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by KajunFirefly
Hi, you're through to Tommy.
Hi, Tony. I'm looking for Thomas Gallacher.
Yeah, that's me.
Oh... I didn't realise Tony was short for Thomas.
It isn't.
Oh... is Thomas there then?

by KajunFirefly
Ugh... I need a young priest and an old priest. That was the craziest family reunion yet!
Yeah, I'm scared to open my eyes in case I bleed to death.
My memory's a bit sketchy. I was having nightmares that I was choking on a giant meatball sandwich.
Yeah, and I woke up with mayonaise all down my shirt.
We must have went to Subway after we performed that daisy chain.

by KajunFirefly
So, in light of this recent tragedy, do you think gun laws should be tightened?
Hell no, they should be LOOSENED. If them kids had guns, they would have been able to defend themselves!
Don't you think, though, that the killer should never have had been able to buy so many weapons?
The laws have already been tightened beyond belief, in this state you are limited to buying one gun A MONTH!
But why did the killer even OWN a gun?
In case someone tried to shoot him.

by KajunFirefly
The boys want to take me out to a few pubs, then a nightclub before crashing out in a diabolical drunken mess.
Uh, honey, I don't want you injuring yourself before the big day.
Well, instead we could all go to the football, get a bunch of class A narcotics and go on a drug-fueled rampage.
That's sounds more dangerous than the first idea!
We could both stay in and I'll give you another patented "Kajun orgasm"!
Uh, forget I said anything! On you go.

by KajunFirefly
Edna, the tidal wave is going to hit our beloved city any moment now!
I know, Derek, what are we going to do?
Well.. drown, I would imagine.
Oh, Derek, I love you.
Aren't you going to say it back?

by KajunFirefly
So, what do your parents think about you working in a brothel?
I just dancer in bar, I no ****!
Oh, okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offence.
You foreign men, you come here and go to strip bars, think that all women are cheap *****s.
Should we go somewhere else then?
My place?

by KajunFirefly
I love the culture of this country.
You have seen much so far?
Yeah, yesterday we went to an Irish bar, had lunch at McDonald's then went shopping in Gap.
You are the joking, yes?
Uh, no, but at least I'm trying to chat-up an authentic Czech girl.
I'm German.

by KajunFirefly
So... a restaurant with nude dancing and a live sex show.
Does everything on your plate taste of fish?
and lubricant, yes.

by KajunFirefly
flacid in a Czech brothel:
You no like?
Uh, this doesn't usually happen, perhaps I'm nervous or something.
Eet happen a lot, me see it all the time. Alcohol affect man's *****.
Ah, yes, that's probably what it is.
I'll come back when I've had a few more.

by KajunFirefly
I really love the architechture and culture this place has to offer.
Yeah, that's what I love about city breaks, you get completely absorbed in the history of another country.
I mean, look, you can see an authentic 14th century Czech castle...
from this brothel.

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