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*Future Prediction*this Thursday - Waiting for Kavanaugh's accusers to show up-
by ralahinn1, 9-25-18

I keep hearing that they want to probe some human named "Kavanaugh".Why no one call me?
by ralahinn1, 9-25-18

by ralahinn1
At a local radio station-
I think are ratings are going down,we had to change our format,because some of our talent died,retired, or left to run for political office-
Are you running more syndicated programs,religious programs ,and informercials?
We are,but several more of our people may die,retire or run for political office- what then?
Run more informercials?
Ok-but I think our clients don't believe our "honesty"anymore-

by Makin_d_bacon
Lancelot, is that you?
Alas Sire, tis not. Ye must look closer and ye will see me for who I truly am!
Egads, thou art correct. Your Chainmai doth giveth you away, Sir Chen!
I knew thou wouldst find me out, my Liege!
I am rather adept at finding "Chinks" in the armor, eh wot?

The FBI just voted Baltimore the #1 murder city in the US!
We're #1,we're #1!
by ralahinn1, 9-25-18

by Makin_d_bacon
I'm Larry Fishburn! You must be...
Actually, just call me NEO!
Why should I do that?
It'll help to keep my character continuity flowing. Now, about these pills you intend to give me...
Sorry I clogged the commode! It musta been that stuff Larry Fishburn gave me during my "Matrix" audition!
"Matrix" audition? Sorry bud, but all we do here is "Miralax" commercials! I see this **** all the time. Literally!

by Makin_d_bacon
8 am
Just look at that crippled kid. He comes to work early, everyday. He works his ass off and never complains...EVER! The big suck-ass!
8 pm
Geez! Here is is again for the 6th straight day working 12 hours! I gotta practice being more like HIM!
That's IT? "Sitting" is all you got? This is how you're gonna appear as productive as that Geek at your work?
Maybe yer right, hon. Help me stick some wheels on this thing. That should ramp up my sympathy quotient!

by Makin_d_bacon
Whatcha doin', d_bacon?
I'm reaching out to AtomicLunch, rags baby! I'm afraid there may only be us three strippers left.
Hey morons, don't forget RCLG!
Yeah..."Roadhouse", I say..."Roadhouse"!
I heard ya laughin, Pops! Wha's up?
It's that "Fearsome Foursome" again and all their delusions of grandure! They crack me up!

Possibly soon-
No, Mr.Cosby,I do not want to see your "Chocolate puddin' pop".
by ralahinn1, 9-24-18

by Makin_d_bacon
Timmy got expelled today, George! Can you speak with him?
Certainly darling. Have him meet me in the den.
You wanted to see me, dad?
Tell me exactly what happened today that got you expelled, Timmy!
You remember me telling you about Miss Jansen, my teacher? How she wears low cut tight sweaters with no bra and mini skirts that show her ass cheeks? Well, basically, I grabbed me a handful of each.
"THAT'S my boy!".....oops, I mean..."How dreadful!"

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