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by kaufman
X, IX, VIII, VII, VI, V, IV, III, II, I, ...
Oh ****. We have no number for zero.
Guess we need to scrub the launch.

by HCRoyall
Aaaaaaaand done!
When does he come to life and **** us?
Jesus FUCK, man. I'm just a snowman, not one of your ****ed up Japanese horror pornos.
Seriously, dude. Get out more.

by evil_d
Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?
No, officer, I—
Tell him we sold it all at the last rest stop!
...okay, sir, please step out of the car.
I swear to god, Martha.
Tell him if he wants me to touch him I'll only do it over the clothes!

by kaufman
1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ...
You have the right to remain silent for all eternity ...
After shooting Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr reads him his Lin-Manuel Miranda rights.

by kaufman
Inspired by the successful 1990s series, Dr. Sam Beckett once again finds himself transported through time into other people's bodies.
Oh boy, I'm a fireman!
I've got control of this. I can put this fire ou ... hey, wait! My arm is falling off!
History corrected, he jumps to infect another body. See what happens on the next episode of QUANTUM LEPER.

by evil_d
Illegal aliens? How'd you get in here? I built a wall and everything!
I'm not the kind of alien that's from Mexico, I'm the kind of alien that's from outer space.
Well then I'll build a wall around the whole planet if that's what it takes!

by Namgubed
Meanwhile, in one gazillion BC ...
Our hive queen is pleased with the 3.2 billion dinosaur egg cheese omelet we prepared for her.
Great, but that was ALL our eggs. We're gonna be extinct, you fool!
Coincidentally, I have just received word that her fifth stomach exploded, and a shock wave of half-digested omelet and queen entrails has disabled our mother ship.
And so you have foolishly extincted yourselves, as well. Ain't karma the biatch! Maybe we should warn these hairless apes against a similar fate ....?

by kaufman
How ya doin'?
All right. That's quite an outfit you've got on there. What are you supposed to be?
Can't you tell? I'm the Staten Island Fairy. How 'bout you? What are you?
I'm the George Washington Bridge, of course.
The George Washington Bridge? Then why the Jesus get-up?
Somebody crossed me. Ya gotta problem with dat?

by kaufman
Ok, where is he?
I'm going to kill that robot. Can't he get anything right?
Tobor, what are you doing? You're not dressed, you're not on set, and the Statue of Liberty scene is in the next panel!

by evil_d
How did we not notice that Manhattan was built on top of a giant volcano?
Hey, if you can't stand the heat, get out of Hell's Kitchen!
Damn right! Vinny's on 37th, best lava flows in the city!
Oh no they ain't! Sal's on 51st is five times deadlier!

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