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by russman
I hear you and the hottie are no longer a thing.
I heard the same thing about you and the Black Stallion.
Ok, have a good night.
You too.

by Makin_d_bacon
Office of Dr. Gilroy: Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Gilroy will see you now, ma'am!
You want WHAT? THAT'S impossible! I'm a Doctor, not GOD, lady! Beat it!
Ok, I guess I'll just take my thirty million dollars elsewhere?
However, Dr. Gilroy had 2nd thoughts!
So, how were you able to win this "World's Most Naturally Beautiful Woman" contest?
Prayers, Bob! Lots of prayers to Saint Gilroy!

by Makin_d_bacon
I ain't gunna eat that crap mom fed us! Are YOU?
Nope, but I got an idea Timmy!
What is it?
We'll give it to Mikey. He'll eat anything!
You HAD to have seen this comin'!
Sure! Bring it on!
See? I told ya he'd be "amped up" for it, Timmy!

by Makin_d_bacon
ragu4u & Makin_d_bacon chat!
Whatcha been up to?
If you must know, d_bacon, I've been binge watching "The Punisher" on NetFlix!
Aha...getting your Frank Castle fix on, are you, rags baby?
Just call me, "Rough Road" from now on!
...which made d_bacon curious.
"Do it again! Please, "Rough Road?"
HA! In his dreams, maybe! ONLY in his dreams!

by Makin_d_bacon
Here take this letter!
No! I'm afraid its trouble!
TAKE IT, I say! You have to!
OK, OK but I don't like it one bit!
"Dear Stickman, I'm so hot for you! Delivering your mail makes me cum so hard whenever I..."
Hey Stickman! Can I borrow some Kleenex?

by Makin_d_bacon
Inside Chez ragu/d_bacon.....
I'm drawing a "comic" BLANK! I need inspiration!
Look at that poor slob down there, Pops! Let's give him a hand with his comics, eh?
That SINNER, Makin_d_bacon? Are you kiddin'? Well......OK, but it's gotta be MY way!
Outside Chez ragu/d_bacon.....
What the...?

by Makin_d_bacon
Looks about right.
Yeah but...
So why are you so sad?
I just feel... DIRTY!

by Makin_d_bacon
I'm under arrest? For what?
Child Molestation! Now come along quietly, pal!
But you don't understand! I'm a Clergyman. I'm Pastor Fuzz!
Well...I don't care how far along ya are, just get in the cruiser!

Go away!
Another mistake!
by ralahinn1, 1-18-19

by ralahinn1
I've noticed a lot of Arabs coming here recently,any goat f*ckers here?
How can you call us goat f*ckers,that's a racial stereotype!
What are you going to do with that lamb over there?
What lamb?
Oh,this is my wife,quite the temptress,and not a goat.

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