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In Baltimore ,7 people were injured and 2 killed,thanks to shootings over the weekend-
Go Team Baltimore!
by ralahinn1, 6-11-18

by ralahinn1
-and now,a message from our sponsor-
Howdy,it's almost summer ,and I love enjoying it with a good beer-
I also make sure I'm ready with avisual inspection,and a nice haircut,so I can feel the breezes "down below"-
All clear.
Oh,look,the neighbor's dog is here. Just a reminder,don't run out of beer,and peanut butter- it's almost summer .

by ralahinn1

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
This just in, famed tvchef Anthony Bourdain has been found dead of suspected suicide.
We sent a team out to talk with a local chef-
We'd like your opinion chef-
Is there a job offering on that show?
I feel sad now-
Why? You're not famous,chef.

by ralahinn1
Sometime,in the near future-
And the winner of the Miss America pagent is-
Thank you- thank you all!
-thank you all!
Hell,dat a female? Well,syit,I gotta go sign the ho up.

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
This just in a teacher in Philadelphia has been fired for alleged acceptance of bribes for "good grades" -
We sent a team to a local school for their reaction-
Well what do you think of that teacher in Philadelphia?
Daaamn, I wish I thought of dat. I don't think I'd like to be caught,though.

by ralahinn1
With the Miss America pagent changing the rules, I can only imagine the new contestants-
Catlin Jenner,what are you doing here?
Probably the same as you,Hillery,looking for an event to win.
Well,this sucks, I'm going for a coffee.
I'm coming too, I'll buy.

by ralahinn1
Wasington, DC:Hidden location-
The boss thinks Nancy Pelosi needs to tone it down a bit.
You got it.
Management says "Boney bish" needs a tune-up.
As you wish-
When I said more people should be let into the US, I meant more people need coloringbooks,like I use.Let's send them some!
Preach it , Nancy!

by ralahinn1
Hello, I am Mike. 30 years old,and recently evicted from my parent's home-
Any "single women out there,looking for a"special" kind of guy?

by ralahinn1
I say,Percy, did you hear that once again,USA Today has voted Baltimore " the most dangerous city in the US"?
Really? It doesn't surprise me anymore.
Ye ha! Baltimore did it ! I knew they could!
This is great- but the year's not over yet. Go Team Baltimore!

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