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Welcome to the meeting for "Rarely-Used Prefab Characters."
I know black ninjas are rare but damn man, show a brother some love!
Any thoughts Jackie?
People still reference the "Watchmen" movie, right? I'm Rorschach! You can interpret me any way you want!
What are you doing here? You're used all the time.
I thought this was the meeting for "Barely-Amused Rehab Characters."

by Moturd
I think felons should be allowed to vote. Yes, even terrorists who hate America like that 'Boston Bomber' Tsarnaev kid.
It's a slippery slope if we let law abiding decent people say "no no, you hate us, you want to kill us, so we don't want your input on how to run society."
I also think it's a slippery slope if we let hot young women say "no no, I won't have sex with you because you're a gross disgusting old man.

by Moturd
Father, I saw Jesus when Notre Dame cathedral burned! Just look at this picture.
Was he in front or behind the Geordi La Forge in a bathrobe holding a ray gun?
This is serious, Father. I saw him. He was right there...
...tossing his cigarette butt down on the scaffolding. Those damned migrant workers!

by Moturd
Liberian President George Weah
All workers have been told to stay away until Monday
as I have been driven from my office by snakes.
A bunch of snakes tried to drive me out of office too. NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION!

by Moturd
Welcome to Carl's Jr. Would you like to try our new Rocky Mountain High burger? It's infused with cannabis.
Yes, please.
Anything else?
No, just that.
That'll be $4.20. Hey, haven't you already been in here twice tonight?
Every time I eat one, I get the munchies.

by Moturd
Where am I?
I used a system of heaters, pumps, and artificial blood to restore brain function to this pig.
I remember dying. Now I'm here.
Billions of cells appear healthy and normal.
Are you God?
Yes, little piggy. I am God. Now get in the slow cooker, uh, I mean angel wing attacher.

by atomiclunch
4/16/19 - Stripcreator labs Down Unda Annex...
It lives!
Hide your women! Run for your lives!
Did you bring me a Bloomin' Onion and a Foster's?

by Moturd
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. FAA regulations strictly prohibit smoking at any time on the airplane, but...
...for the next 90 seconds or so, feel free to smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Ouch! That really hurt! Don't smack my ass!
What if I just rub it like this?
What if you just don't touch it in general?
So.... you want me to touch it in specific?

by atomiclunch
Good morning class! We'll be discussing the importance of breasts today. Since I happen to have some, we'll be using them for studying. First, let me get out of my top-
urk! *THUD!*
Uh, Ethan? You okay? Please stand yourself up so we can continue today's lesson.
With what, Ms. Chinchilla? My *****?
Given your lack of hands, your ***** will have to do, yes.
What the hell do you think made me tip over in the first place?

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