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That's just my way of saying I think you're handsome and I'd like to get to know you.
Thanks, but you're not really my type.
You sure I can't buy you a drink?
There's no such thing as bear goggles.

by biped
I lost my virginity during this song. It was at summer camp...Camp Wakkawakka...
I thought your first time was with me after the big Homecoming dance.
Oh, well...that was the first official time. Cousin Harold doesn't really count.
Your Cousin Harold just made my Time- Machine Baby Hit List.

by biped
Ed...would you... could you...REALLY kill Baby Hitler if you had the chance?
Are you kidding?
I'd kill ****ing Baby Adam Sandler if I had the chance.

by biped
Ed, listen--it's "our song"! (sigh) Oh, it's so true what they say... music is the best "time machine."
Uh-huh. Except for one thing...
With music, you can't go back in time and kill Baby Hitler.

Let's go down to the playground and hookup.
The playground? Isn't that a bit weird?
When I was a child, I broke my hymen when my brother jumped off the seesaw, and now that's the only way I can get off.
I thought I was the only one into the Teeter-Twatter.

What happened here?
Farticle acelorater.
Don't you mean particle acelorater?
Not even the Large Hadron Collider could cause this much devastation.
So it was a methane explosion?
Nah, two lesbians were scissoring away and simultaneously queefed.

by areallystupidguy
would you ever kill someone?
wow. that's a really hard question. i mean, if someone hurt my family... wow. i'd be furious. maybe mad enough to kill, even. but could i go through with it?
i don't know if there's anything that would make me mad enough to go that far. but i guess you don't really know until you're put in that situation.
what if she was a hitch hiker?

We've been at it all night and we still can't find the cheese.
We'll never find it in this maze.
I smell something around the corner.
If they aren't out in ten minutes, I'm sending in the cat.

I just have to update my fantasy football picks.
You've never played fantasy football?
Not like you do.
And now, we hit the showers.

by biped
What if the Titanic had only had cows instead of people?
Wasn't I a "dish"?
Just try to remember, Rose.

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