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From: MANFRED . G . GLAGAU Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:17:59 +1100 "Those people confuse the true concept of LOVING loving son mio is very complex and simultaneously very simple your mother loving is to give it to everything by the other."
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by Napper
Hey baby! I'm glad you finally stopped running away!
Actually, I fell into an abandoned mine shaft. How the hell did you get down here?
Don't worry. I've read enough comic books to know that air always gets hotter as we get closer to the surface.
I should just kill him now. It is within my power. He's but a mere mortal. His death would be inconsequential in a cosmic sense.
I think... I think we're outside! At last, the cool spring air runs through my hair once more! We are free from that abyss! Let's make love in the forest.
I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore. And we're not above ground. This is the Land of the Lost.
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