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Remind me again why we are sitting through ten minutes of credits after the movie is over.
There is usually an end-credit scene that sets up the next movie. They also let you know who's returning in the next film.
So, what does that say on the screen?
Stan Lee will not return.

Am I in heaven? Am I dead?
Yes and no, Chen.
What then?
I'm here to show you how your life could have turned out if there had been one small change in your life.
35 years earlier
Ah, what a cute boy. What's his name?

This is it Chen! You are about to get your ass kicked for not being able to properly sing "Deck the Halls"!
Shit! I hope there is some sort of distraction to save the kicking of my ass.
Jerry! Ruth Bader Ginsburg just broke her ribs!
We better go and offer her our own ribs as quick as we can!
Ah, thank God for Ruh Beta Ginbuhg!
I heard that *******!

Victory shall be mine!
What the hell are you talking about, Mike? We're trees. In the middle of a forest. Nothing we can do about anything.
Ouch! Son of a *****!
Damn Ray. That's a nasty paper cut.

So this home is in your price range and in the location you want.
Looks good so far.
And I listened to what you wnated and this home has really good bones.
When I said good bones I did not mean skeletons in the closet.

What can I do ya for young feller?
I think a threw a rod in the engine.
Well let me take a look under the hood and see what we got.
Alex Rodriguez?!
The ****er just threw me in the god damn engine!

Doctor, Paul Allen is not responding to the treatment.
The co-founder of Microsoft?
Yes, doctor.
Have you tried turning him off and turning him back on again?

Top ten answers are on the board. Name something that you hated as a child but now love as an adult.
Green olives.
Foreign films.

How many times do I need to remind you to take out the trash? It's like the only chore you have.
I got caught up playing Fortnite. It's not like the trash is going anywhere.
If you don't have all the trash taken out in the next 15 minutes, I'm selling your console, shutting down the internet, charging you a portion for the electric bill, I'll...
Okay, okay. I'm going. Sheeze!
Huh. I guess if we just treat our kids like Trump treats the rest of the world, it actually works.

Your birthday is coming up. What would you like me to get you?
I'd rather give you something for my birthday.
Oh, really? And what is it that you want to give me, big boy?

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