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by Moturd
25 Years after the horrific murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, OJ Simpson says, "Life is fine."
Presumably this was in answer to the question...
For how long should you have been sentenced?

by atomiclunch
Any change, Phil?
Nope, 34 followers, been that way for a good while, now. Anything over there, Ethan?
**** no!
Well ****, that sonofa***** turned on the mother****ing obscenity filter again. ****ing ****weed!

by atomiclunch
Say George, do you see Phreaky out front sunning those double-d's of hers?
Not now, I don't.
What do you see, then?
Just Maura taking a shiny ****.

by Moturd
There was insufficient evidence to charge President Trump with any crimes. BUT that doesn't mean he hasn't commited any. wink wink
Channel 3 has done an investigation of Bob Mueller. While we found no evidence that he ****s babies and strangles old people in their sleep...
...that doesn't mean he is innocent. wink wink

It was the coldest winter I could remember in recent memory. That proves global warming is a myth!
Well it gets so hot each summer that my skin melts off, so that's gotta mean something about climate change.
How are we going to end this debate?
I don't think we can. People have been debating this since at least the early 80s.
So the debate has taken about as long as it has taken this contest to develop.

by Moturd
Since no one wants to pay for my new green dole, I've come up with a new green plan.
Every year, we will choose random billionaires to divest of their ill-gotten fortunes until our welfare state budget is balanced.
I calculate that we will eliminate cow farts before we run out of billionaires.

by atomiclunch
I say, peasant. Kneel before your king!
Beg pardon?
Bend the knee, knave! Hastily!
Which way would you like me to bend them for you, dip****?
Now you're gonna get it! Sir Chen! Get in here!

by atomiclunch
So, what was that delivery truck dropping off the other day, 'Lunch? Your latest acquisition from the world of restaurant equipment auctions?
Yeah. I got an old walk-in refrigerator. Works great but they didn't clean it out so the leftovers got a bit...
Rank? Funky? Gnarly?
"I named him 'Lefty'"
Uh. Hi?

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