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by ragu4u
ragu4u sets up his NEW computer...
There! Damn...this thing looks just like the OLD one!
Hi there, Shit-stain!
What? I paid $1000.00 and THIS is what I get?
What else did you expect?
Certainly not another wise ass, sass spewer like I had before!
And why not? We were both spawned by the same mother-board, jerkoff!

by ragu4u
At home with ragu4u...
Good bye old friend. It's time to be upgraded!
You mean you're ****-canning me for another more modern unit? Bet it's a "refurb"!
Exactly! Try and hold back the tears for parting is such sweet sorrow.
So I'll NEVER see you again?
A bit anxious, isn't he?
"Free at last, free at last...thank god almighty I'm FREE AT LAST"!

by Beeko180
...I don't understand what's so difficult for you to understand? This is the door to my house... my house- mine. You're keeping me from entering it. I want inside. Move.
Do you, though?
Do I what?
I don't think you really want inside. If you want something in life you do whatever you can to get it. You're not doing that. Clearly you don't want inside.
You want my house, don't you?
Oh, ever do I do.

by kaufman
Class, this is a cemetery. Long ago, people would bury their dead in places like this and put up large stones to mark their locations.
There's writing on those stones.
Yes, people would leave messages on them telling about the deceased. Like "Edna Robinson, loving wife and mother". Or this one ... oh my god, that is so sad!
Why? What does it say?
Here lies Melvin Lee. Died one day before the discovery of the secret to immortality.

by kaufman
Last night I had the worst Thanksgiving dinner ever.
It was over at George the Animal Steele's house and he served a turducken.
Wow! That's exquisite. I wish I could have been there.
Did I mention that this was at George the Animal Steele's house? He cooked a chicken inside a duck inside a turnbuckle.

by ragu4u
ragu4u confers with his coach...
That was one hell of a workout Coach. Can I hit the showers now?
All you did was drink 5 gallons of Gatorade and walk out here from the locker room!
You mean there's more to do?
Damn straight, if you expect to pin "The Undertaker"!
Actually I hadn't planned on "pinning him". However, I thought a pretty corsage might be nice!
Your Life Insurance is paid up, right?

by ragu4u
ragu4u's "Undertaker" match nears...
Great googely-moogely! Atomic Lunch feels I require a body double to defeat "The Undertaker"!
You've needed a body double long before THAT, dip-****!
Listen YOU...these hands are like sledge hammers & are capable of pounding you to pieces, so you gotta ask yourself one question! "Do I feel lucky"? Well do ya, PUNK?
So your plan is to go all Dirty Harry on ME, huh? I hope that Undertaker guy uses his "Tombstone Piledriver" on your sorry ass!
...and the future looks bleak!
One little threat and the ***** ****s himself! Bwhahaha

by ragu4u
Maybe...if mom can scare that "Undertaker" thug away my troubles will be over.
Ya think?
I don't see why not. Mommy scares the hell outta most everybody! I got nothing left to do but write more fabulous comics.
What if she bails out on ya? You still gotta write one important thing, and FAST!
And what might THAT be, wise ass?
It generally starts out..."I, ragu4u, being of sound mind..."

by ragu4u
"Fell down the steps", my arse! I'll bet "rags" handled you easily!
Actually, you're right. I didn't fall down the steps.
I knew it. I just KNEW it!
It was like this.....
I'm going, already!
Take THAT you little *****! I kicked that ninja's ass as a warm-up. NOBODY messes with my litttle boy "ragsy"!

This is Clyde Washington, a.k.a. the Big Black Ninja Cock Wrestler.
No, he doesn't wrestle large African-American *****es that are also ninjas.
He just happens to be black and a ninja and likes to wrestle big ****s a.k.a. roosters.
Can we get this over with? I have a Roast to attend. Apparently, I'm the guest of honor.
Hold on... I'm trying to decide if I should attack your wings first or your drumsticks, uh, I mean, legs.

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