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by ralahinn1
You think of what you are getting people for the holidays this year yet?
Well, I usually get things for myself over the year, and if they don't work, I save them for the holidays. Let someone else try returning them.
You evil *******, wish I thought of that!
I also like giving loud toys or pets to people with small children.
You are a genius,sir. I tip my hat to you! Want a promotion?
Me?Sure, thanks!

by ralahinn1
Last night 3 more people were murdered in Baltimore, bringing the murders to 301 for this year.
Go Team Baltimore!
Go Team Baltimore, get the gold!

I'd like to rent a car.
I can't rent you a car, but you can ride this air ****.
by ralahinn1, 11-01-17

by ralahinn1
How it seems to be going now-
Hi. With the busy holiday season coming it's time to come in for one of our $5 fried chicken meals- unless you are racist.
You look like a fine young man, come settle down and have a fried chicken meal.
Sorry, no. I'm vegetarian.
Get back here-racist!

by ralahinn1
Stand by for "Paranormal Steve's you tube pre-halloween party"-
Hello, you tubers, I'm Steve,and I talk to ghosts. Listen as I try to get one to come, let me turn on my special radio-
10-4 good buddy, any bears out there?
Hello, this is Steve- are you a ghost? Come over to my house to show people you are real.
Sometime later-

by ralahinn1
Captain's log-not sure the exact date, we seem to be in an alternate universe...
What is this place?
Logically, it should be Earth, sometime in the 21st century, but something isn't right. I sent Jenkins to examine something called "Star Trek: Discovery"
No! Nothing intelligent could have made this...unless it's a trap!
Michael, the Klingons do not seem to want peace with the Federation-
Captain's log:supplimental-We lost Jenkins,but escaped "Star Trek:Discovery" -whatever it was suppose to be.

by ralahinn1
It was almost halloween night- and my eyes beheld an eerie sight-
I'm David Pumpkins, man, and this is muh halloween special!
Oh hell no!
The animation was crappy, the story bland. It was barely watchable. I don't understand...
Well, I have been a guard at this studio for many years, but have never seen SNL get this bad!
I just want to know WHY?!
I decided to look up the big man himself, Lorne Michaels, that jolly old elf-
OMG- everyone, run! They have lost their sense of humor...they have all become sjw democrats who don't pay their staff well, so they put out crap like David Pumpkins halloween special!

by ralahinn1
Does this happen to you?
Not again...
Would you go out with me?
Well, never again, when you use "Nerd b gone"! Just one press on the alert button, and your nerd troubles end!
One minute,young man, I'd like a word with you.
That's fantastic! He ran off. What did you say to him?
I told him you're not interested in him, but your mom might be.

by ralahinn1
Stand by for the "World famous financial adviser" show-
I'm a world famous financial adviser, and I thought it would be a hoot to bring in my nephew, to include millionials in our financial discussion. So, any advise?
Weed. It's not just for breakfast anymore, and if you can get it legally, invest in the company. And dont get mad,Uncle-
-it's just like the alcohol stocks you have. Why invest in things you don't use yourself, right?

by ralahinn1
What might actually go on at a certain apartment building in Baltimore today-
Hello, I'm calling to see if they are having a food giveaway today, because there is a"Fall Festival"in the community room.
Don't know'bout no giveaway or festival,an'how you get dis number?
Your wife gave it to me-
Well, don't call again!
Hi, dear, any calls?

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