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Fine, Phil! Geeze! For ****'s sake! You win the neighborhood cosplay award!

What's with the giant French flag?
When the aliens come I want to win the "Least Likely to Resist During an Invasion" award.

Is this one yours?
Yes... I painted it with a used tampon.
Why is the color tone so pink?
Blood mixed with semen, silly!

Wow... Only three random comic layout clicks and we got a red background!
This all happened so fast.. Does RCLG even have a comic concept loaded up?
Who cares? I'm riding my pretend Harley! VROOOOOM!!! VROOOOOOOM!!!
And, I'm balancing Phreaky's left tit on my head! TADA!!

What do you think of the NBA finals so far?
I didn't know it was on...
What about the NHL finals?
That's on, too?
What the @%#$ do you do all day when I'm at work?
Jack off to Car and Driver magazine subscription cards!

Well, old woman... It looks like you and I are the only two left.
Seems so.
Looks like the human race ends with us since your way too old to re-populate the planet.
Doesn't mean we can't try!
I'd rather get kneed in the groin by Wonder Woman!
Which one? Linda Carter or Gal Gadot?

This is such a nice house... Why are you selling it?
I'm moving to Israel to be closer to Gal Gadot.
I once met her at Comic Con...
Was she as nice in person as she seems to be in the movies?
Yes... Well, until I introduced her to the Air Dick!
I remember reading about that in the news... Have your testicles recovered yet from the kneeing?

I was going to make copies of the photo and sell them at the swap meet, but Gadot's legal team sent me a cease and desist letter.
Oh, my.
So, I wrote Gadot direclty asking for her permission to exploit my photo of her taking a poop.
Did she write you back?
I'm still waiting for Gadot!
Really? Ragu's now writing our material?

What do you think?
You have a poster of Gal Gadot above your bed... Nice!
I whack off to it every night!
Where did you find a half-nude photo of her?
I flew to Israel, found out where she lives, snuck into to her bathroom, hid behind the shower curtain, and when the opportunity presented itself, I snapped the pic!
By the strained look on her face, she must be ****ting one major turd!

Butch gets visited by the Furniture Fairy...
You can have any type of decor you want in this room... Your wish is my command, Butch!
You hear me, Butch? Your WISH is my COMMAND! Okay, Butch? Butch..?
Damn, Phreaky ain't got nothing on you!

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