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by Makin_d_bacon
So Mr. ragu4u, you're a new patient here for your injection, eh?
Yeah, but I'm nervous. Is this doc any good?
In 5 years I haven't heard one complaint! Now he requires that you disrobe so you can be prepped.
Uh ok...if you say so.
Later, after the "prepping"...
Hell Doc...I'm here for knee injections! So what's with all that anal probing by your Nurse Practioner.
What Nurse Practioner? I'm a "one man show" here!

by ralahinn1
Since I now have a ps4 , I'm playing the virtual worlds again-
Welcome, ralahinn1 . If you don't mind the lag,glitches, and 12 year old sexual propositions, though tos says "over 18 only" we are the world for you-
They come-
ralahinn1 , do you have an ingame bf?
ralahinn1 do you have an ingame bf?
I think I'll return after midnight -
Sure? It's worse then,the jobless drunks and tweekers will be on-

by ralahinn1
It's Thanksgiving in a few days-
Mother says this year,you start trouble, I can take you out back and shoot you.
Hmmm,does that include Chuck talking about his "air ****"or just politics ?
Moments later-
Sorry you had to shoot her-wanna hear about my "air ****"now?

by Makin_d_bacon
Potus & one of his advisors........
Come in here and tell me if my hand looks tiny to you?
Why, Sir?
I wanna know! That talk about hand size & ***** size being equal is a myth, ya know!
Well Sir, they do say the size of a persons' hands AND feet are a very good "indicator" of ***** size!
I should have known YOU'D say that! But is it TRUE?
Let's just say I'm "****" sure, Sir! Hehehe....

by Makin_d_bacon
Go ahead...LAUGH! It could happen to YOU too!
Huh! Charlie Rose: A STREAKER! Ha!
Just you wait; I'll beat this wrap! Those lying *****es will pay!
That's what they ALL say! Now shut up, shower and put on the jumpsuit!
But a leopard can't change his spots!
What in the HELL is wrong with him? He's been pacing around naked in the shower like that for over an hour!

An afternoon with Hillery Clinton and Nancy Pelosi-
What I want to know ,is why no one has tried to"sexually harass"us?
I know,right,even "Hands"Biden hasn't bothered us. I haven't a clue why.
by ralahinn1, 11-20-17

by Makin_d_bacon
Squeaky Fromme pays her respects!
I had a swatstika tattoo put on my forehead for you, Charlie!
So what, you groupie ****!
I'll worship you forever, Charlie! If you ever want ANYTHING done I'm still yer "go to" gal, ya know!
HA! As if! I'm still ****ed at you. anything for me?
Are you kiddin? I gave ya one lousy President to kill and you botched even THAT!

by Makin_d_bacon
So, you just found Charlie Manson dead in his cell, eh?
Yup! That's my story and I'm stickin to it!
So having that broom handle up his ass and his chopped off **** in his mouth was just a coincidence?
Absolutely! It's kinda "status quo" around here.
But we were all led to believe he was ill! So this is how ALL the inmates are treated?
All the dead ones...yeah, pretty much!

by Makin_d_bacon
A survey? About WHAT?
Every had sex with a dwarf?
Ever been beat sensless with a pair of 44 Double-D's?
No! But I'm willing to make the sacrifice!
An hour later.....
I told you an hour ago..... "Just LEAVE, already"!
It's that thing about "hand size", isn't it? It's a myth ya know!

by Makin_d_bacon
Precurser to "The Caine Mutiny"...
I can see our beloved Spain from this porthole!
You can? But we're anchored off the coast of Australia, Sir!
Are you calling me, El Capitano, Pancho Queeg, a liar Senor?
No way, Captain. I was just admitting MY eyesight ain't for **** compared to yours, Sir?
El Capitano, Pancho Queeg, can live with THAT Senor! Carry on!
Whew! First the "strawberries" now THIS! The crew may need to get all "Medievil" on his crazy ass!

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