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by evil_d
Hello, can I help you?
yeah i gotta appointment for the 22th
Um... today's only the 19th.
yeah thats right i gotta appointment for the 19th for 22th
I'm not understanding. Are you saying you have a 19th appointment and a 22nd appointment?
i think yer dentist is gonna need longer'n twenty second to look at my twenty tooth

by Beeko180
You are quite possibly the most retarded person in this room. I don't need a mind palace to remember you. Clearly, you're in here to hold that ****ing cup.
That's what I don't get... why do you need me to hold a cup?
I need to remember that it's the cup in the breakroom that I'm not allowed to drink from.
You need a retarded person to hold a cup in a mind palace so that you can remember not to use the cup being held by the retarded person in said mind palace?
Dude, I'm pretty sure you're retarded.

by brycekain
But Kate, dost thou understand thus much English? Canst thou love me?
I cannot tell.
Can any of your neighbours tell, Kate? I'll ask them.
That ***** sucked so many ****s her HMO won't even cover her.

by biped
Hi! I'm Charlie Chog!
Huh? What it mean, uhh, what you say, this, err, ehh, "Charlie Chog"?
It means SHUT UP!!!

Your dog took a **** on my lawn again, neighbor!
It looks like RCLG is stuck on 106 followers thanks to that douchebag Creative813's lame-ass comments!

Could you get the door for me so I can get through with this laundry basket?
Can't. I'm holding this box I'm taking to the garage.
Well, put it down.
You're a stupid box. You'll never grow up to be anything more than a dumb box.

by brycekain
What did you bring me to read today, neighbor?
Well I was going to give you Trump's new book "How to Be Rich," but I'm having second thoughts.
Why is that?
Chapter One: Are you me? No? Then you suck. #SAD Chapter Two: Have a rich dad. Period. Chapter Three: On the following pages, use the tools I gave you for creative meditation.
Well, that chapter doesn't sound so bad...
The rest is just a ****ing coloring book.

by Ranger77
Remind me of something, B...was it always this strange around here?
I was a squirrel. You turn into a pile of ashes when you sleep. I would say so.
Yeah. I guess. It seems that the absurdity this time has a more distinct bit of anger to it.
I don't know...I think we're just about the same. A bit older...maybe even more mature...
Spicy couldn't make it so they sent me. I'm a Caprinae. You all suck. Give me a question.
Gotta admit, every week gets more ****ed and interesting at the same time....

Hi. I'm Rosemary.
Hello. I'm Pepper.
Nice to meet you. My name's Sage.
I'm Ginger.
Where have you been? I sent you next door over an hour ago to see if they had any chili powder and you come back disheveled and sweaty.
I had to try a lot of different spices before I found the chili powder.

by brycekain
Where the hell have you been?
No one cares.
Actually, you're right.

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