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by ralahinn1
It's that time of year again, so, grab some tissues, and watch those appeals to "save" poor foreign children-
I am back in that 3rd world village again, to ask for money to help "the children"-
You could help, by giving my village the fully loaded rv you live in when you make these programs.
I think next year, for the holiday season, I'm going to do an appeal to save animals.

by ralahinn1
A former child actress talks about the Hollywood Sex scandals-
Land sakes, it's not like all this is new, there has been scandals at least since Fatty Arbuckle's time. And think of the "Little Rascals"-you think some of them would have got jobs without the couch?
You should have seen what they did with Trigger, Rin tin tin, and Lassie o_O.

by ralahinn1
With it being Veteran's Day, and with the Holiday's coming, I'd like to share a story of my father(may have before ).
My father,who would have turned 100 years old this year, served in WWII. One year,while on KP duty, he walked in on another soldier "having his way" with a turkey. He became a vegetarian that year-
You do not want to go into that kitchen -private party going on!
Golly, thanks for the heads up.
Any hoo, happy Veteran's Day, and thanks for serving.

by ralahinn1
I just got a letter from that "Indian" know, that one that sends out letters around the holidays asking for donations for their students-
They used include a "worry doll" made with crow beads as a gift, to thank you for helping their students-
Now they send different items, including "dream catchers" made in China-
Here fi dallar-go away!

by ralahinn1
Well, it's that time of year again, I'm off until spring.
Take me with you!
Nope,I travel alone. I don't want anyone to see my hideout.
Bish, I hope a fox gets you!
You gotta come quick, a chicken is escaping! Don't you want a nice chicken dinner?
I hate to admit it, but with the holidays coming, I'm having duck cravings-

by ralahinn1
Just when you thought it was safe to go outside...
"that" time of year returns-
Somewhere near Baltimore-
I should put a cap in yo' azz, racist mofo
I say, have you been nipping at the holiday cheer?
Oh, crap-

by ralahinn1
Don't forget the Antifatards will be roaming around the streets tomorrow.
Will they pay us to march?
Getting ready for tomorrow's march?
Sure, the circus closed, got nothing else to do.
Ready for tomorrow?
Hell yeah!

by ralahinn1
You think of what you are getting people for the holidays this year yet?
Well, I usually get things for myself over the year, and if they don't work, I save them for the holidays. Let someone else try returning them.
You evil *******, wish I thought of that!
I also like giving loud toys or pets to people with small children.
You are a genius,sir. I tip my hat to you! Want a promotion?
Me?Sure, thanks!

by ralahinn1
Last night 3 more people were murdered in Baltimore, bringing the murders to 301 for this year.
Go Team Baltimore!
Go Team Baltimore, get the gold!

I'd like to rent a car.
I can't rent you a car, but you can ride this air ****.
by ralahinn1, 11-01-17

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