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You look pretty content, what have you been up to?
They were loading John Mc Cain's casket for the drive to the airport and I wizzed on the gurney
by ralahinn1, 8-30-18

Some kids growing up in the 1970's
It's 10:00 do you know where your children are?
Yeah, I'm doin' your wife!
by ralahinn1, 8-30-18

I think mistakes were made in that last comic-
by ralahinn1, 8-30-18

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Intergalactic news-
This just in,the Federation has sent a video about someone accused of sexual assault.
Let's go see the video of this shameful creature-
Ms. Bleebloop, can you point out to the court the man who "sexually assaulted" you?
I swear it was consensual!

Some time in the future -
This week on "Svengoolie",we welcome our guest co-hostess, Hillery Clinton-
During the breaks, I'll read exerpts from my book,and why I'm running again in 2020.
by ralahinn1, 8-29-18

The murder rate in Baltimore is 190. C'mon on, only 10 away from 200. Go Team Baltimore!
Summer's not over yet! I believe in you! Go Team Baltimore!
by ralahinn1, 8-29-18

by ralahinn1
Early September,2018-
So, McCain is buried,and the media hype is dying down. Time to take a trip to Annapolis. Is everything ready?
Yes sir, we got the "sample" from a homeless man. It would be hard to trace-
A short drive down the beltway later-
Ok,deliver the "package".
Yes sir.
Somewhere below-
It's raining again -
Damn it! I know where we are,but why do we have to suffer because of you. Just how many people did you **** off?!

you hear about that nut that shot up that videogame tournament in Florida?
Yeah, he wasn't even playing Cod or GTA- what's wrong with people?
by ralahinn1, 8-27-18

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
Many are morning tonight, as news of Senator McCain's death goes over the airwaves.
We sent a crew out to hear from the people.
Even though it's not related to him, I'm eating McCain's Pizza tonight to remember him.
I'm eating Planter's nuts fo' the same reason.

I say, Percy, did you hear that researchers say that infant feces are a good source of probiotics?
Really? Sounds like they're full of sh- oh never mind, too easy.
by ralahinn1, 8-24-18

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