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by kaufman
This movie is implausible. The odds are astronomical that a waterspout would go over the most shark-infested spot in the ocean and then continue to a crowded city.
More likely in the real world, it would pick up more common sea life and then follow the paths that tornadoes traditionally take.
Emma, did you paint the trailer green last week?
No, Clem, I think the storm last night musta dumped a ****load of algae on it.

by HCRoyall
This is a bad one, Carl.
You're right Nick. Think this will lead to an expulsion from the game?
What? No! Those are just fans that fell over the rail onto the field. Apparently this is over who plagiarized whose Tweet about how soccer sucks.

by HCRoyall
Next on NBC! Our new sitcom, "Real People of Various Ethnicities That Aren't All Horrible Stereotypes"!
Followed by our new game show "Treat Gay and Trans People Like Human Beings Instead of Sideshow Attractions"!
Well, I've seen TV "entertainment" implode upon itself. My life is complete.

by evil_d
Boy, you know, I thought having total strangers follow me around and film my intimate moments and half-assed bar fights would be really fulfilling, but it turns out it's not.
Let's cancel this reality show, guys. I don't need the money badly enough to sacrifice my dignity.

by evil_d
Tough loss today, Jerry. Where do you think you went wrong?
Well, do you remember the part where I threw the ball to the guy on the other team, and then we couldn't tackle him, and he got a touchdown?
Yeah, I remember that part.
We shouldn't have done that part.

by kaufman
You're bloody crazy.
No, just lazy.

by kaufman
I'm so hungry I beta could eta whole lambda and omega slice of alfalpha pi, and here I am omicrons from a cow. Iota eat it right now.
So thetas my idea for a nu end of the world psi-phi film. Zeta hit in your opinion, or am I miss-sigma mark?
They'll love it around the Great Lakes, places like Chi-cago and Upsilon-ti. Xi tauld you before, epsilon rhoad to getting kids and their gammas to both like it.
The movie took off like a Delta jet from Bangor to Encino.
If there's a letter I did forget, I'll buy you a kappaccino.

by HCRoyall
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
For first date small talk, that's quixotic; it makes you seem weird and neurotic.
Yeah, I got nothing. I'll spring for dessert.
Zabaglione, please!

The perception of color is nothing but black translated through the fourth dimension. You can always step forward or back in time to a point where all the color is sucked away.
Translation: This is the last time I let Stevie Wonder vet my comic before I submit it to a contest.
by kaufman, 6-27-14

Oh my God, it's like only in the Darkness can we truly see ourselves for who we are!
And this glow-in-the-dark makeup doubles as lube!
by HCRoyall, 6-24-14

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