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by choadwarrior
So I'm sitting there on my tuffet and you won't believe what happened next!
A spider sat down beside me!
Oh my god! What were you doing on the tuffet?
Eating my curds.
No whey!

by choadwarrior
NBA legend Kobe Bryant was killed today in a fiery helicopter crash.
More like Hella-Flopter.
Sorry. Clippers fan.

by choadwarrior
Why did you put up the Halloween decorations?
I put up the Martin Luther King Day decorations.
You put a skeleton on the door.
Martin Luther King didn't look like a skeleton!
He does now.

by kaufman
Dinosaurs will walk the earth.
Barbarians will overrun the Roman Empire.
What are you doing? This is supposed to be predictions for the upcoming decade.
Sorry, man, I guess I just don't have 20- 20 vision.

by choadwarrior
Rampart, we have a 50 year-old male complaining of chest pains. BP is 180/100, pulse is 120, Respiration is normal.
10-4, 51, Start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.
Rampart, I have a possible rabies victim. Patient is frothing at the mouth, weak, and hallucinating.
10-4, 51, Start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.
Doctor, Roy and Johnny are calling in a decapitated body that has been incinerated beyond recognition.
Have them start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.

by choadwarrior
Now that all the presents are delivered, what are you going to do for Christmas, Santa?
Same thing everyone else does...
Go over to a relative's house...
And **** a cousin on a pile of coats.

by umfumdisi
Stan hated to admit it, but he yearned for the boos of the crowd as much as the cheers and laughs. He was addicted to that sweet, sweet high of rejection -- one sauteed in repulsion and garnished with
just a hint of revulsion. It was that uneasy recipe which kept him coming back to the mic night after night. Luckily, that was the only high he craved. His lows were much more predictable and satiated
The remainder of his night would be a typical descending action where he checked into his hotel room, cranked up Steely Dan's "Deacon Blues", and rubbed out a quick one during the saxophone solo.

by umfumdisi
I hate to admit it...
I was hoping your bush would be a bit more pixelated.

by umfumdisi
Does it bother you when I stand here in my faded nightgown?
Uh oh, that sounds like the start of a Country Music song.
After waitin' all night while you been runnin' round town?
Kill me now.
Yeah, you been with your lover while I've been right here; knowin' you love me less than a glass of cold beer.
Well, you did sum up my life experience in a song. Touche.

by umfumdisi
Well, this is awkward.
I drove you out to the middle of nowhere so I could break up with you.
What's so awkward about that?
I think we're out of gas.
Car-wise or relationship-wise?

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