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... Are you room service?
Do I look like a Mexican to you?

... Good night, and thanks for allowing us into your living room! By the way, your curtains are ugly!
Gimmie a second to pull my pants down
so you can critique my carpet as well!

Just touch it.
I said no!
Just hold the tip then. I promise to do the dishes for a month.
Fine! I'll take the ticket and go to Comic Con with you! Why can't you be a normal guy and beg for anal?

...I must be worse off than I thought. Dial-A-Prayer just called ME!
Which makes me wonder...
When the **** will death return my calls?

by kaufman
Captain, I spy a ship over there that may be ripe for capture. What would you like to do?
We board the ship, take it over, and to let them know we ain't kidding, we make one of them walk the plank. They can draw straws to see who goes.
Draw straws? With all due respect, captain, you can't do that!
I can't? Arrrrrrr! And just why, pray tell, CAN'T I make them draw straws?
'Cause the straws are made of durable plastic compounds that don't degrade, so they'll just sit at the bottom of the sea killing off all the fishes and things.
Hello, McFly, anybody home? I'm sending some fat rich dude to Davy Jones' Locker, and you're worried about a couple of drinking straws?

Here lies Joe Jackson.
The first father
to sucessfully beat the black out of his child.

What are you doing Old Man?
I was thinking I'd like to live until I'm 100.
Huh. Well...
The best I can do is 77. Take it or leave it.

by kaufman
Let me tell you, son, your mama so fat, she ...

The flag's a nice touch, but your waffles still suck. Lay down your apron and get the **** out!

Fine, Phil! Geeze! For ****'s sake! You win the neighborhood cosplay award!

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