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What's your name, sweet cheeks?
That's an unusual name... Where you from?
You're mom's *****!
So am I... We have so much in common! We should go back to my place and do it!
So, you're into ****ing long lost sisters who grew up in Japan?

by edoggydog
Sure... I'll tell you why my wife kicked my as yet AGAIN.
What would you do if you came down with the Corona virus?
Look for a hot chick with Lyme disease!
Why are your toes clenching?

Third day of deliberations.
Are you worried about all the notes the jury is sending to the judge?
Nope. It gave me a chance to slip my own note in there.
What did it say?
"Will you go out with me? Check yes or no."

Where are you going?
Not like that you're not.
What's wrong with a dress shirt, jama pants and flip flops?
You're overdressed.

This is it Harvey. The jury has started deliberations. Nervous?
Not really. After the open letter my lawyer wrote the jury about doing the right thing, I think we got this.
Some people might find the letter to be a form of jury tampering. An attempt to manipulate the system in order to get your way.
You're still not using that hashtag right, Harvey.

We need to talk, roommate...
Those weird noises you make in your bedroom is keeping me awake at night.
Half the time, you sound like the mating call of the South Atlantic sperm whale!

Move your hand, Gabe...
Why? So you can punch me in the nuts again?
Of course!
Weirdly, I appreciate your honesty.

As Pinky droned on about his many sexual conquests...
...and, that's when I decided ass is ass!
...Isabella from corporate was keeping a running count of all his HR violations.
Speaking of sweet asses...
(Pinky made it to 68 before Isabella had him felony-walked out of the building.)
Wanna come back to my place so I can donkey.punch your vagina with my huge *****?

Will you be my Valentine?
You're a little late... Valentine's Day was three days ago.
What if I sucked your **** so hard, we went back in time. Three days.
Keep talking...

by choadwarrior
So I'm sitting there on my tuffet and you won't believe what happened next!
A spider sat down beside me!
Oh my god! What were you doing on the tuffet?
Eating my curds.
No whey!

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