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Hey, Captain Obvious...
What's up, Conciergeman?
Everyone back at he Justice Association wanted me to tell you you're doing a great job guarding these stacks of paper.
I think they were being ironic.
There's no stronger compli-ment than one encased in steel!

Geez, I just wanted to hear you say, "Aflac"
You didn't have to kick my ass over it!

Step away from the cooler, Tiki...
Or what?
I will Kung Fu your ass, BIG TIME!!
Take one swing at me and I will chomp down on your balls with my razor sharp teeth, BIGGER TIME!!!
Well, when you put it that way, can I please have some water?
Sure. You can suck it out of my ***** after I take a drink.

Who lives in a casket, under the ground?
Stephen Hillenburg!
by four_legged_tripod, 11-30-18

You shaved off the beard?
Yep. It's the end of "No Shave November".
You don't usually wear any facial hair. Any issues with it?
My wife couldn't stand it. She told me that as long as I had it, I wouldn't get any sex.
That's rough.
Yeah. But at least I now know the origins of "No Nut November".

...and then what did she say?
That my sharp teeth were hurting he nipples!

This is our place, Melty...
Do you hear me? OUR PLACE!!!
I hear the neighbors are Russian women!
Sweet! Ever **** a hairy armpit?
No, but I did French-kiss Ragu's pig's butthole. I don't recommend it, by the by.

Victory shall be mine!
Not again!
Let me just grab this... Ouch! Paper cut!
Shut up Harold! I want a de-forest!

Son, until you can tell me the differ-ence between the El Nino and La Nino weather phenomena, you'll have to keep the clownsuit on!
Well, El Nino is when there is a warming trend in the Pacific Ocean, causing a wetter than usual rainy season on the West Coast of the United States.
And, La Nina?
It's the opposite of El Nino, dad... Instead of the season being wetter, it's extremely dry.
Like your sister's vagina, eh?
Well, I wouldn't know about tha- wait. WHAT????

Meanwhile, back in Juneau, Alaska...
Sarah Palin was right... You can see Russia from here!
Woah, that is one huge grizzly bear!
No, wait... That's just a big, hairy Siberian woman!

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