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by Ranger77
Melba, I gotta ask...where did you find this thing?
Both you and me use flip phones and watch network TV. I didn't even know you were on the Internet.
I'm not. Ignorance is Strength!
Ok, I'm ****ing scared, now.
Relax. We'll take out those pervert pizza parlors and all them fancy pants game developers next....

by Ranger77
Are you sure this thing is safe?
Hush. We gotta mission to do. I'll follow you up as soon as I can find another rocket.
I don't know...all this "fake news" stuff....are you SURE those superheroes want to kill old people?
"Fake News." Bah. That's the Mainstream Media talking. This is a NEW day. Trump is HERE. Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Ignorance is strength!
Uh...ok. I'm also wonderin ' why this thing has 'TNT' on the outside and why all the controls in here are in Russian?
If you stop whinin' like a Hillary ***** I'll let you grab something when you get back....

Do you want to hear the latest on the ragu4u saga?
Road. House.

by Ranger77
I don't think we should leave our orbital base unprotected, Toro.
Don't worry about it. Who could actually get in here? We have no real enemies. We need a break.
I don't know....this world we came back to is so...strange.
PowerGrrl...despite all the silly stuff out there you have to trust people. We need a vacation. Who could possibly threaten this place?
My grandson read on Facebook that these "heroes" want to euthanize everyone over the age of 60. Time to take these *****es out!
I just wish that INFOWARS website would send me that ***** extender and herbal viagra I ordered. I'd like to get me a little before I start fiddlin' with superheroes....

Say your prayers, Earth scum!
You don't have to do this...
And, you didn't have sell me that piece of **** Festiva, did you?
Like they say in the car business, "There's an ass for every seat."
Enough chit-chat! R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R
Is that a hairdryer your trying to kill me with?

You know, those executive orders that Obama made in 2016 will all be undone by Trump in 2017...
Will that be a good thing or bad thing for me?
Are you gay?
Better cancel Slavonian Reformation day!

by pinkyswear
Well, Edwina, everyone else is already in a relationship. You're the only one who loves me. Will you marry me?
A mauling ensues...
I wish Jonathan wasn't allergic to cats. Maybe he would feed me more than once a week.

by pinkyswear
Judith, will you marry me?
Um, I'm happily married. Didn't my husband just fire you?
Oh yeah, I've also been meaning to ask for my job back.
Paul!!! The creepy man from your work is here.

by pinkyswear
Hey, babe. I just got fired.
Oh yeah... Sorry, Michael. I forgot to tell you. I'm with Jonathan now.
What? Jonathan? You like HIM? How could you do this?
Yeah. It was an easy choice. He has abs and reads books to children on the weekends.
But I don't understand. You said yes to me.
And then I said yes to Jonathan.

by pinkyswear
Hey Paul. Guess what? I just proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes.
Wow, congratulations!
Yeah, I know. She was my first choice. Otherwise I would have had to propose to your wife.
She's my second choice.
Michael, I am going to fire you.

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