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by ralahinn1
As Baltimore gets murder 343,Mayor Pugh comes up with a solution. A "protest"of hope in the cold-
It's going to be freezing,and she want's people to show up @ the war memorial with signs written with "words of hope".
Beats having them actually go on a "citizen's patrol" in the affected areas...
Go Team Baltimore!
Go Team Baltimore! Hit 350!

Me waiting for Verizon to fix my internet -
by ralahinn1, 12-26-17

by ralahinn1
Round 2-
Did you drink enough eggnog,Santa ?
I'm happy enough to say I will answer your last question,when you are a little older.
Please,can I ask another question then?
In the spirit of Christmas ,you may, Timmy.
Thanks, Santa. Why do they play"Maryland, my Maryland " around Christmas ?
*hic* be right back,the eggnog calls.

by ralahinn1
Timmy's questions-
So, since I limited you more or less to one question a year,what do you have for me, Timmy?
Why is the European tradition of you having an assistant called"Black Pete" offensive -
-but a new book saying that the "real"Santa is a gay black man and a white "mall Santa" is his "husband" is good?
I think I will have to go drink a few egg nogs before answering you, Timmy, Merry Christmas.
And to you too,sir,take your time.

by ralahinn1
-and now, a message from our sponsor-
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Here's a testimonial from an actual client -
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An' now-I live in this country and get many benefits- including feeling the breezes in my hair "down below"-
Si,you too,can be "happy" once again. Call us today for a free consultation-Ole!

by ralahinn1
-and now a word from our sponsor -
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-but there might be a part of the body you are neglecting,let us use our amazing medical skills to fix it.
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by ralahinn1
In Baltimore ,the murder toll is now 328.
Go Team Baltimore!
Go Team Baltimore!

I was just at Nebula Realms(a vitual world) and saw a great signature "I'm not gay,but $20 is $20 ".
by ralahinn1, 12-11-17

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
As part of our holiday traditions here at Actin News- we presenr "The Nutcracker"-
Ok,who first?!
Me ,me!

If you play that darn Christmas shoes song again, I might have to come back and shoot the place up.
I hate it too,but it's on a loop. Can you just shoot the machine that plays it?
by ralahinn1, 12-10-17

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