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by Namgubed
W-where am I?
Greetings! So glad you could join us.
Am I in heaven?
Actually, you've gnawed your way to the top of Scarface's desk, and this is a cocaine-induced hallucination!
Say hello to my little friend!

by kaufman
I saw you were busy this week, Grimmy.
You know it! The holiday season is always good for me, and this year's angst just adds to it.
But your taking both Carrie Fisher and her mother within a day of each other ... Don't you think that was going a bit too far?
Awww, come on, you know I can't resist a bargain. And this year's Christmas deals were simply spectacular!
Christmas deals?
Sure. Their family had a "die one, get one free" sale.

by Namgubed
*yawn* - ooh, last night was fantastic and I... are you OK?? Oh, NO!!
George Michael didn't wake me up before he went-went!

by Namgubed
Meanwhile, at the veterinary clinic....
Mr. Blanston, I'm afraid your dog has rabies.
But don't worry, we've found a new cure with an injection of this solution of stannous chloride!

by evil_d
Mr. President, I got the Big League Chew you asked for. It's on your desk.
What? I didn't ask you for a Big League Chew, I called you a big league Jew.
By the way, you're fired. Everyone knows Jews are no good at politics. Sad!
I can't believe I came in on the Sabbath for this.

Do you think there's any political future for Hillary?
by Namgubed, 12-04-16

by kaufman
With earth heating up and everything, something had to be done.
And then I remembered that old movie where a guy plays chess with Death.
So I challenged a personification of Global Warming to a game, winner take all.
Little did he know, I was a Grandmaster. After 20 moves I was up a knight and a pawn. I had him on the ropes.
So what the heck happened?
He just grinned, and next thing I know, there were puddles of liquid plastic where all my pieces had been.

by Namgubed
Meanwhile, in the DVD Extra Features...
♫ Las colinas están vivas ... ♫
Wait! Are you SURE you want to do the Spanish version of "The Sound of Music"?
¿Por que no?
Because I heard that the Spanish version is R rated.
¿Que que?
It's true! All the naughty kids like to watch the lady yodel, "Hijo Le"!

The next day
by evil_d, 11-24-16

by evil_d
Jeez, Marcia. What's with the grim reaper costume?
This isn't a costume, it's a solar panel cloak. I decided I should start using clean energy sources to power my personal electronics.
So it takes all that surface area just to charge your phone?
I don't have a cell phone. This cloak is for powering my Hitachi Magic Staff.

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