's a joke a wrote. Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Dead bodies.
Um...dead bodies who?
Dead bodies are in my basement covered in lime.
MOMMY!! The clown is freakin' me out again!

by tommybravo
A new meaning of the word hardware...
I got a new job today at the Home Depot.
No way. Let me guess, you sell hammers.
No mister smarty pants I'm in the Home and Garden department. I get FREE LIME.
I don't buy it. What's the REAL reason you work there?
Okay, okay. It's right next door to the regional Boy Scout headquarters.
Freaky ass freak.

by tommybravo
Pogo moves to Nashville...
Howdy! Welcome to Music City!
Are those REAL leather chaps cowboy?
Uh...yeah....I guess...
Shhhh....don't talk so much. Let me soak you in.
This city attracts every nut case.

by newsboyarizona
Well, thank goodness that Christmas is over.
Yes, I was regretably unable to partake in the holidays.
Why not?
I was at the Memphis State University and could not find a parking space!
You should have put more men on the job.
Maybe I should just transfer to Shelby State, or State Tech.

by tommybravo
Jack gets revenge...
So you see here is the level of importance Jack. Me, my stuff, my fence, my dog, my mail,yada yada yada, then you.
That is so not fair. I asked off in advance. I show up to work I do my job well.
You are totally out of line. Now you force me to break policy and give you a horrible recommendation. By the way, are you free on Saturday? I need someone to help me finish my new fence.
That is IT. I hoped it wouldn't come to this. Meet my lil friend..
And just who are you?
SUBMIT *****.

by tommybravo
Steve meets his end....
Oh my goodness Mister Pogo. You were SO right to call me in. This crawlspace is a MESS! I think I can help you though. You just need some curtains and maybe some Febreze to clear the air and..
How long have you been a homosexual Steve?
WHAT? Oh my word. I'm not a homosexual I'll have you know! I am a happily married man who loves his wife and his Mister Whiskerface. I am NOT gay!
You do realize that I'm going to **** you, beat you, kill you, bury you where you are standing and then **** your cat right?
Oh I get it. Okay! Where's the camera? Ha ha. You silly bones. You really got me. Oh I look a fright. I can't believe I'm on TV...

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