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by DexX
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting cow!
Interrupting cow who?
Fuck, did I miss my cue?

by DexX
Australian tradesmen are sensitive, new age guys.
The whole arse crack display stuff is just a protective shell to keep the world from knowing the true tradesman inside...
...the one that hugs trees, goes to moon worship festivals, and plays the recorder to summon the mother goddess to help him unclog your toilet.

by DexX
You shall be my idol.
And a fine one you have selected, indeed, the greatest!
Yay, greatness!
A mighty gold colossus!
Ooooh, nice...
Giant gold-plated genitals swinging in the breeze so that all those pedestrians might gaze up as they pass between my golden calves and gasp in awe.

by DexX
When I put these pants on the whole lower half of my body is blanked out, like the fuzzy pixellisation you get on TV news reports when they can't show you someone's face.
So if we all squint intensely at your legs, the picture should resolve like one of those magic eye pictures?
Indeed. Stare long enough and you can see a duck playing a harmonica.

by DexX
Curse you for making me snort!
Yay! Snortage!
Mmmm snortage; its stocks are trading quite well on the commodity market at the moment... I wonder what happens when snortage stocks crash?
People in the area of effect need to wear gumboots for a while.
*snort* Snortage stocks rose 5% in late trading today on the back of some wild and outlandish statements by the King of Wrong.

by DexX
The King of Wrong wears a crown of goats and sits upon a throne made of dried mollusc mucus.
The King of Wrong does not receive many visitors.

by DexX
Dear Mr X, Thankyou for your letter to the Minister dated 12 April 2007. Please understand that regardless of your point of view and the issues you have raised, you still suck.
The Minister feels that due to your complete and overwhelming suckage he will no longer respond to any of your correspondence, and will instead laugh at any future correspondence you may send...
...and will phone you just so he can make rude monkey sounds at you. Yours sincerely, Abundant Suckage, Department of Rude Monkey Sounds.

by DexX
The French dolphin says:
Le squeak!
The German dolphin says:
Das squeak!
The Swedish dolphin says:
Bork bork bork!

by DexX
It's a little known fact that that an ancient ancestor of mine, named Scott the Unlikely, was the fourth wise man present at the birth of Christ.
He was omitted from the Christian bibles at an early stage, though certain ancient Jewish texts refer to him as the Bearer of Unnecessary Gifts.

by DexX
I'm standing for election as the Liberal member for Arse Monkey.
I want to live in that electorate. Our electorates need more exciting names.
You can be in the electorate of Grope And Goat.

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