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From: MANFRED . G . GLAGAU Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:17:59 +1100 "Those people confuse the true concept of LOVING loving son mio is very complex and simultaneously very simple your mother loving is to give it to everything by the other."
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by Napper
Death, I've been thinking.
What now?
Well, we've been going out for three years now, and I've never even seen your face, let alone what you look like under those robes.
That's because I'm a being of etheral spiritual energy without physical form.
Right... So can I see you naked?
I am naked, but if you desire, I shall strip some souls of their petty outward whims. Such nudity of the damned will surely appease your sexual frustrations. Or burn your eyes from their sockets.
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