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Tell me about your schooldays. Were they an influence on your rise up the comedy echelons?
You could say that, Bob.
Kramer, I'm going to have to put you in detention. Stay behind and write "I must not make lame jokes in class" five hundred times.
Detention again? I hope all that repetition doesn't mess with my young, developing brain!
And did all the repetition have any effect?
You have read my comics, right?

So, you've reached your first Comic Cup final and stand on the verge of being named the best and most powerful comedic mind in the world.
That's right, Bob. In many ways my entire life has been leading up to this...
Mama! I have so many ideas for "hilarious" three panel comic strips. If only there was some way I could show the world my genius.
Well, I did buy you that pack of crayons, but you ate them all.
I suppose when you **** them out I could sell your nappies as modern art pieces.

Is this the queue for the ice cream van?
Yeah, with this hot weather the ice cream man has become the most powerful man in the country.
I heard he's now the third richest man on the planet. He bought the New York Yankees and moved them to Largs.
I heard he's building a weather machine so it's always sunny, to keep the demand up.
I heard he's bought Google so he can deliver ice cream via the cloud.
I heard he - What do you mean you've run out?

Son! Do you want to play a game? Just think of a number between one and ten.
Sure. Uhhh, four?
Great! That's how long a summer Scotland will get this year.
Four days? The Scots will love you for this!
It's too damn hot.
I know! Pub?

Welcome to the 14th Annual Military Awards. With me is the winner of our Friendly Fire Incident of the Year Award, Private Jones.
Thank you kindly, sir.
Private Jones, you hold the record for the most weddings bombed in a month with twenty seven. Just what is it you have against weddings?
Well sir, I had good intelligence that there was evildoers hiding at them there weddings.
The weddings were all within a five mile radius of your house in Milwaukee.
By "evildoers" I mean "cheesy 70s cover bands"

One day at the ranch...
So I says, "Well, them rotor turbines ain't gonna generate gravitons by themselves!"
Ha, ha!

Hörgen borgen. Gudy burdy hurgy nurgy. Borgy morgy nurgy knåck.
Skäl sköl skull. Smöogle noogle nurgle.
Apologias senor. We is muy lost!
Idiota! You told me you could read these signs and find the money in this Ikea. You eeeediot!

Hello and welcome to MegaBurger. How may I serve you today?
I'd like a - hang on, aren't you Killer BOB from Twin Peaks?
Yes sir. I spent the early part of the 90s possessing suburban dads and making them kill their own daughters.
And now you work in a burger bar?
Only part time. Say, have you got any kids?

It sure is boring out here on the moon. I'm so glad I brought along my vibrating ass *****.
Mr Aldrin! You're needed at the base and - what's that noise?
Uh oh, this is going to stick.

You wanted to see me, doc?
Yes Mr Pitt. We're a little concerned about your wife. Remember when we told her she had a chance of breast cancer, so she had a mastectomy?
Yes, and then there was that time she found out she had a chance of ovarian cancer, so she got those removed too.
Well, we just discovered she has a 50% chance of skin cancer.
Angie, this has to stop.

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