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by brycekain
So I heard you won the lowery.
Lottery. And yup. I'm a rich man, now.
I suppose you'll be wanting Orel again, huh?
You know it.
HONEY! You've been masturbating to Adult Swim for 5 DAYS now!!
I think my ***** is stuck to my kidneys!

by edoggydog
*sung to the tune of Denis Leary's I'm An Asshole
I'm a dooshbag! YO-YODEE-YO ♫
I'm a dooshbag! YO-YODEE-YO ♫
I'm a dooshbag! YO-YODEE-YO ♫

by edoggydog
Guess what, baby..? I hit the lottery today!
So, start packing!
Where we going?
We ain't going anywhere... I want you to move the **** out!

by edoggydog
Today... Right now... You have more power at your finger tips than entire generations that came before you! That's what technology is...
It's possibility... It's capability... But, in the end, it's only a tool! It's not what technology can do. It's what you can do with it... We are living in the future we always dreamed of!
You have more power and technology than generations before you... So here's the question: What are you going to do with it?
Watch unlimited porn in high def!

by brycekain
Drilling for oil?
Bringing back coal?
Proceed with the invasion of Earth, sir?
Negatory Ghost Rider, we don't invade ****hole planets.

by brycekain

by brycekain
Still can't believe this dumb ass has 37 followers.

by brycekain
Bitch, why you got front butt?

by brycekain
You don't think it's because we sit on our asses all day making comics on your website, do you?
Fuuuuuuuck yooooou...

by Pandeist
I'm with the administration. We got your letters threatening horrific public violence.
So you're here to arrest me?
Hell no!! We're here to give you a bunch more guns. We'd be grateful for the distraction.
Oh. I'll make you real proud, then.

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