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Me waiting for radio stations to remove rap music
by ralahinn1, 12-16-18

Go away.
Wasn't that last comic an S 52?
by ralahinn1, 12-14-18

Well,look at this, "lucky 13".
Thanks !
by ralahinn1, 12-14-18

by ralahinn1
And now,a word from our sponsor -
Hey guys,have you got a gift for your women yet? Why not check out the silk and lace pajamas at "Give pjs get"?
Do you sell "silk and lace pajamas " for men?
Sure,why not?

The murder rate in Baltimore is 296! Go Team Baltimore!
Only 4 more to go to 300! I believe!
by ralahinn1, 12-12-18

by ralahinn1
Go in, he would see you now-
So,it says you worked for a "Social Media" company. What did you do?
If I saw a post that might be"offensive", I'd stop the person from posting a few days.
What does it mean"he'll get back to me"?
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The murder rate in Baltimore is at 293! Go team Baltimore!
Only 7 more to 300! I believe in you Team Baltimore !
by ralahinn1, 12-10-18

No, I'm sorry. It would be completely inappropriate for you to play one of the "Wise men" in the Christmas play.
by ralahinn1, 12-09-18

Look, Santa is giving you gifts this year.
If it's more of them damn pops,keep walking
by ralahinn1, 12-09-18

by ralahinn1
I hope RCLG is successful with his comics tonight,he get's to have one of us when he's done.
Who says he'll pick a woman?
Idon't know why I'm here.Do I even have a chance?
Maybe he's into politicians?
I know,right

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