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Oh, my Lord... Is that Jesus on the shore?
Oh, wow... He looks PISSED!
Do you think he's still upset about that whole us-leaving-him-to-die-alone-on-the-cross thingy?

We have arrived at RCL no. 6200!
And, to think thatonly one comic out of the previous 6198 wasn't suckass!
You must be talking about the sacred comic, "RCL no. 3298"!
Ha, ha... We made them look!
Ha, ha... Eveyone knows the best random comic is "RCL no. 2740"!

Day 1:
Air Dick, Tiki?
No... And, you can come by every day for a year to ask me the same question and the answer will still be no!
Day 365:
Air Dick, Tiki?
For the 365th time, NO!!
Day 366:
Air Dick, Tiki?

"It's really hard to tell because they all look so alike..."
"...but I think the ****ty teacher who had sex with my twelve year-old son..."
" the second one from the right."
I guess if you consider twenty-three seconds of ****ing "sex"!

So, this is my own personal hell?
This evil doctor keeps pumping Viagara in me until my **** gets so big, I have to cart it around in large wheelbarrow?
"Yes... Muwahahahahaha!"
Sounds like heaven to me!

Mrs. Cravice waxes patriotically...
If, you don't like the United States...
...get the gosh-darny out!
Oh, my... I haven't cursed like that since I was in the Coast Guard!

by Moturd
I brought my whole sorority to the hospice to make your last hours comfortable.
My dying wish is to dance with a beautiful woman.
I'd be proud to dance with you. World War 2 vets are the greatest!
Mind if we turn the lights down. It's so bright in here.
What are you going to teach me, the Jitterbug or the Waltz?
Well, my all time favorite is one we used call the Horizontal Bop.

You really played high school football?
I sure did.
What was it like?
A lot like my first time having sex.
I was bloody and sore by the end, but at least my uncle came.

Billy, you'd better eat your veggies or I'll have to call "Supper Man" in here!
Supper Man?
Young man, you'd better eat your green beans if you want to grow up to be strong like me. Up, up, and away!
We're just joshin' you, Billy. That was just your father in my yoga pants. I put him up to this.
You know he just jumped out of our five story window, right?

And why are you filing for unemployment, Mr., uh, Unemployment Man?
Well, with all the technology and drones, criminals are being caught at a faster rate.
And with a president willing to blow everything up, no one wants to be a supervillain anymore. But, on the plus size...
Don't you mean plus side?
How is my wife getting fat a plus side?

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