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by ragu4u
So, how did it go at the Istanbul airport?
According to CNN there are only 28 dead!
They're always low-balling our numbers!
I guess I know what THAT means!
Absolutely! And make it snappy!
Omar...send the next "hit" crew to Atlanta!

by choadwarrior
I can't believe he took the middle urinal. That goes against all convention.
Thank God somebody else is here!
Left and right?
Left and right!
Let's do this.

by choadwarrior
I'm A31, what number are you?
I'm A32
And 33
And 34

Mr. Happy goes apartment shopping in the Upper Eastside...
So, this is a basement studio apartment..?
Cool... How much is the rent?
Is that for the year?

I pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray...
...PRAY you remembered to bring the lubricant tonight!

by ragu4u
So I made it, huh?
You were dealt a bad hand young man. Life has been harder for you than for most.
Tell me about it! But now you're gonna give me what I deserve, right?
Absolutely, and never let it be said I ignored the special needs of the handicapped.
then "ZAP"..........
Hey! What the f...?
Quit yer *****in. He didn't HAVE TO put handrails in the crapper for ya but he DID!

by ragu4u
My name is Richard and my two kids here are Pecan & Cashew...
What he means is...he's a Dick between two nuts!
Having yourself a phallic little Christmas, eh?

by ragu4u
At home with ragu4u / Holiday Hater
Look at that damn 4th of July fanatic! For Christ covers his whole freakin house!
Well Timmy, do ya think this will do the job?
You mean do I think it will **** off Mr. FAGu4u, next door? Yup! Just listen to him, pops.
Damn YOU! If you start blasting "76 Trombones" by the Boston Pops again I'm gonna paint your darn house for a Tomahawk Missile strike!

by ragu4u
Willy attempts to donate.....
Welcome to "The Broadway Sperm Bank".
You guys pay for donations?
If you can pass our series of rigid qualifications and wellness check, then yes! Otherwise...then no way! Would you care to begin?
Absolutely, babe!
Then follow me...
What? Why? Just spin around, kneel down and open wide. I ain't got all day, ya know!

by ragu4u
ragu4u & atomiclunch chat...
Yo, A.L.! What's with all the foreigners on this site lately?
I'm not sure they ARE foreigners!
So you think they might be undercover moles sent here to steal our classic comic ideas, eh?
"Our" ideas?
Yeah, "our", as in, yours & mine! Our comic brilliance lays open to public view on a daily basis.
I think I just threw up in my mouth!

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