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I finally found some time to take some vacation.
Where are you going?
The boyfriend and I are going to prance off to England.
They already have a wrinkled, old queen.

Excuse me, I'm taking a survey. Have you ever been discriminated against?
Well, I live in a country where I can still be fired for what I do in the privacy of my own bedroom...
Businesses can refuse to serve me, religious leaders openly suggest I use different restrooms, and politicians introduce bills to prevent me from marrying someone I love,
I meant to your face.

We've been together for a year.
I know. It's been the longest...
Year of your life? I know how you feel.
...I've been with a guy.
It's been great.

Y'know under all these new laws, all I have to say is I'm transgender and I can use the ladies' room.
Just because your genitals are tucked between two folds doesn't mean you can pass for a woman.

The results in and now we have conclusive proof of why you are gay.
Are you sure?
We did hundreds and hundreds of scientific studies with strict controls.
So what's the reason?
Says here that men give better *******s.
No arguments here.

I have an internal hemorrhoid, sooo none of that for a little while.
That's okay.
You don't mind?
You should know by now, I love you for what's on the outside.

by biped
No, YOU shut up.


Did you hear somebody puking in the alley last night?
He probably knew what we were doing in here.

I'd like to make a deposit.

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