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by ralahinn1
-and now,a word from our sponsor -
Kittikins is depressed.
Your cat may be "bi-polar",have you tried "LaTuna"?
Studies show that a cat on a strict diet of "catnip" and" La Tuna" are rarely depressed ( * side effects include "gas" though)-
Great ,where do I find" LaTuna"?
Any store carries it without prescription,and pet shops have "catnip",including "grow your own kits".

by ralahinn1
There is a "crisis" on Earth Prime-
Heroes are rushing across the multiverse to go where they believe they are needed-
But there is only one who can do what is most needed-
Say the word,sir, I can provide a padded cell,and meds for any Dem.!
Great!- let's start with those responsible for all the "impeachment"hearings.

by DBoba
We really have to stop meeting like this you know
Well whoop T do....after the 300th time you're goin' all moralistic on me?
no no..I still think you are really hot...
I bet you say that to all the chickens...
No Henrietta there's only you...
*purrrrrrrr* DO ME BIG BOY!

by DBoba
So...he's your brother eh?
Yes sir
He had quite the drug habit you know...
Yeah he had more coke up his nostrils than Tony Montana AND Rick ****in' James combined!

by DBoba
*blink* *blink* *whir* *whir*
Man I'm so ****in' tired...
Well you want floors or tables?
Fuck man I don't care...
It's wax week ya know
Fuck that I'll take tables...

by DBoba
Hi Mom...I just came to say hi and I love you
It's been a rather bland but normal year...nothing's really changed in my life...
well...'cept for that havin' kids is not an option ma...I hope you's all for the good of humanity

by DBoba
Good one!
Oh yeah baby...rippin good one!
Oh right pal that was a barn burner!

by DBoba
Sat...aren't you Rudolph the ****in' Red Nosed Reindeer?
Yeah so what about it? Aren't you Louis the ****in' brown-nosed Farra-mother-****in'-khan?
YEP! That's damn..fancy meeting you here..what the hell you doin' here anyway?
It's ****in' Christmas time and we're squeezin the Jew *******s that own this company for some more Christmas cash....
Damn Rudy you are a deer after my own heart!
Don't get so excited yet...we're hittin' Harlem next mother ****er...

by DBoba
He Desc
um...excuse do realize that i am a murderous psychotic homicidal serial killer..right?
Yeah so what..blow me...
geez what the **** crawled up your ass?
It's ****in' rent time and I ain't got sucks...klll me!

by DBoba
I've noticed something about dBoba's comics
Yeah? What's that?
He has a tendency to repeat a year to the day...
I never noticed that....what are you talking about?
..that one about the grim reaper in the laundromat...he did that this same time last year....
Well he probably only ****in' does his laundry once a big woof!!!

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