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by ralahinn1
-Stand by for Actin News-
Today,we are sad to announce the passing of two legendary reporters, Cokie Roberts and Sander Vanocur.
Do you think we'll ever be as famous?
I just hope the reaper isn't getting interested in Journalists.
Knock-knock, guess who?

The murder rate in Baltimore is at 245 for 2019.
Almost 250! Go Team Baltimore !
by ralahinn1, 9-16-19

by ralahinn1
-Stand by, for Actin News-
Greetings,while some news outlets are covering the visit of President Trump to Baltimore,we will cover an Announcement made by City Council President Brandon Scott-
He says he's got a BIG announcement tomorrow.We sent a crew to investigate
Can you tell us the BIG announcement?
It's a secret-
In a nearby bar-
I'll shoot myself if he says he's running for Mayor-
Doan worry,it will be "bidness as usual" no matter what crazy plan he announces tomorrow. I wonder if he realizes it will be Friday the 13th?

The murder's in Baltimore for this year are 240-
Go Team Baltimore! You can make it to 300 by the end of September!
by ralahinn1, 9-09-19

by ralahinn1
Look's like you didn't sleep last night-
Who are you,the "My Pillow" guy,trying to sell me a pillow?
I've got something better,meet your new best friend-
Hey-yo, problems? Come and check my merch.
Ok, Willy Wankanda,take me to your magic ship-

by ralahinn1
I love when a new election year comes where I live at-
Young democrats I don't know, and will never see again, come in with coffee and donuts,or maybe coldcut subs,or pizza, and ask for votes-
Y'all remember to vote-right?
The more experienced dems will tell us how to fill a ballot,rent a schoolbus,provide us with snacks,and take us to polling stations. I vote how I want anyway-
Now remember,vote fo' "our girl",not dat evil scalawag in office now-there will be mo'snacks and sodas on de bus when you done-

In DC there are trials for "American Idol"
"Oh,tie a yellow rubber 'round the old oak tree, it's ben 3 long years,do it still fit me-"
Um, you do realize that is not how the song goes?
by ralahinn1, 9-04-19

The murder rate in Baltimore is at 227-
Almost 230. You can make it Team Baltimore ! Believe!
by ralahinn1, 9-02-19

-and now a "tribute" to One Republic with a new lyric to one of their songs-
"If I was lying on the beach on my back,sand in my butt-hole crack,would you rescue me ?"
I know some guys that would! Bahahaha .
by ralahinn1, 9-01-19

The murder rate in Baltimore for 2019 is 222 so far-
Almost 225- Go Team Baltimore !
by ralahinn1, 8-26-19

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