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Okay, Judy Robinson... You're next!
What are you talking about, Robot?
Since we are helplessly lost in space, I have decided to eat the entire crew to spare you all the horrors of starvation!
But, we have enough food to last three decades!
Eventual starvation!
I think robots eating humans is borderling cannibolism at best... Ah, **** it. Let's enter this lame-ass comic and see what happens.

I asked my boyfriend to eat my *****, and he said, "Isn't that a form catabolism? HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA..."
I literally had to sit on his face to get him to stop laughing.
I had the last laugh as he spent the next two weeks hacking up hairballs!

Road House!

What do you think, Lizzy?
If, we throw on a couple coats of paint and redo the flooring, it make a great roadhouse!
That's what I'm think-
Maybe, put on some lipstick and tuck its sack back...
What the flunk you talking about?
I hope it has a big trunk 'cause I'm going to put my bike in it!

Okay, Hiromi...
I need you to go in there and FUCK THAT NIGGER UP!!
This calls for an extra cup of tea-
How is an extra cup of tea going to help you have **** Makin_d_bacon?
-with multiple shots of heroin! Plus, I'll do the pig for free!

Well, hi, Lyndon!
Do you need help washing the dishes, Mrs. Cuntingham?
Why, yes, Lyndon... Make sure you wash your hands first!
I aleady have, Mrs. Cuntingham!
M-m-m-maybe, I should finish up on my own. Lyndon.
Okay... I can take out the trash, if you want. Or **** the cat. Whichever works for you, Mrs. Cuntingham.

Take this down...
Road House.
Road House?
Road House.
Road House.

Holy ****... Look at the carnage!
Yeah... Ain't it great?
When will enough be enough for you, Satan? I mean, HOW MANY YACHTS CAN YOU WATER SKI BEHIND???
Well, it's not about the number dead. It's about the- wait. Is that a quote from the movie, Wall Street?
Greed is good, my friend... GREED IS GOOD!!

So, I ate this Mexican off the coast of Baja California...
I had the ****s for a month! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I don't get it... This material killed in Afghanistan!

Say, you're kind of cute...
Thanks... You, too!
Wanna go back to my place?
What did you have in mind?
You blow me and I will explode on your face!
That sounds dynomite!

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