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The murder rate in Baltimore is 81.
Go Team Baltimore, you can make it to 100!
by ralahinn1, 4-23-19

by ralahinn1
After a loong weekend-
*Yawn*, never want to see Easter candy again-
Say,sport,where're you heading?
Home,to bed-
Really? I thought we could hang out- I know a place to score chocolate eggs.
F*ck you,azz.

by ralahinn1
Stand By for Actin New-
Joe Biden has officially announced he's running for president in 2020-
We sent a crew out to interview him-
So,have anything to say about your possible return to the "White House"?
I was hoping they would send a female reporter to interview me-

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
This just in-we found out the president is giving another surprise speech -
We are joining it in progress -
-and in conclusion, I understand today is "International Bat Appreciation Day ",don't think we overlooked you, because we haven't- here's a big shout out to Hillary,Michelle,Nancy,the Ladies in the -
-House and Senate,those lovely Ladies at "the View",Cher,Barbara,the "mad cow", and my ex's- may you have a joyous day!

Somewhere in Mexico -
Aiii Chiwawah,we are changing de caravan's route,there is a strong need for construction workers in France !
by ralahinn1, 4-16-19

by ralahinn1
Today Muslims around the world be like-
Notre Dame Cathedral is burning-
Go!Go!Go!(*celebration dancing*)
-and outside,in some places-
Omar,have you heard about the big fire?!
Yes,my brother, I'm rushing home to spend time with my goats,this excites me!

After Ilhan Omar made the remarks about 9-11,Captain Obvious visits Moslems in America-
Good afternoon,sir,can you spare a moment of your time to talk about what happened on 9-11 ?
*GASP* "Something"happened on 9-11 ?!
by ralahinn1, 4-14-19

by ralahinn1
Some time in the near future-
I'm still not sure.Don't these "smart devices"spy on you?
Just a little- but it's for your security,and with the right settings you'll forget all about it.
Ok, I'll buy it,though I still think I shouldn't .
Cash,or plastic?
Some time later-
Welcome to "Sexbot Secrets"and boy do we have some stories for you!
She actually thought She wasn't being recorded! She never did read the manufacturer guide.We've been playing "who's got the button"? for months-*cue video-

What a difference a day makes- murders in Baltimore for 2019 are now 75.
You can make it to 100.I believe in you! Go Team Baltimore!
by ralahinn1, 4-11-19

So far,the murders in Baltimore for 2019 is 72.
Go Team Baltimore!
by ralahinn1, 4-10-19

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