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I am a confused, recylcling rat of a teenager. ICQ# 76399270 email: poopachuse@msn.com
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by Poopachuse
What happened? Where am I? Who is that all bloody and mangled over there? It looks like...it looks like me!
Your life has come to pass, human.
Is it my time already? But I am too young to die! I am an internet jockey for chrissake, the world needs me! Where are we going?!!
Patience, mortal. Your pathetic primate soul is now mine for the harvesting. You will now spend the rest of eternity undertaking the worst of all penalties for your kind, asking a hot girl on a date!
So... do you wanna like come over to my house, and maybe I can show you around my room? My mom wont be home until 4.
Even though I'm sure your room is interesting, I dunno, I've got a date with Satan tonight and he might be mad if I cancel.
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