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by brycekain
Hey, Front Butt!
You're not here, man. You're just part of the acid trip.
Hey, Front Butt!

by brycekain

by brycekain
Daddy, they're making up horrible accusations and stories about us having sex! And the jokes... OMG! What is wrong with these people?
Honey, they're just disgusting people that can't get past their own lack of moral compass.
So who said it? CNN? MSNBC? Fox News?
Strip Creator.

by edoggydog
Okay, Phreaky... I dressed up like a French beatnik to fulfill your sexual fantasy.
Now, to fulfill my fantasy, I want you to call me "daddy" during sex!
I can't do that... There's only one person I call daddy during sex.
My dad. Duh-uh!

by choadwarrior
Your house, it is very dirty.
You may have wondered why I called you here today.

by edoggydog
Alexa, look up the nearest store for tampons.
Today, Amazon recalled more than ten million Alexas. Turns out the interactive modules were disclosing their users' deepest, darkest secrets to their friends and relatives.
...and after I found the nearest store for tampons, she then ordered a giant-sized box of condoms from Costco... I think she's ****ing the football team and again!

Alexa, look up the nearest store for tampons.
by brycekain, 6-10-18

by brycekain
Today Donald Trump single handedly saved the world from poverty.
Illegal immigrants are everywhere and they're waging a war on Christmas with their secret Hanukkah rituals.
Rosanne got canceled.

by brycekain
The meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Trump took an unexpected turn after John Bolton jumped on the table and jerked off in the North Korean leader's forehead.
In response, Kim Jong Un has declared that he will be destroying Pearl Harbor and claims that he will make the Japanese look like weaklings compared to what he intends to do.
And in other news, talks have begun over the movie rights to Pearl Harbor 2.

by UnknownEric
Duh-duh-duh... duh-duh-duh...
Oh let the cum beat down upon my face
Clouds of spermy dreams

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