The Collegiate Gamer's Bible

The Gamer's Bible for college students. I also will use/used this for my writing final.

by LuckyGuess
Welcome back, gamers. From the looks of things you made it into college. Congratulations.
I found a photo of the dean and a taiwanese hooker on Myspace and they let me right in.
However, college is tough. And for you gamers out there, you're going to have to ask yourself a very difficult question before you start attending regular classes.
You should have seen it. There was cheese whiz and goat hair everywhere.
Would you rather study hard and get good grades or pull a a series of all nighters getting your Tarutaru Black Mage to level 20?
lol kick the whm shes a noob
haha kk imma pull a pugil now

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The Collegiate Gamer's Bible

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