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by atomiclunch
Happy birthday, 'Lunch! Jeez, what now? AARP chasing you again?
Thanks, Rags. No, I gave them the slip. Now I have something worse! Look!
Uh, hi.
Can I interest you in my many fine alternatives to "adulting"?
It's like a siren's song!
I know, right? AARP should hook up with HIS copywriter!

by edoggydog
We now go to Phil McCracken in Thailand at the scene of those young soccer players trapped in a cave...
I'm here with one of the Thai officials overseeing the rescue mission... Sir, I just have one question.
Lay it on me.
Why were they playing soccer in a cave to begin with?

by atomiclunch
Ethan, be a dear and get everyone to dinner.
Sure, mom!
Dinnertime, dad!
Okay, let my half-brother know.
Dinnertime, Uncle Ben!
I am NOT eating with y'all until you stop calling me Lefty!

Why yes, there ARE air nuts.
Still gonna cost 20 bucks.
by atomiclunch, 7-07-18

by atomiclunch
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Light 'em up!
I LOVE this time of year! Let me see if everyone's having fun.
30 minutes later.
Best show yet, 'Lunch! How do you get so much stuff, though?
Well, I get a thank-you card from South Carolina every year for keeping their state afloat.

by atomiclunch
Hey 'Lunch, how're the fireworks lookin' for tonight?
Got a big one planned this year! So big, in fact, that i've enlisted some help to fire it off.
RCLG here has kindly offered to assist, using his "talents". Isn't that right, RCLG?
That's right, 'Lunch. It's gonna be a "blast"!
Well, it's almost time, dude. Why don't ya get yourself prepped.

by edoggydog
Sure, I'll tell you why we brothers are also touching our "junk"...
Because, the white man took away our dignity, our freedom, and even our women!
I don't understand how that relates to you always grabbing your *****es.
We just want to make sure the white man hasn't taken that, too!
Oh, snap!

by edoggydog
I thinks it's ironic that a comic contest about convincing people to do things they don't want to is having a hard time convincing people to participate!
Wanna hear the REAL reason why people voted for Trump?

by atomiclunch
Questions of HOW Brad got the juice to order an airstrike on U.S. soil aside, WHY would he do that.
No idea.
Unless... Were you lamenting about the number of contributors on the site again? Is that it? You have no one to blame but yourself for this.
I don't know what you're talking about.
"I blame RCLG!"
Okay, that makes sense.
Yeah, that's the ticket!

by atomiclunch
blabla Bunker Buster blablabla St. Louis Suburb blablabla Brad
Wonder what that's all about. Guess I'll go ask the guys, that's their stomping grounds, after all.
Hey Rags, what's up? I hear there's some kind of action involving ordinance happening around here.
Well, my HOUSE is gone, for one thing.
Huh. So it is. Rest of your neighborhood looks the same as ever, though.
Yeah. Those guys have good aim, i'll give 'em that. Well, save for knocking over the Stop sign, anyway.

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