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by Namgubed
Remember that time when We created the universe?
Yes, in fact, I remember it like it was yesterday ...
Give or take a few hours.

by HCRoyall
Now insert me gently into your anus...
Ummm... the **** just happened there? You said "This reminds me of this time when I met a talking crab" and spaced out for 30 seconds.
That reminds me of that time I thought I was having a stroke...
What time? Right now?

We have shown that given the laws of probability, and the time constraint of the age of the universe, that evolution is mathematically impossible!
What, don't you believe in miracles?
by Namgubed, 5-22-16

by Namgubed
You wouldn't believe what just happened to me!
Try me !!
We find the defendant GUILTY AS CHARGED!
Off to the hoosegow you go, scum!
Wait! What?!?
You wouldn't believe what just happened to me!
You won't believe what's about to happen to you!

by Namgubed
Meanwhile, at a local sandwich shop....
What's wrong, little boy?
My sub needs more "secret sauce," mister!
Well, traditionally, one of a submarine's main ingredients is seamen.
Great! Slather it on!
Sure enough ...
Five dollar footlong!

by Namgubed
One of the lesser-known mid-game strategies in chess was conceived by the late Xavier Dodd.
Bishop to queen's fifth.
Ooh, pinned my rook!
Even more effective than the Hungarian Defense or the Flying Liver Attack, this tactic often left his opponents exclaiming...

by kaufman
You wouldn’t
what just

by HCRoyall
You wouldn't believe what just happened to me.
Did it involve a transgender midget, the Second Coming of Christ, and Tom Cruise admitting he's gay?
Then I probably WILL believe it.

by HCRoyall
You wouldn't believe what just happened to me.
Let me take a guess...
Yes, Mel Gibson! Punish this alien with water!
Actually, we were pretending he was Kevin Costner in Waterworld and he was wearing a French Maid outfit.
Don't care! Not listening!

by HCRoyall
You wouldn't believe what just happened to me.
Probably not.
Well, not with that attitude you won't.

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