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by ralahinn1
Hello,we'd like to know what is in that "secret sauce" you serve?
I'll take you in back,you can talk to the chef.
Hi, I'm from Actin News- and we'd like to know what is in that "secret sauce" you serve.
Only the freshest, most natural ingredients,now, if you join me in the back room, I'll be willing to show you.
Aren't you coming? I'm ready to make a fresh batch.
Nope-I think in this case, it should remain a "secret ".

by ralahinn1
Timmy's questions-
I have a question-is it ok for white kids to own "Black Panther" action figures?
Well, Timmy, I guess I have to send you back in time,so you can talk to Socrates-
At a secret location-
I'll just inject you with this,and send you on your way-
Ancient Greece -
Sir,is it ok for white kids to own "Black Panther" action figures?
What the hell is "Black Panther"?

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
This just in, African -Americans are showing up at the "Black Panther" movie dressed in traditional African clothes-
They are calling the movie a"cutural event".We sent a team out to investigate-
Hi, we are at the arcade next to the theater with someone who has just seen "Black Panther" -
You mus be racist,to think that jes because I'm dressed this way-
No, I don't ,sir, the movie was based on a comicbook character invented by two white men-
Nooooo,bamboozeled again!

-and all this can be yours for $19.98,plus shipping and handling .Such a bargain for under $20!
Nope. Going to a thrift store or yardsale,where I can get it for $5 or less^_^
by ralahinn1, 2-18-18

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
Breaking news out of Baltimore Co. Md.-The family of Korryn Gains just was awarded 37 million dollars from an all female jury -
This was the woman who was killed threatening police with a shotgun while streaming the standoff live-
Hey,do you think the remaining members of the Freddie Gray family,since the stepfather died recently from "unknown"causes-
-might be a little upset they only got six million ?
Meh,probably ,but what can they do,riot?

by ralahinn1
Get ready to film the commercial,folks-
Where's that "Fly wrangler," I need him to release the flies over the village children-
Trying to get people to send more money? You may not like this-
I just flew in,where do you want him?
Oh,hell no.That thing would kill a child. I need small ones buzzing around"starving"native children-

And now a word from Actin News-
Remember,we are Actin News- and we'll be there for you-
-unless a network,or local sports event runs over,then we'll treat you like a red-haired step child-
by ralahinn1, 2-14-18

by ralahinn1
Honey,come up,it's time for dinner.
Can't got to wait to see which person on You Tube will say that shooting in Florida today is a "false flag"or start blaming Video Games again.

by ralahinn1
It's the Baltimore City Council Clown Show-
Who's there?
Not the Baltimore Police,we want to disband them.

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
Breaking news-after 12 days of no murders in Baltimore ,there was a shooting today in the city-
We sent a crew to investigate-
Whelp,it's Bidness as usual, in Baltimore once again.Guess me an'my nephew gots to go visit a few people-
Go Team Baltimore !
Go Team Baltimore -get that gold!

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