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Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I did it SUCKERS!
by JoeBlough, 2-28-20

by JoeBlough
How much did he bid?
He wants YOU...not the paintings.
That's ridiculous. I'm not for...
For 2 Billion dollars?
I'll pack!
Don't bother with clothes, honey. You won't be needing them!

by JoeBlough
Where is that lil Roadrunner?
I reckon I'm just too much for him. Show yourself you...
... puny lil cow...!

by JoeBlough
Gimme ticket!
Sorry kid. This is an erotic film festival.
You mean "Dirty Sex Movies"?
Erotic! Sex isn't dirty.
It IS if you do it right!
Freakin' Asian pervs!

by JoeBlough
What HE sees
Babysitters get "hotter" by the day!
I'm the babysitter!
What SHE sees
Crap! The "baby" must be 40!

by JoeBlough
Wanna French Kiss?
I wouldn't have that thing in MY! mouth, buster!
Who said anything about your mouth?
Beat it, perv!
I couldn't help but overhearing...uh...what about *******s?
Turn slowly. Look sexy! Don't show how exited you are!

by JoeBlough
The Vandal
I wonder if it'll bust it and...
The Victim
...if anyone will know?
The Tech
Is dat copier woikin' now?
Yes, but it's very odd, indeed! That copier smelled of "fly-anus"!

by JoeBlough
Sorry sir, you MUST have a "REAL I.D." to board the plane.
How do I get one?
Go to the "D.M.V."!
Oh ****!
Later, at the "D.M.V."
So how did it start, lady?
This fat guy with flat hair & a red tie started demanding to be waited on! I mean he had only been here for 4 or 5 hours & only had a few dozen ahead of him in line.

by JoeBlough
Cheerleader Tryouts
Any experience?
I was in "Cats" & Dirty Dancing"!
I'm currently dancing at a "Gentlemen's Club", downtown.
Lap Dances, eh? Possibly.
The name is Bubbles Cash! I was the inspiration for "The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders" in 1967.

by JoeBlough
Damn, these guys are making "Page Domination" too frikken easy!
*cricket, cricket*
I gotta come up with a plan QUICK!
*cricket, cricket*
I KNOW! I'll just stop making comics until they start up again! haha! That'll show em'! Bwahahaha
What a nood-nik!

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