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Phil, we need you to go back out there on the curb and lure in traffic...
Everyone's laughing at me!
You're a clown.
I know... I just wish people would take my clowning seriously.

Looks like Ted is on another one of his Lunesta® sleep-benders!
I think I'll go into his office and pee on his fake fern!
You do and I'll kick your ass, Donkey!
Ha, ha. I get it!

Hey, mom... Is that what I think it is?
"Yes... We hare having baked human head for dinner."
I can't feel my *****!

What are you doing here, Captain Obvious?
Watching you take a dump, Holly!
Is that some kind of sick sexual fetish of yours?
I'll let you know when you're finished!
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just here to change my tampon!

Am I too late?
For what?
For love, silly!
With you?
What if I said yes?
Then, I would say automiclunch is available.

Good Lord, Adam! What happened to your lower lip?
I didn't know you like the water.
I don't.
I'm confused.
I was motorboating Phreaky's huge tits when her boyfriend caught me and punched me in the ****ing mouth!

This is it!
This is what?
Front page domination!
So? We've been here before.
Yeah, but rags' first FPD is now nothing but a distant memory!
His what?

This is where it ends...
Coming home to an empty apartment!
If, only I fingered her butthole during sex like she asked me, she never would have left!

You're probably wondering why I brought you down here Katie Lynn...
Just go ahead and butt-**** me so we can move on to the next comic!
Kinda a cheap way to achieve a FPD.
I've done a lot of things much cheaper than that. Trust me!

Kiss me, Michelle!
You know this won't work, Mike!
Okay, okay! *smooch*
Ah, feedback!!

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