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by arbi
it is now a whole week later. it's important i keep up with these. because my memory is poor. wednesday met with tom and social workers. thursday talked to scott who thinks he can do the things on
their lists. he's not very reliable though. friday saturday i worked. sunday i wrote whiny emails to my siblings. short call to mom. monday hardware store, tuesay $200 fix car window. $50 labor, memo
martinez fixed the shower, although i got the wrong part so i now i dont have a bath, just a shower. $50 computer from dawn.
wednesday took a shower. oh i have to check my emails and make a call to title company.
i did plasma, scrap yard, bought gas, peer support group, laundry, chat w scott about chores. he shoveled the walk, i took out the trash. dove some food. it's never enough.
tomorrow doctor, food bank, maybe go by 1116 rural.

by arbi
first day of work went reaally well.
it wasn't too busy, but steady. i worked hard, did a lot of cleaning, sliced 200 peices of toast, washed dishes,
i went to the club for open mike night, didnt get on, speant $4 to celebrate new job, turned down a free drink.
got some groceries, tommy said hi, applied for a job at helium new comedy club downtown.
which went badly. so i'm back to being in crisis.
learning a few tricks on new phone, mostly still domt know how to use it.
tmorrow tommy and i meet with the zoning thugs

by arbi
today i bought a phone. cricket, $80, $37 ish a month, when i already can't afford food..i paid the water bill, minimum payments on my bank accounts, brian left. i'm way ****ed at him because of how
he left the room. trash and **** bottles and such. so now i need to learn to use a phone,, although we can't bring it to work.
meanwhile, sold the other house, if it closes. i might see $10k out f it, still a small net loss but pretty much a wash. it could still fall apart.
and the aclu will make a call to see if the county will settle my lawsuit, but they will say no. rescheduled my doctor, well not yet.but sent notices to reschedule.
we were up at 4 am cleaning, and tommy made good tomato soup. i ate well. i'llfit in one more meal.
now i'll need to sell the volvos. get rid of the trash somehow. pay off the bank. not get fired yet? busy day.

by choadwarrior
Great job putting the fire out. How did you do it?
Easy, I just sprayed a little fire retar--
Sorry, I just sprayed a little fire r-word.

by choadwarrior
I watched a movie about Vincent Van Gogh the other night.
So tragic.
But at least he died doing what he loved.
Killing himself.

by arbi
went to the orientation at the new job. didn't actually wash any dishes today, did not get fired tho. really liked my coworkers.
i walked thru first friday an hour before it opened, because it was on the way home, and i'm not going out again.
the restaurant is run by a lawyer, so there's 401ks, antiharassment poliices, all that corporate stuff, but a really good vibe, i hope i can keep this job.
up 6:30, plasma, scrap yard, made lunch, orientation at work, made dinner, crashing now.
tommy puked all night. that boy has serious medical problems way beyond my ability to care for.
saturday i'm in bed all day, but when my laptop broke i fixed it. found a software fix to a hardware problem, the internet button wouln't turn green from orange. i need to go buy a fone.

by choadwarrior
Son, now that you've reached that age, it's time to have the talk.
We don't need to have that talk.
It's about your pecker.
No. No. No. No.
When you think you're done taking a whiz, wait and count to three Mississippi before putting it away. THREE MISSISSIPPI!

by choadwarrior
Your order number 69.
You like to dine in?
I was going to...
But now I'm thinking of eating out.

by arbi
$40 plasma, $63 scrap yard. when ichecked my emails, i got a job! disjwasher friday.
wednesday awake at 4 am, bath, plasma 6:30-8:30, brought a book and snacks, took two loads of stuff to the scrapyard, made an appointment at legal aid, for next tuesday at 2pm, worked another hour on
the yard, until my stomach hurt from stress so i'm back in bed at 2 pm after resetting the modem.
monthly gross income nearly $1000, but it all goes to bills. i didn't pay the water bill yet did i? no, i need to find it and walk to cvs.
i will check my emails, do 4 or 5 pullups, maybe call the internet company about these disconnections. tomorrow we visit the disability lawyer at 1 pm?
the pullups sound like the easiest place to start. and maybe i'll start some soup.
the soup only slightly resembles my gradmother's steak soup, using pumpkin, green beings, potato, oh i should add the spiniach if we have any left. maybe a carrot-all, if i did. old bay leaf soup.
i need to write out my schedule so i dont miss any appointments, and i can look over tommy's paperwork, which i've been putting off. i have maybe 4 emails to catch up on.
i think a nap could go on the agenda for this afternoon, then wake up for the evening. if i feel really bouncy i could go do a set at the dugout, if i'm early enough or find the number for red flag.

by arbi
i'm not going to go do comedy tonight. i'm too despondent to try to pretend to be cheerful, and it's not fair for them to bring the audience down to where i am.
i just had a niece, no, nice talk with tommy about options, but it seemed so hopeless my stomach started hurting like it did when dad was around. pain from fear.
i moved stuff around in the back yard, and i could see the dilapidated fence, the broken down cars, the piles of stuff, much more clearly than usual.
i did what little i could but it will never be enough. made a plan with brian to scrap the two volvos, and the plan is fix the white van, and the blue volvo is a potential obstacle.
i am writing up my disability application
everything hopeless these days. i will get up early for plasma, and bring a book. just had an unwelcome visitor.

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