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Okay, Captain Obvious... I've chopped an opening in the exterior wall of the orphanage. You can go in there and save the children.
Have you guys put the fire out?
No, it's still burning out of control... Hurry, Captain Obvious. The children!
Not until the fire is out.
At that point, we could simply save the children ourselves, assuming any of them are still alive.

Is that where the pain is?
Obviously, doofus! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Well, I think you'll be okay... But, to be sure, you should pull out your ***** and stroke a load onto my right foor.
What??? That's a rather odd request from a doctor!
Who said I was a doctor?
But, you said your name was DOCTOR Makin_d_bacon!

"I'm not sure, because they all look alike..."
"...but the sicko who tried to give a hibernating grizzly bear a reach-round..."
" the second Chen-who-got-his-ass-kicked-yet-again from the right."

Oh, God... It BURNS!!!
(Maura would live to regret eating so much spicy Thai last night.)

How's it feel to be finally out of prison, O.J.?
Great, Clango!
So, what's next for "The Juice"?
Just kicking back and being black!
Ha, ha...You haven't been black since the 60's, right O.J.?
Careful... I may have been found innocent of double murder by a jury of my dumbass peers, but that doesn't mean I was, if you know what I mean. Clango.

by Moturd
San Francisco --
Jessica Gomez is suing Jelly Belly for adding sugar to its Sports Beans™ candy but labeling it evaporated cane juice
That's right. They tricked me!
So if you were unaware that sugar came from sugar cane then where did you think sugar came from?
From the grocery store. Duh!
Okay I have to ask. What did you think they were adding to make the candy taste so sweet?
Well they marketed it as an energy source for athletes, so I thought it must be the dried up sweat from Kobe Bryant's nut sack.

Because, you are too damn ugly!
But, I have a thirteen inch ****!
Believe me, I factored that in.
Did you factor in my three pound testicles?

That's good there.
Call an ambulance... I'm stuck!

Why do you keep following me, Death?
You're bound to kill someone again, sooner or later,
True dat.

Mmmmmm... This has got to be the best stewed tomato sandwich I've ever eaten!
In your own words, describe the taste for my readers.
It's such a unique flavor... I don't know if I can!
Just give me your best shot.
Okay. It tastes like I'm eating my girlfriend's sweet *****... You know what I mean?
Absolutely... I ate your girlfriend's sweet ***** last Thursday.

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