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by Makin_d_bacon
ragu4u takes a trip......
I'm here to visit my daughter.
No can do, fella. She's in the "hole" again!
What the hell? Is she the only woman that gets into trouble here?
Prego's the only one who gets CAUGHT!
She's always been the "saucy" one!
What a DICK-WAD!

by Makin_d_bacon
Where the hell is that garage door repair guy, d_bacon? He was to be here at 8am!
He's prob...
This is bull****! So I guess OUR time ain't valuable, huh?
I really think you should...
I should WHAT? I'll tell ya WHAT! I'm calling the Better Business Burea to report his lazy ass.
It's 8:03, rags. CHILL! They don't open till 9!

by ralahinn1
Recently on Strip
Why so glum,chum?
I may look happy,but even you can tell I'm depressed
-do go on-
I have been making strips here for a while,trying to get my crush to notice,but I'm not sure he does,and I'm sad-
I, RCLG,notice,Neo11. Believe me.

Recently in Istanbul -
Clean up,aisle 3
by ralahinn1, 10-17-18

by russman
So, that's the whole story. What do you think?
Jesus. How do you even get out of bed?
Sometimes I get sex.
You put yourself through all that **** just to occasionally get your ***** touched?
Humans are stupid.

by Makin_d_bacon
Ain't there gunna be music at this Square Dance?
It's supposed to be by Scotty McTavish!
Aw ****...not Scotty?
Hey, we promised to give him a shot!
How's about "Turkey in the Straw", Scotty? "Jim Jam"? Mississippi Sawyer? Ya gotta know "Buffalo Gals", right?
Sorry wee lassie, but I've still to master "Boil That Cabbage Down". Won't "Amazin' Grace" do?

by Makin_d_bacon
Oh wow! Dad DID get me a "for real" cowboy for Christmas!
Hi there, lil fella! Wanna take a peeky inside my chaps?
You heard me, cutie pie!
Shit, dad...I asked for the "High Noon" model. Not the "Brokeback Mountain" one!

The President talks to the Saudi Ambassador -
I am thinking we lost that reporter,because the Prince is a yuge fan of "Breaking Bad".
by ralahinn1, 10-17-18

Hey,did you hear- Orkin has voted Baltimore as one of the top 10 "Rat" cities in the US of the year!
by ralahinn1, 10-16-18

by Makin_d_bacon
What the hell are they bringing here?
No. NO! Take it away. That thing ruined my life. It made me a work-a-holic!
R.I.P. Paul Allen.....
REALLY? A friggin "Mac"? BASTARDS!

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