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I used to be a below-the-line media industry working stiff... Now I'm just an unemployed below-the-line media industry non-working stiff.

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by MsJG
This is what happens when even Starbucks won't hire you...
My unemployment ran out & I wasn't able to wrangle any work for the month of June & nothing so far in July. I managed to pay my rent for July, but nothing else.
My home phone got turned off because I couldn't pay the bill - and I just received final disconnect notices for power & natural gas.
So for the first time in my life I went to the Community Assistance Program & asked if they would pay my power & gas bills. After completing a stack of paperwork they said they'd get back to me.
After I left there, I went for another first. I went to the Dept of Social Services. The line was so long that they handed me a stack of paperwork & told me to come back tomorrow.
They told me to get there very early and queue up *before* they open at 8:00am in order to be seen. Even then my wait will still be 4-6 hours. Oh and have all my paperwork ready.
Being unemployed & poor requires a lot of paperwork & waiting.
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