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I aced the test!
Relax... It was just a census poll, dumbass!
But, I got the number of people living here correct!
Pretty easy when you live alone.

Are you done yet?
I hope not sketching me with a pair of tits...

This is your happy place? I thought there'd be a bunch of naked people in here ****ing!
I used to have wall-to-wall sex parties, but I had to put an end to them all.
Because, I lost my hand to a raging case of gonorrhea, and my eyeball to an errant, high-velocity *******!
Oh, snap!

I turn my back to you and fold my arms, Melty!
I turn my back to YOU, Jesus!
What about your arms? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I heard that!

by ralahinn1
Excuse me,my friend asked me if it's true that you girls are "Brad's sex slaves"?
It's true.
"Brad's sex slaves". Uuuugggnnnuuugggh.

You want to **** on THAT??
Have you never made love to a sistah before, Randolph?
Obviously, not!
All you have to do is strap your feet into the stirrups and lean back on the stain-absorbent rack.
What is that long, probe-looking thingy that looks like a giant ***** used for??

Awfully spacious!
Not that I really need a spacious new apartment...
...seeing how I'm always locked up in this @%#$ cage!

No, your temperature is only 98.5 degrees.
I was talking about RCLG's new follower account.
It's up to 110??
I guess any Joe Blough will follow him!

Hey, Jesus... When I die and go to heaven, will my new body have skin?
Jesus? Heaven? New body? SKIN??

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Half-Ass?
I don't know, Captain Obvious... Are you thinking about Chris Pratt butt-****ing a drunk Jessica Tandy?
What are you thinking now?
That I'd better cancel my subscription to High Society magazine!

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