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by Namgubed
Meanwhile, at the veterinary clinic....
Mr. Blanston, I'm afraid your dog has rabies.
But don't worry, we've found a new cure with an injection of this solution of stannous chloride!

by evil_d
Mr. President, I got the Big League Chew you asked for. It's on your desk.
What? I didn't ask you for a Big League Chew, I called you a big league Jew.
By the way, you're fired. Everyone knows Jews are no good at politics. Sad!
I can't believe I came in on the Sabbath for this.

Do you think there's any political future for Hillary?
by Namgubed, 12-04-16

by kaufman
With earth heating up and everything, something had to be done.
And then I remembered that old movie where a guy plays chess with Death.
So I challenged a personification of Global Warming to a game, winner take all.
Little did he know, I was a Grandmaster. After 20 moves I was up a knight and a pawn. I had him on the ropes.
So what the heck happened?
He just grinned, and next thing I know, there were puddles of liquid plastic where all my pieces had been.

by Namgubed
Meanwhile, in the DVD Extra Features...
♫ Las colinas están vivas ... ♫
Wait! Are you SURE you want to do the Spanish version of "The Sound of Music"?
¿Por que no?
Because I heard that the Spanish version is R rated.
¿Que que?
It's true! All the naughty kids like to watch the lady yodel, "Hijo Le"!

The next day
by evil_d, 11-24-16

by evil_d
Jeez, Marcia. What's with the grim reaper costume?
This isn't a costume, it's a solar panel cloak. I decided I should start using clean energy sources to power my personal electronics.
So it takes all that surface area just to charge your phone?
I don't have a cell phone. This cloak is for powering my Hitachi Magic Staff.

by kaufman
I have your prayer summary for the day. At #3, 200 million people want Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to choke on each other's vomit. At #2, 1.4 billion want peace in the Middle East.
Hmmmm ... that one finally got knocked from the top spot. What in the world beat it?
Apparently, this is becoming a bigger crisis. 2.3 billion prayed for an end to global warming.
I think I can take care of that one for them. I'll just turn off the sun.

by Namgubed
Paper Towel
My dishes sparkle with Tree Flesh 5% recyclable paper towels!
Tapir / Powell
Today I'll be playing the part of a tapir, roger?
No, I'm Colin. Colin Powell.
Papal Tower
Habemus Papam?
Yeah, right.

Captain Obvious meets a Captious Bovine!
You're a cow!
Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious.
by Namgubed, 11-20-16

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