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by arbi
i need to start making these again
i am not doing well
i spend the day in bed
which looks more like this

by evil_d
I have a number of complaints about my meal. For starters, the "guacamole" I ordered was just a whole, overripe avocado.
Ah, yes, I'm afraid our chef quit while he was in the middle of making it.
It was also thrown at my head instead of being carried to my table.
Yes, I believe the waiter also quit on his way out of the kitchen.
And another one of your staff loudly called me a "crack *****".
Okay, you got me. This isn't a restaurant; it's the alley behind 7-11 and you're in the middle of a bum fight.

tahT !dwag ym hO ym detalfed nhoj !stnalpmi
Oh my gawd! That john deflated my implants!
by kaufman, 2-23-19

by arbi

by arbi
so my life these days
medicated, overworked underpaid it will only get worse
i come home from work force down some food jump into bed, hope to sleep a little
everything hurts at work. nice people tho.
turned down for plasma again today
too malnourished

thank you brad!!
by arbi, 2-16-19

by Namgubed
Meanwhile, at a Las Vegas Pawn shop...
Hey, I came across this 1922 British shilling. What'll you give me for it?
Well, let's see ... hmm, for that, I'll give you $4.25 .
Come on, you barely even looked at it!
That's what it's worth.
How do you know?
That's easy - it's a foreigner quarter!

by kaufman
This episode was scheduled to air on November 24, 1963.
Arf! Arf Arf. Rrrrruff!
What's that, Lassie?
Arf Arf Arf. Rarararrr!
Timmy stole a rifle from my gun cabinet and hooked the trigger to a timer?
For some reason, CBS never broadcast it, and destroyed the tapes
Ruff rufff! RRRRRarrrf!
And went to Texas and left it on a grassy knoll, ready to go off midday Friday? I'm going to have to have a talk with that boy.

by TheGovernor
I dated a girl once but we just didn't click
We did try following the plan and building a life together but she kept putting up walls
In the end I realised it was time to lego

by TheGovernor
I tried dating apps for a while but it never worked out
Why not?
I kept getting Catfished
That's awful
Perhaps I shouldn't have put down on my profile that I liked making love on steam trawlers

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