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by Makin_d_bacon
A survey? About WHAT?
Every had sex with a dwarf?
Ever been beat sensless with a pair of 44 Double-D's?
No! But I'm willing to make the sacrifice!
An hour later.....
I told you an hour ago..... "Just LEAVE, already"!
It's that thing about "hand size", isn't it? It's a myth ya know!

by Makin_d_bacon
Precurser to "The Caine Mutiny"...
I can see our beloved Spain from this porthole!
You can? But we're anchored off the coast of Australia, Sir!
Are you calling me, El Capitano, Pancho Queeg, a liar Senor?
No way, Captain. I was just admitting MY eyesight ain't for **** compared to yours, Sir?
El Capitano, Pancho Queeg, can live with THAT Senor! Carry on!
Whew! First the "strawberries" now THIS! The crew may need to get all "Medievil" on his crazy ass!

by Makin_d_bacon
no, No, NO!
What's wrong NOW!
You broke the first rule in successful NFL cheerleading!
Oh yeah? And what might THAT be?
You're wearing panties!
So what you're saying is..."Take the socks OFF the camel!"...right?

by Makin_d_bacon
Well I never....! I'll just have to smack him silly, I will!
"Walk like a man, talk like a man, walk like a man my so-o-o-on!"
...and THAT'S when I hit him with my purse!
How dare him think you're a sissy!

by Makin_d_bacon
So little boy, what do you want from Santa?
Not a damn thing from rum soaked bum!
You heard me! My daddy says Christmas is about God & Jesus and that type stuff. You just wanna squeeze little boy's butts!
So Timmy...did you share the good news with others?
I let that drunken sicko at the Mall have it...just like ya taught me, Daddy! Ooops! I mean "Father"!

by Makin_d_bacon
Wal-Mart on "Black Friday"....
Everybody ready? I'm about to let em all in!
Geez, look at all of them crazed shoppers!
We'll be trampled to death!
You guys better brace yourselves! Those gals mean business!
And still minimum wage is all we get?
I'm "READY"! Bring em on!

by Moturd
America voted on Facebook and Twitter for the turkey's name and millions have tuned in to watch me pardon it. They are ready to announce the results now...
Gobble gobble
With over 48% of the popular vote... the presidential turkey's name is HILLARY!
Our great holiday traditions are important, so very important, and I love our American customs so much, so, so much...
Gobble gobble Benghazzle
But America put me here because they wanted change, so I've decided that I will not pardon the turkey this year.
Feets don't fail me now!

by Makin_d_bacon
This one is for RCLG......
Hey ragu4u... how does one say "anal sex" in Sicilian?
Can I consult my Sicilian to Lithuanian to English Dictionary, my dear d_bacon?
Butt of course! hehehe
I'll be back with your answer you little smart ass!
OK...So what is it?

by Makin_d_bacon
So, Sen. Franken, you've been groping women without consent, I see!
That's ludicrous sir. How can you think I'd do that?
Easy! I do it myself!
But I swear I'm innocent. It's ludicrous, I tell you...LUDICROUS!
That's just too bad Mr. Ludicrous. Sen. Al Franken wouldn't lie now, would he?
BullSHIT! Every time dat MoFo's lips be movin, a lie be comin out!

by Makin_d_bacon
*knock, knock* Judge Roy Moore?
Maybe yes. Maybe no. Who's askin?
Mama said I gotta try and sell you some Holiday Gift Packs to pay for our Senior trip to "Space Camp"!
Little that you? Then I'd be delighted to! So what's good?
Thanks judgy wudgy! Ya know I'm partial to that that big old 12 inch Hickory Smoked Salami!
Salami? She likes the 12 inch Salami! This is a friggin dream come true!

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