King of phases

The guy on the right claims his friend is the king of phases, while the guy on the left tries to defend himself from that accusation...

by OmniMarconi67
Check it out! I'm going to seminary!
*sigh*...You know, priesthood is a serious life-altering decision, this better not be another one of your phases.
What do you mean "another one of my phases"? Do you think I'd do something like this on a whim?
Of course you would! You're the king of phases! This is just like the time you wanted to be a pro-wrestler, so you went around wearing a speedo for a month even though you can't fight worth ****.
I was in training! And besides, I had a good reason for having to give it up!
Yeah, that lame arena you built in your backyard fell apart and crushed your you decided to become a vet instead...

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King of phases

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