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by ralahinn1
Smell my finger.
I didn't ask you to pull it this time-
Oi,we do this every year.
Boys, I hope you're behaving. I have to run to the store for a few things.Let the brisket cook,but take the dog out.Back soon.

by ralahinn1
You know,all in all,the old guy's pretty lucky.
How so?
This place could be crawling with paturnity lawyers.
Ah, the old story that he's filling more than stockings and wooden shoes around Christmas?
I hope Maury doesn't visit.
Santa already has restraint orders from some of the elves-

by ralahinn1
A message from IMG-It's the holiday season. Are you planing to adopt a pet? Good for you, many shelters are reducing or waving their fees for now
Hold on,if you want to give an animal as a gift though,some people don't want a pet,for many reasons,or are not ready to handle one,so ask them first.
Please if you are able,adopt an animal for the holidays.
-and/or let your relatives visit.

The murder rate in Baltimore is 290.Go Team Baltimore !
Yas,we'll see 300 by Christmas! We Believe !
by ralahinn1, 12-05-18

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
This just in,through the magic of technology,we can see what service dog "Sully "is thinking about the death of former president Bush-
Go to video-
Is that a cat?! I smell a cat?
Such a noble animal.
I agree.

Someone Santa doesn't want to see-
Santa,may I sit on your lap? The doctor cleared up the condition I had last year.I'm no longer "contagious".
by ralahinn1, 12-04-18

Stand by for Actin News-
Breaking news, long time talkshow host,and Whitehouse reporter, Les Kinsolving has passed away.
Rip,sir,you were a legend.
by ralahinn1, 12-04-18

The murder rate in Baltimore is 288. Go Team Baltimore !
300 by Christmas ! I believe! Go Team Baltimore!
by ralahinn1, 12-04-18

by ralahinn1
You seem upset sir,anything I can help with?
I'm just sad that his death is such a great loss for America .
President Bush's loss is that,sir.
Bush? I was talking about Ken Berry.

by ralahinn1
Actin News has sent a crew to cover the migrant "hunger strike" at the border-
Actin News has sent a crew to cover the migrant "hunger strike" at the border-
Tacos, get your hot delicious tacos heerree!
Actin News has sent a crew to cover the migrant "hunger strike" at the border-
Uh, be right back,Senor

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