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What's wrong, Spankling?
I don't think you love me anymore!
Well, I certainly don't love you any LESS! Bwahahahaaha!!
You're so cruel! *WAAAAAAAAH*
Okay... Okay... I'll let you give me a handjob sans rubber glove. Will that cheer you up?

TOBOR tired.
Ah, **** me!
TOBOR can't. Tired.
That's just an expression, buckethead!

You'll clean up all that **** when your done, right, TOBOR?
Ha, ha... I am an *******!

What are you up to today, my little gookity-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook-gook...
Draining the rest of your 401K accounts so I can superfund my gookity-gook-gook *****house development.

We did it!
Did what?
We own the front page of, if only for a moment!
What does that get us?

What's the temperature like outside?
How cold?
Colder than Brad not undeleting ragu4u's deleted comics!

Did you nail his door shut?
Tighter than a nun's ass!
Good. The boss man won't be able to come out clown me today!
I think he left work early... To go **** your wife.

I feel like killing myself!
Do it.
I mean, in light of yesterday'scourt judgement... DON'T do it.

Holy ****!
Why did the guards kick me in the nuts?
At least, they let you KEEP your nuts, whiteboy!

Wow... Being a hockey goalie must be tough!
It sure is.
At least, you can intimidate the other team with that look!
You should see how intimidating I look with my goalie mask ON!

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