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by Makin_d_bacon
This Olympic training is killin me!
Know what ya mean *hic*, Bro!
If your team doesn't show in ten minutes they're disqualified!
They said they'd be here. They wanted to practice up to the last second!
*barf* puke* cough* heave* Whew... I think we are READY!
*glurp* gunk* *barf chunk* *glop* Let's go win us the "Hurling" GOLD!

by Makin_d_bacon
Is it true the native population here is "Cannibal"?
We're here to answer that very question.
And how will we go about doing THAT?
Actually, it's rather simple once we get their scrawny little black bodies pulverized!
Pulverized? Why pulverized?
In order to cook em down so they'll be better able to go thru the mechanical canning process, of course.

by Makin_d_bacon
So where is that Anthony Borges kid? He shoulda been here by now!
No way, Pops. It'll take more than 5 shots from an AR-15 to finish HIM off.
So, he's NOT dead? Then where is he?
I understand he's been invited to the White House!
Where in the hell is this "Big Shot" Borges kid? I'm about to miss the "Hannity" show!
He seems to have hung himself in the outer office rather than have to meet YOU, sir!

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
Breaking news, USA Today has announced that Baltimore is the most Dangerous city in America -
It looks like a big year for Baltimore,since for the second year in a row,Orkin voted Baltimore the number one bedbug city -
We sent a team to Baltimore -
After hearing this news,what are you planning to do?
I'm going to Didneylan',mofo!
Good job Baltimore, but the work's not done-go for the Gold!
Go Team Baltimore!

by ralahinn1
Son,since Easter comes on April 1st this year, I thought up a good game.You go visit Earth.
But dad,didn't you promise them you'd never cause a flood over the whole Earth again? The Dems and Muslim would crap themselves!
Good point.

by ralahinn1
After diagnosing you I recommend this medicine.
I saw a commercial for that,won't it give me more problems?
Yeah,but you won't complain about the first one any more.
What if I changed my diet?
-you could, but food stores don't pay me for their products,pharma does,so,can you give this a try?

by Makin_d_bacon
Would you consider replacing Pence with Oprah?
Why? Is he going somewhere?
Rumor has it, that he's changing parties AND genders!
The old "Double-back, Switcheroo", eh?
C.I.A.? I need some "wet work" handled.
Gotcha Boss. Once the target is eliminated we'll position agent "Harpo" to take his place.

by Makin_d_bacon
...but I DID sign all the documents, you cracker bee-atch!
What kind of a signature is "Kill Whitey", anyway?
It's my anti-"Laura Ingraham" signature.
Just because she talks smack about your "Round Ball" buddies LeBron & K-D?
You think I'M bad? Check out the Tweet from Michael Rapaport!
I long for the days when I could drink a mint julip on my front porch and toss paper airplanes at that statue of you in the jockey suit on the lawn!

by ralahinn1
Hello,we'd like to know what is in that "secret sauce" you serve?
I'll take you in back,you can talk to the chef.
Hi, I'm from Actin News- and we'd like to know what is in that "secret sauce" you serve.
Only the freshest, most natural ingredients,now, if you join me in the back room, I'll be willing to show you.
Aren't you coming? I'm ready to make a fresh batch.
Nope-I think in this case, it should remain a "secret ".

by ralahinn1
Timmy's questions-
I have a question-is it ok for white kids to own "Black Panther" action figures?
Well, Timmy, I guess I have to send you back in time,so you can talk to Socrates-
At a secret location-
I'll just inject you with this,and send you on your way-
Ancient Greece -
Sir,is it ok for white kids to own "Black Panther" action figures?
What the hell is "Black Panther"?

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