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by evil_d
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by evil_d
Son! Someone hacked my face book again!
I keep telling you, Dad, this wouldn't happen if you used stronger passwords. You can't keep using "123456" for everything.
One two three four five SIX? Look at mister fancy pants over here!

by evil_d
What ho, Secundus!
Well met, Streptococcus! Are you going down to watch the crucifixions today?
Oh, they've outlawed that barbarous practice. Replaced it with something more humane.
Please just crucify me.

by evil_d
What ho, Publius!
Well met, Toysrus! Are you going to the Colosseum today to watch the lions fight?
I heard they couldn't get any lions. Had to use substitutes.
Substitutes? Like what?

by Namgubed
Widely attributed to 18th century Rev. William A. Spooner, a spoonerism is a transposition of sounds between words in a phrase, with a humorous effect.
The Lord is our Shoving Leopard.
Rowr! Move it along, people!
They can, however, be traced further back to a little-known 2nd century Roman orator named Strenius.
What did Caesar ask the donkey ballerina?
I dunno, Strenius, what DID Caesar ask the donkey ballerina?
So as this turn of phrase gained more popularity, it was referred to as ......... "A joke of Strenius."
"Et bray, tutu?"
I am SO spinning in my grave right now.

by evil_d
We're making a new car that's a knock-off of the Ford Fiesta, but we need a name for it.
I've got it!
My wife and I are looking for something adventurous. Something you wouldn't expect a boring couple like us to be seen in.
Then you should try a Kia Party! It's a little bit risky, but very affordable and a whole lotta fun!
Will there be enough room for all of our friends?
Absolutely! The more people you fit in your Kia Party, the better!

by Namgubed
Holy crap, Chen, what the heck happened to you?
Customer got ****ed off 'cause his items were damaged in shipping.
Goodness gracious, freight galls a buyer!!

by evil_d
I've just come from cleaning up a terrible mess down at the docks! A xebec carrying xylidine was capsized!
Did you cause this accident yourself, Captain Scrabble?
Well I—that is—but it was worth so many points!!
Wreaking havoc for your own personal gain! You can bet there will be consequences for this!
I'm thinking Secretary of Commerce.

by Namgubed
Meanwhile, at the Havana Customs Office ...
Anything to declare, suspicious-looking American?
I'm delivering this vintage percussion instrument that's on loan to Cuba from the Smithsonian.
B-but don't take it all apart and scan the delicate pieces! It was used for the soundtrack of that famous roller-disco movie!
Just as I thought! The wooden parts were hollowed out and stuffed with black-market sex toys! I'm faxing the scans to your Homeland Security!!
Expectedly ...
Xenophobic Xavier Xeroxes X-rated expatriated Xanadu xylophone X-rays! Details at 10.

by HCRoyall
On the one hand I'm getting a lot more done on personal projects, but on the other hand I feel like I've lost a bit of a connection with a community that made up part of my personal identity.
If you're done whining into the computer, the patient in 305 needs an enema.
All right.I'll get you some extra packets of lube.

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