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by Makin_d_bacon
Hey d-bacon, today is "MLK" day!
"MLK", huh? What's THAT stand for, Ragzy baby?
Beats me...but we get a day off for it!
A day off from WHAT? We do absolutely NOTHING!
What? We collaborate on biggoted, sexist and generally racially insensitive comics, don't we?
True! Maybe THAT'S what "MLK" stands for. "Making Lousy Komics"!

by Makin_d_bacon
Jan.13, 2018 Hawaii
You better get to shelter. A ballistic missile is on it's way here any minute!
A cop at the beach made me come home because of a balsamic missile!
I guess it's like a vinegar ****tail!
I'll check in my Rachel Ray Cookbook!

by Makin_d_bacon
You ever read "The Drudge Report"? I pretty much avoid it!
Sometimes! Why?
Because it leads weak minded people to do idiotic things just to seem in "style" like those two over there at the water cooler!
Oh ****! Yeah! I see what ya mean!
I been telling you guys for years how comfy this is.
And how! The old ballsack can finally breathe.

by Injokester
No madam, **** used to be the correct term, it only became vulgar because of Grope**** Lane, a humourous street in London's red-light district.
It was the association with prostitutes that made it vulgar. Vagina on the other hand is Latin for "sword-sheath".
Mr President, you still haven't explained why you've been ****ting in them.
The PR people only said I can't **** on women anymore.
Fucking suitwits, I hear you.

by Makin_d_bacon
Amoebas at the "Dawn of Creation"......
Know any swear words?
What ARE "swear words"?
Nasty stuff, I guess!
Nasty like...where our excretions exit our cells?
Yeah...that might be good!
Then "SHIT-HOLE" it is!

by Makin_d_bacon
Beat it you filthy nig...
You best not be finishing that word, fella!
And why is THAT, you fat assed jungle bun....
Ah, ah, ah! I can have you arrested as a bigot so don't push it mister!
But...things changed!
I DEMAND to see a lawyer! A lawyer of COLOR I might add! This is outrageous!
No it ain't, ya dumb ass darkie! THIS is "Mississippi"!

by Makin_d_bacon
New Game Show on Trump TV......
So, for One Million Dollars, who is the smartest man in the WORLD?
Stephen Hawking!
Neil Degrasse Tyson!
Fuck if I know! Donald Trump?
...and the winner is.......
After taxes you STILL get about $1000.00. Pretty HUGE, eh?
Fuck if I know?

by Makin_d_bacon
Hey Rags, who is that at the front door?
Fuck if I know! He's in the living room.
And who might YOU be?
Me? I'm the "Fuck if I know" Goblin!
So you must be......?
Like I told the big fat guy..."Fuck if I know"! So...Are you two deaf AND stupid?

by Injokester
We will build the wall out of aluminum.
Which I'm told is next to Magnesum on the perodic table of the elments.
See, I told you I'm not the only idiot in this country.

by Makin_d_bacon
...but deer season is over!
Who gave YOU a calendar?
It's a natural instict I have. It just "automatic"!
I know what ya mean!

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