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by choadwarrior
♫ ♫ ♫ Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Would you like that for here or to go?
....speraaaaaaadooooo ♫♫♫
Are you playing The Eagles Greatest Hits?
The owner likes it.
♫♫♫ Why don't you come to your senses? ♫♫♫
To go.

by edoggydog
Today at Costco...
I can ring you up here, sir...
The total is $235.97... Do you wanna box for your items?
Nah, I'll just pay cash for them...
I'm way too tired to spar with you!

by edoggydog
I will put in your order... In the meantime, I will bring you a basket of complimentary bread.
How was your meal?
Delicious... But, didn't you say the bread's complimentary?
It is... Why?
Because, it hasn't said anything nice to me all evening!

by choadwarrior
Crap. I have no idea who this person is.
You don't recognize me, do you?'re... uh...Rick from Pawn Stars.
No, I used to call on you when I was in sales.
All middle-aged, bald, white guys with goatees look alike.

by Beeko180
You do realise that milk is racist, don't you? You're a disgrace to humanity.
I don't mean to alarm you sir, but I am a cow. Moo and how is it racist, anyway? It's milk?
It's racist because it's white.
An albino black man is white.
No he isn't. That would make him racist.
Now you're just being More stupid. You're being more stupid. Moo.

by choadwarrior
Are you worried about diabetes?
You should be.
Yeah, the word DIE is right in there.

by bigworm
Where'd you get that?
Got it from Mort, he's in the kitchen.
It's awfully small.
C'mon! Go get yourself one! He'll probably wanna' give you two.

by bigworm
Would you mind laying down on your back on the kitchen table, with your head hanging down backwards over the edge?
Is this something you need or want me to do?
Well, I don't need it, so...
You know I'd do anything for you, but...
Just a minute, I gotta' look that word up.

by choadwarrior
What's wrong?
You're out of toilet paper.
That is a problem.
Do you have another roll?
Are you going to apologize for ****ting in my house?

by edoggydog
I'm making swordfish for dinner...
Unffortunately, it's only about half cooked so far...
When will it be ready?
"In about 45 minutes after I rotate ends."

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