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Are you done yet?
I hope not sketching me with a pair of tits...

This is your happy place? I thought there'd be a bunch of naked people in here ****ing!
I used to have wall-to-wall sex parties, but I had to put an end to them all.
Because, I lost my hand to a raging case of gonorrhea, and my eyeball to an errant, high-velocity *******!
Oh, snap!

I turn my back to you and fold my arms, Melty!
I turn my back to YOU, Jesus!
What about your arms? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I heard that!

You want to **** on THAT??
Have you never made love to a sistah before, Randolph?
Obviously, not!
All you have to do is strap your feet into the stirrups and lean back on the stain-absorbent rack.
What is that long, probe-looking thingy that looks like a giant ***** used for??

Awfully spacious!
Not that I really need a spacious new apartment...
...seeing how I'm always locked up in this @%#$ cage!

No, your temperature is only 98.5 degrees.
I was talking about RCLG's new follower account.
It's up to 110??
I guess any Joe Blough will follow him!

Hey, Jesus... When I die and go to heaven, will my new body have skin?
Jesus? Heaven? New body? SKIN??

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Half-Ass?
I don't know, Captain Obvious... Are you thinking about Chris Pratt butt-****ing a drunk Jessica Tandy?
What are you thinking now?
That I'd better cancel my subscription to High Society magazine!

Random thoughts from Overreacting Randolph...
First he was "ragu4u"... Then, he became "Makin_d_bacon".
NOW he's "Joe Blough"!
What's next? "Makin_Rags_Blough_d_bacon"?

"...uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh...
Hey... Save some of that dead-ass ***** for the rest of us!

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