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April's homicide rate averaged more than one a day so far. Go Team Baltimore!
Go Team Baltimore! Get that Gold!
by ralahinn1, 4-23-18

by ralahinn1
Say, Comey what are you doing?
I'm gathering more paper,to make another book on how that bad man Trump scares me.
Why? Your current book isn't doing that well. Can I have some of that paper?
I know, I know,you need to go to the bathroom.Take it.
Thanks,Comey,maybe you aren't completly useless.
Sigh,if only Princess Hillery won. Maybe people would love me more.

-and now,a message from our sponsor -
Remember when you could turn on your tv and get real news and not scripted drama? Pepperich farm remembers.
by ralahinn1, 4-18-18

by ralahinn1
The Boss asks you to stand down today,as we welcome a gentle and gracious soul here.
Who, Barbara Bush?
No, Bruno Sanmartino.

Sensitivity training at a local coffeehouse -
May I help you,sir?
Ya'll crackers got to learn to bow down an'kiss our feet,an'give up free coffee,if we ask.Ya'll got to shut up an'take it,ya honkies.
by ralahinn1, 4-18-18

With yet another shooting in Baltimore last night,the murder toll stands at 78 for the year so far-Go Team Baltimore!
Go Team Baltimore - get that Gold!
by ralahinn1, 4-17-18

Some where up North-
Hey, Santa,can I be Comey Clause this year,and give free copies of my book to everyone?
Oh hell no!
by ralahinn1, 4-16-18

Hey ,James Comey,should we have a discount on crayons or colored pencils when someone buys your book?
Both,please,lady-and can I have another piece of candy?
by ralahinn1, 4-16-18

Stand by for Actin News-
Good day. We at Actin News take our role at being your news service seriously,so we are re-branding ourselves to better reflect our viewing community.
I guess the check cleared,huh.
by ralahinn1, 4-16-18

So, Mr.Zuckerberg,tell us,in your own words,about Facebook .
I will, sir, but first, I did a boom boom in my nappy and need a change.
by ralahinn1, 4-16-18

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