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by kaufman
I've been diagnosed anorexic.
And I just found out I'm dyslexic.
I don't want to eat
You are so frusrdteat,
Wihle standerunding me takes on ompyltexic.

by kaufman
A fight prop that gyrates and whirls ... Is about to run over some squirrels.
My attention span's lacking, The next panel's blacking ...

by HCRoyall
There once was a robot of red, and "RAAR!" was but one thing he said
He'd plunder your corn-hole until it was torn
And leave you wishing that you'd soon be dead

by kaufman
Hi mom.
Look at you! Have you put on a few pounds?
360 days a year:
And don't forget to be sure to get some exercise. You need to stay in shape!
Ok, I will, mom.
But on the eve of the big snowstorm ...
For god's sake, don't shovel the driveway yourself. You'll kill yourself! Find someone to do it.

by kaufman
I'd like a Big Mac, a medium fries, and to drink just a glass of water ...
Sorry, all we have is leaded.

by kaufman
Did you hear Glenn Frey died?
Oh no! What happened?
They said it was a combination of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.
Bummer. I hadn't heard about the arthritis and the pneumonia ...
... but I can't be surprised about the other factor. There was always that warm smell of colitis rising up through the air.

by HCRoyall
See son, the trick is to have the rabbit run under the root, go around the tree...
Stick his head in the hole, and you pull the hole tight.
And now that she's tied up, you violate her rectum.
With what? My *****?

The worst part about the dead rising from the grave was that suddenly all Chicago elections were legit.
Man, that Kennedy guy sure stuck it to the Cubans.
Sucks about Texas, but I hear he's gearing for another run now that he's back in the game.
by HCRoyall, 1-08-16

by HCRoyall
Look, I can understand the anger, but this is too far.
I don't even understand how you could possibly beat a man to death with his own skull!
That's what HE said.

by HCRoyall
So I call this escort service and ask for someone kinky. Boy, did they deliver.
She says she wants me to use bacon grease as lube to masturbate while she deepthroats a sausage and I pelt her with eggs and waffles.
I thought you could only get a Continental Breakfast at cheap hotels.

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