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by HCRoyall
And for our special episode of Iron Chef: Ingredients chosen by the Internet!
And our ingredients chosen by internet poll are: Anal Rape, Mountain Dew, and "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy after all..."!
Please tell me you're the "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy after all..."
Ha ha! No.

by JamesSchlong
When I asked for Santa's #2 in my bathroom, I never expected this! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

by JamesSchlong
Bitch, you are SMOKIN'.

by JamesSchlong, 10-06-15

by JamesSchlong
I... I just ****ed a wabbit.

So you married your husband on his birthday?
Yes I did.
Oh I get it. That way he never forgets your anniversary.
Not really.
This way, he only gets one day a year to pull the "my wife is obligated to have sex with me" card.

by ragu4u
On the air with Racheal Ray...
Thanks for appearing on the Racheal Ray show!
My pleasure.
...the Chef seems poised, BUT...
And what will you be creating today, Chef?
A speciallity of mine...finger sandwiches!
...prior to the taping, choas was avoided by a helpful stage"hand" or 2!
I'm sorry, but the "Food Service" drivers are on strike. I'll need two more!
Crap! You already took 8! These are my last 2!

by ZMannZilla
It's all just so... HARD, man. I have no idea what to do!
I know it can feel like life is full of obstacles, but each one of us is powerful in our own way. Inside you, are the tools to truly shine!
You betcha! Listen to the voice of your superego! Trust your instincts! Don't be afraid to be yourself! Realize your vision of success and GO FOR IT!
Brooklyn, 1975: David "Son Of Sam" Berkowitz gets some unexpected motivation.
Besides, can anyone really prove your dog ISN'T talking to you?

Hey, dude. What's your name?
Ha! Terry's a girl's name!
Say that one more time.
So how did you die again?
Dissin' Terry.

by ZMannZilla
Why didn't God stop the shooting?
How could he? He's not allowed in school any more.
Is God allowed in churches?
Of course!
Then why didn't God stop Dylann Roof?
I don't appreciate you using these shooting tragedies to push agendas.

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