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by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
Breaking news,Hillary Clinton wants to make a statement concerning Kavanaugh's accuser-
We se t a team out for an interview -
Dr.Ford is a respectable woman,and her **** allegation must be heard!
You mean like those of your husband's accusers?
This just in,one of our reporters was found deceased in a local park,hands bound behind his back,and with 3 bullet wounds to the back of his head.
The official coroner's report states it was a death by "suicide".

The murder rate in Baltimore is 211
Go Team Baltimore. You can make it 300 before years end!
by ralahinn1, 9-21-18

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
Breaking News- Porn star "Stormy" Daniels is getting ready to publish a book-
We sent a team out to interview her-
-and now,the question everyone wants to know-will it have crayons?

Early this morning,Ol'Blah-blah gets ready to campaign for the Mid-term elections.He's not running,he just likes to stir the pot-
Make sure you packed my hay this time,we all know you need me along.
by ralahinn1, 9-07-18

by ralahinn1
And now a word from our sponsor-
People think that Nike hiring Kapernick was a mistake-
-but really it was part of a grand plan-
The Great NFL Burn!
Come on down and sacrifice your Nike's! No more taking a knee-
Make football great again!

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
Breaking news-Actin News has discovered who the anonymous writer of the anti-Trump op-ed is !
We sent a crew to talk to him-
Hello,we would like to talk to you about the op-ed?
I did a boom boom in my nappy-

Go away!
You made a mistake in the last comic.
by ralahinn1, 9-05-18

by ralahinn1
Are you struggling to pay bills while you have a case in court? Let us help.
-Disclamer- We choose not to serve Clients in Maryland,New York, or Illinois -
Why the hell you on tv in dis area den?!

You did it! The murder rate in Baltimore is at 200!
Go Team Baltimore! Make it 250!
by ralahinn1, 9-05-18

The murder rate in Baltimore is 199! Go Team Baltimore !
Hit that magic 200-we have a great chance at 300 by years end!
by ralahinn1, 9-04-18

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