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by atomiclunch
Happy Birthday, Niece o' mine!
I don't know, 'Lunch. This seems kinda low-key. I heard you were planning a cake, trick candles, the whole schmear.
Yeah, I was. I got it set up outside but it didn't work out right. Come see.
Outside? What, you left your cake out in the rain? Ha!
Hm, this seems more "Two Minutes to Midnight" than "MacArthur Park".
Last time I buy candles from that coyote.

by atomiclunch
*kzzzt* okay, this has to sound official or we're gonna be in trouble, got it? Yeah, I got this.
*Ahem* Mission control to Commander Chen. You may have noticed that we've been investigating a *snrk* "anomaly* in the artificial gravity for the past few hours. How's everything now?
*snicker* Er, Commander Chen? Is everything okay?
Oh, dandy. I just decoupled the restroom module. It should be landing on you guys in a few minutes. YOU clean it up!

by evil_d
Julius Caesar
Abraham Lincoln
Mother ****er!
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Son of a dolphin ****!

by edoggydog
Why are we bringing people in from Nigeria..? That country's a SHITHOLE!
May I quote you on that, Mr. President?
As the president of Nigeria, I have just one thing to say about Mr. Trump's comment....
Thanks for the upgrade!

by atomiclunch
Somewhere in Thebes...
Oedipus, word on the path is that you've been screwing my wife.
I HAVE, Dad! Bonus! Now I have to kill YOU!
Is that all you got?
I'm just gettin' warmed up, Pop!
That little... mother****er. oof.
Oh, there's nothing little about him! Come back soon, sweetie! Mommy's got a surprise for you with one of her friends! And a puppy!

by evil_d
Why should we let people from all these ****hole countries move to America?
Because... that's literally what it says on the Statue of Liberty?
What? No way does it say "****hole" on the Statue of Liberty.
Yeah, they modernized the poem a couple of years back.
"Y'all huddled masses tryna get up outta them ****holes? We takin' tempest-tossed, we takin' wretched refuse, we takin' all them *****es."
I'll be damned.

by evil_d
How much would you charge to write a three-page essay on A Midsummer Night's Dream for me?
That's easy. Fifteen dollars.
And how much if it has to be single-spaced and in Times New Roman?
Whoa there, Hemingway.

by edoggydog
Wonder Twins...
OMG! Is that what I think it is?
Yes... Another cubicle chair needs pushing in!

by atomiclunch
What's this all about, 'Lunch?
I was at work when I heard the call.
The... call.
Yes, I felt RCLG trying to dominate the front page on his run-up to 6K. So I have to jack with him.
Mm-hm. I assume you have a punch line, now.

by edoggydog
Smell my breath! Aaaaaahhhhh....

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