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true stories, translated poorly

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by Moturd
Thank you, Kehindi Wiley and Amy Sherald for these awf... er, official portraits. I truly cannot express how I feel about these interesting creations.
Amy had a nice background of Michelle's slave ancestors breaking their chains and strangling all the white masters in their sleep.
I wondered what the freshly painted blue background was all about.
But they made her paint over it. Too progressive, they said. But it's still there for an Xray machine to pick up once the revolution is not being televised.
Later at home
Every president from Washington on has a portrait that makes them look dignified and adds to their legacy until Obama 44. We look like cartoons.
At least yours resembles you! What is up with all that blank space? The whole mess infuriates me so much I could just choke someone!
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Moturd says:
posted Feb 13th, 2018 ( permalink )

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