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by kunislayershujo
Hey, man. Do you got a joint?
Why does this always happen to me? *sigh* Just ignore it. It'll go away eventually.
You think you're better than me, don't you? Just because you have a torse and head and stuff. I used to have all that too, I'll have you know.
Why can't I have a pleasant visit to the temple just once? I just want to pray for sex, then leave without incident. Just once.
I was once the arm of a rugby player. You're lucky his body got eaten by bears and squirrels dressed as bears. Seriously though, I could really use some pot. Please?

by kunislayershujo
This cafeteria smells funny. Doesn't it smell funny to you? Like, I dunno. It smells like FOOD, but there's something not normal about it.
Your sense of smell has always been oversensitive. I mean, you ARE a dog. But now that you mention it...
I am wary, but curious. I feel like it's a bad idea to eat here, but we should anyway, just to see what will happen.
I agree, as long as it is not too dangerous.
It's a little dangerous, but not deadly. I have smelled death before, many times, and it is not present here.
This pleases me, as lately our lunches have been predictable and lacking in adventure. I will find a table.

by kunislayershujo
Oh, Greetings, Pants. What brings you to my fine establishment?
I would like to have sex with your establishment.
By "establishment", so you mean some sort of obscure sexual double entendre of sorts?

by kunislayershujo
This IS 525 Reginal Crescent. It is indeed the house that called for the cleaning service and gay telegram.
Knock louder
I've knocked as loud as I have ever knocked in my life. I think we must come to terms with the fact that someone pulled a fast one on us.
Maybe they're taking a shower. The windows look all steamed up. Maybe they left the door open and want me to surprise them in the shower.
The door is locked. Your theory is debunked. I really wanted to sweep.
You can sweep the porch. There's a lot of stuff on the porch. And I will dance the lonely dance of the jaded as you sweep.

by kunislayershujo
I wonder if I'm in the correct cave. I seem to be the only one here. Am I that early? I've never been very fashionable, so that's probably it.
I wish I knew for sure though. Why didn't I bring my cell with me? I spend forty bucks a month on that thing, yet I never bring it where I could really use it.
The meeting starts in half an hour. SOMEONE else should have arrived by now. Right? Geeze, I don't know...

by kunislayershujo
We are trapped in an icy landscape that spans as far as the eye can see. I'm not sure how we got in this situation in the first place, but the fact remains it is now quite dire.
Yeah... We'll probably die.
How can we make the most of what few precious hours we have if we're surrounded by nothing?
Hey... you can do a lot with snow. For instance, you could build a snowman, and... Well... you could build a snowman.
...and you can eat it too. We'll still freeze to death, but it's better than starving to death, I think.

by Nied
Greetings, mortal Waiji.
Wait, Taggart what? Where are you going?
Wa.. oh.. ****.
Whew.. I've been following him for blocks trying to tell him about my kickass Highlander katana. I guess I'll just tell you since you're in front of me now..

by Nied
Well, Craiggers, here we are on the moon.
You know I hate the moon, tit-face.
Ya, the moon sucks.
Hey look! Here comes Mike.
Christ, Mike. You scared the **** right outta me.

by Nied
Wait, what? No! How did you even..
Such is the fate of all who dare chat with the pies. You must come to terms with it.

by Nied
I want to make things right, pies. Sometimes I just have problems controlling my.. muh.. muh.. bbuh.. BBZZZZZZZZ!
I don't have time for this..
My head! You ran into my head??

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