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by KajunFirefly
Do you want to watch the new Doctor Who? I think you'll like it.
How is he a girl now?
Well, The Doctor isn't really a "he", The Doctor is a Timelord from the planet Gallifrey and when their bodies are decaying they have the biological ability to regenerate their cells...
When they die they respawn with a new custom skin.

by kaufman
I told you to mop the mess hall. What do you think you're doing? ----------------------- I'm only sleeping.
That's the seventh comic in this Beatle Bailey collection that had that exact punch line.

by evil_d
Avast, matey! I be here to plunder a burger, a large fries, and all yer doubloons!
Oh, hold on, I have a button to press in situations like this.
Whoa, take it easy man. I'm just celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day; no need to call the cops.
I'm not pressing the panic button. This is the zap-customers-who-think-they're-funny button.

by evil_d
Harold Jefferson, you died of a heart attack at 3:07 this morning. It is time for your soul to be weighed.
You don't look like God.
You've never seen God; only pictures drawn by humans. Now, it says here that you merged in front of another driver and then slowed down a grand total of 1,683 times?
I'd like you to balance that against the fact that I always tipped the Girl Scouts a dollar extra when I bought cookies.
It doesn't count if you try to stuff it in their bras. C'mon, lava pools are this way.

by kaufman
Did you hear? The news reported this afternoon that Tom Jones died.
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I always thought he was so hot.
Me too. He always put so much into his singing.
By the way, do you know if he's going to be cremated?
I have no idea. Why?
Well, I have to know whether to bury my underwear or burn it.

if you're an American in the bedroom ... what are you in the bathroom ?
You're a pee'in
by Waste_Of_A_Sniper, 8-28-18

Interesting - my quad-corder scan also indicates SPLAT - Super Poisonous Liquid And Toxic ! ! !
A quad-corder ! ! ! Awesome ... all I have is this really old tri-corder ... it really sucks ... damn it Jim ... I want a quad-corder too ! !
Well, well, well ... is that frustration I'm hearing from my Vulcan friend ?
F*ck off Bones !

I've completed 2 full orbits around the sun now ... and to be totally honest with you ... that's enough for me ... I really don't need to see any more ...
OMG .... You are soooooo much smarter than I was at your age ... So ... how old are you ?
OK Ur-right, I should be able to do this .... so, one orbit would be like 12 days NO, 12 months & double that would be 24 but U r too small to be 24 right ? Am I right ?
I like this guy.
Of course I'm right. I'm always right hahaha ... but let me tell you, yes, I will tell you this ... it wasn't always this way ... No it wasn't, not like this at all. And of course - the wall.

I'm here to collect the soul of ah... ah one Mr. Mark Zuckerberg ...
Did you like him ?
Huh ? What ? Like him ? No, I don't know him.
Well, to gain full access to Mark, you have to set up a new FB account - set up your profile - find Mark's profile - ask him to be your friend- and then - like him.
And. what if I don't like him ?
Then ... I'd say you're normal.

by kaufman
Oh good, Rodney Dangerfield's coming on.
It's nice having a lot of money. I went out and bought a jukebox last month.
I tell you, it works great. Unless I request an Aretha Franklin song, that is. Then it plays nothing and eats my quarter.
I tell you, I don't get no Respect.

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