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by evil_d
Hey man, can I come in? I don't have a bunch of dudes inside me or anything.
That's a really weird thing to mention.
What? No. I'm just saying, is all.
It's just, like, most people aren't full of dudes. It's assumed. You know? So why bring it up?
Hey man, I'm cool. That's all I'm saying. If I was bootlegging a bunch of Greek soldiers or whatever, I'd have to tell you. That's the law, right? So can I come in?
Alright, whatever.

by kaufman
The crime that has all of Middle Earth talking.
Stole my precioussssss
And still no arrests
How come, Chief Willoughby?

Mr. Spock, you look perturbed. What happened?
I was trying to engage the Romulan Cloaca Device.
by kaufman, 2-07-18

Before I sleep with you, all I'm gonna say is ... don't pull on the hair ! ! !
Same for me
But I don't see any hair ?
I think it's time we get naked !
OK, now I'm scared
Same for me

by evil_d
I had the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period.
You tell 'em Donald. Those aerial photographs were obviously doctored.
45.6 million people watched my State of the Union speech. The highest number in history!
And who wouldn't tune in, just to hear the sound of your melodious voice?
When I was ****ing that porn star, I gave her the most orgasms. No porn star has ever had so many orgasms, believe me.
Love 'em and leave 'em, that's what we religious conservatives say.

if you call a lot of penalties against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, you'll receive a truck load of money .
But I'm already receiving a truck load of money from New England And, I get to keep the truck ! !
Well ... whatever they're paying you ... we'll pay you double !
Can I take home one of the Eagle cheerleaders ? But she has to wear a Patriot's uniform .
G - O G - O Let's GO let's G - OOOOO ! ! !
sweet <3 I love this job.

by kaufman
Who's the dead guy?
Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA
Uh, why's he just lying on the floor?
Nobody can find an allen wrench to assemble his Snoorgenheimel casket.

Wow, you can balance that fish bowl on the top of your head ! ! !
All I can do is strangle my teddy bear with a choke hold .
OK. You win .

Doc ... what do you have for Trump Exhaustion ? I hear the name and I immediately have to vomit ....
Did you say Trump excuse me for a moment ....
BLAHHHH AAHHHHH cough,cough ...
See ? We all suffer from the same thing. You're perfectly normal and might I add that your health is excellent !

by evil_d
Why does Carrot Top call himself "Carrot Top"? I get that he has orange hair, but the tops of carrots aren't actually orange; they're green.
The "Top" in his name doesn't refer to a carrot's top; it refers to his top. He's saying that the top of his head is colored like a carrot.
If he wanted to say that the top of his head were colored like the top of a carrot, he'd have to call himself "Carrot Top Top".
Somebody call me?

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