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Today, the police came to the house.
Tell the audience what you asked the police, Lucy...
Is it still incest if my older brother wears a condom?
The arraignment's next Thursday.

This will be my side of the card-board box...
...and that side will be yours!
Fuck this ****... I'm outta here!
What's wrong?
I can do homeless on my own!

Do it, Maura...
Do it NOW!!

Remember... You're a clown. So, when you read stories to the little children, make sure you do it with a big smile on your face!
And, if I don't?
Then, I will personally kick your ass!
Like what you do to your husband?
Everyone on this whole frickin' website knows about you kicking Chen's ass!

Have you come up with tonight's dinner yet?
How does poached sauerkraut sound to you?
God awful!
Then, I got nothing.

by Moturd
I attached a bionic ***** to the patient.
Did his old one come off?
No, this man had a very rare condition where he was born without a *****.
I've never heard of that. Has that ever happened before?
Rosie O'Donell

I don't know about taking a shortcut through the park... You never know if some homeless guy will sneak up behind you and **** you!
Still, it's better than going three miles in the opposite direction...
I... I scared!
Sack up, you big vagina, and follow me!

Can you teach me how to play pocket pool, Drex?
Sure, Anders... First, you put your hands in your pockets.
I don't have hands!
When I was a kid, I sawed off both of my arms in a freak woodworking accident!

But, I-
I said, OUT!!!!
Why are you throwing me out? I haven't done anything!
Not you, kid... I'm talking to ragu_4_u's deleted comics which keep trying to sneak back into the website!

by Moturd
Whoa, I just had the coolest idea for an electic powered airplane that can take off and land vertically!
Did you ever stop and think that maybe our whole universe is just one big simulation?
Come on man, pass it.
No way Musk, I'd never get it back. You keep bogarting.

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