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by atomiclunch
Yay! You guys are here to check out my contest entry! Lemme get it ready!
Finally, someone entered. Well, it was you, so, almost someone. *sigh* Let's see it.
"Ta DA!"
AAIIEEEE! My eyes! So much sparkle! Rags, do NOT look directly into his outfit!
Uh, 'Lunch. This, while indeed lame, blinding, and in horrendously bad taste, has nothing to do with excuses.
"Lame? Ooohhh, I thought it was The Lamé Gamé."
See? I told you he'd do something like this! Yet you just HAD to interrupt our alternative lifestyle in Tibet for this!
What's worse, if no one else enters, we're gonna have to let him win this one.

by bigworm
*Re: Your 2nd request for something to eat. Escort one of the filthy dirty ****sucking coconut head *****s down to the beach to suck your you-know-what!
Then tell her (after you're done of course), that you can't really offer her any meaningful help in raising her low self esteem if she's going to continue acting like a ***** with no morals!
Then take one of the other coconuts and bash her ****ing head in with it, and eat all you want!

by bigworm
*Dear Sir, In response to your prayer requesting a sexual partner. I have your back!
Please take note of the coconuts behind you. See how they are shaped just like a woman's head?
See the one hole that looks just like some dirty raunchy *****'s ****sucking mouth? Bye bye for now!*

by Porternotes
Hey Cat, I'm tired of taking your bull****.
What are you gonna do about it, Pipsqueak?
I've been working out, bulking up. Eating "Grow-tein" I'm comin' for dat ass!
Oh goodness!
That's when he pounded the **** outta my *****.
No wonder you look like the cat that got the cream.

Dinner's almost ready. Call your brother.
Hey **** bag, **** wad, **** muffin!
What? You didn't tell me what to call him.

by atomiclunch
From Bloomberg, today: "Colorado’s Ski Towns Could Fix the High Cost of American Health Care"
Good news! Your insurance covers our new "Black Diamond" treatment regimen! We can start right away! Would you prefer a local or general anesthetic?
I don't like anesthetics, doc. They make me loopy. Just fix me up!
That's the spirit! *SHOVE*
"I really don't feel any better. Are you the nurs-" GRRR! *CHOMP!* "OUCHY WAWA!" *CHEW CHEW CHEW*
So, how's the new system working out?
Well, I get paid, you guys probably saved a couple hundred thou on that one, the bears get fed. It's a win-win-win, as far as I can see. NEXT!

by atomiclunch
Hey City Boy, come around here and i'll bust a nut in your ass, y' hear?
Excuse me? You're gonna bust a cap in my aas?
Is that what I said, boy?
Well, you said "nut".
Bend over, boy.

by bigworm
Did you get a receipt yet?

by atomiclunch
"You ready, sweetie? I just KNOW you want it."
I do! I want it sooo bad!
...and that's when I pounded the **** out of her *****.
So, a bit of miscommunication, eh?
I suppose so. But I made Buttercup my *****, I'll tell you what.
Was this before or after you, as you said, "busted a nut", sir?

Tabby Cat! I choose you!
Alley Cat! I choose you!
*hack* *hack* *hack*

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