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Ahoy,matey,batten down the hatches,RCLG is a postin' up a storm again!
by ralahinn1, 6-23-18

by ralahinn1
Sometime in the near future-
What is this shyte?
Hey,"language", mister!
I'm not "cussing" I just said the name of a new game out loud after playing the demo. I think the company knows they won't make bank on this,so they phoned it in.

by ralahinn1
I am a youth separated from my parents. I am so lonely.
Aii Chewahwah,will you be my mama?!
Touch me,and you die!
You don't have to get snippy.

Baltimore just recorded their 132nd murder of 2018. Go Team Baltimore!
Go Team Baltimore!
by ralahinn1, 6-20-18

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
This just in, rapper XXX Tenacion was killed in a drive by shooting a few hours ago-
What is it about rappers and death by drive by shooting?
Go Team Florida!
Go Team Florida!

Happy "Most confusing day in Baltimore".
Now wait a minute. I doan have kids-that I know of.
by ralahinn1, 6-17-18

by ralahinn1
Stand by, for Actin News-
This just in,after 27 years, the Jerry Springer show is ending production-
We sent a teemout to get interviews-
No! Where will I find my new hos?
After 27 years the Jerry Springer show is ending production-
No! Where will I find someone to represent?!

by ralahinn1
Tomorrow on Rush-
Well, Comey,they caught you lying to protect Hillery,and accused President Trump of things he didn't do.What do you have to say?
You don't have to speak-
It's fine-
I'm goin' to Didsneyland!

by ralahinn1
What can I do for you?
Bob Corker says Trump supporters act like they're in a "cult".
We want in.
Yes,we want in.
It's not a "cult" ,just good old American Christian values,and common sense. Anyone can try it,even Democrats,like you.

by ralahinn1
-and now,a word from our sponsor -
Hello,today,we are asking for your help to provide goats to the village for milk and meat for the children
Not you again-
I have nothing bad to say about your drive this year.The goats are entertaining.
Why do I bother-
Tourists pay much to watch the village girls "dance"with the goats. Pictures cost extra.

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