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by Moturd
Me, on a cooking show...
You've got 45 minutes to make the best Italian dinner of your life and the clock starts... NOW
I can't go out in the first round. I wanted to save it for the finals but I'm gonna have to make my killer spaghetti with marinara sauce!
What the **** are you doing, Moturd! You've only got 40 minutes left and you don't even have your ingredients yet. Let's go! Move!
I thought you said this was a well stocked pantry!!
There isn't a room anywhere on the planet filled with a better selection of fresh, high quality meats, vegetables, and spices than where you are standing this very ****ing moment!
Oh yeah, Ramsey? Well then where's the Prego? Huh? WHERE'S THE PREGO?
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Moturd says:

Chef Ramsay would like to apologize for the F-bombs, but he felt obligated to stay in character for this role.
posted Oct 16th, 2017 ( permalink )

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