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by seanator
One fine day...
Rise Up! Demand radical change at the cost of your obedience! Don't you know they'll fire you as soon as it's profitable!
Stop saying such things! You'll get in big trouble!
You're under arrest!
What you've just said has implicated you as a suspicious person and possible terrorist!

by seanator
Facists calling facists facist.
You're Facist!
You're Facist!
Those Republicans are Facist!
Wow, classic Facist Democrats.... fap time, then bed.

by seanator
One fine day...
Okay class, This is Anatomy, the study of...
No, that's Proctology.
Does the Pro stand for "prolapsed anus"?
In this class we don't even go into prolapsed anuses
Why, is your mom too tired?

by seanator
One fine day...
Halt, you are Jaques Moreau! A member of the resistance!
A machine! If I deliver a paradox it will surely short-circuit!
I've just spent my infant son's diaper money on methanphetamine, should I just tell my wife I gambled it away? that wasn't technically a paradox, but I'm going to kill myself anyway.

by seanator
One fine day...
...Tell your mom nobody will save her, yeah that'll make her SAD, Then I'll go back to your house and do the same to your DAD
Yeah you think it's kinda funny, you think its kinda SICK, Well just wait until that dad of yours gets one look at my DICK.
He'll be working up a sweat, then I'll give it a RUB, I'll cum right across his mustache, then he will be in LOVE
Five seconds with me, your dad will be GAY, Then I'll tell him that I like him, but not in that WAY
He'll be so sad, his heart so BROKEN, thinking of me, my body so SMOKIN'!
Too much to think about your dad just SNAPS! He pulls out his **** and he starts to JACK!

by seanator
One fine day...
MasterBotter4000, living in the year 2331 sucks. Plastic surgery has been completely perfected.
Isn't that a good thing?
Last night, I went out with someone who turned out to be 83 years old! She didn't look a day over twenty!
I thought I smelled death on her, she even offered me a butterscotch.
But I didn't know for sure until I broke her hip.

One fine day...
Hi, I'm Mark, but my friends all call me 'conversation killer' because last summer at camp my best friend drowned.
by seanator, 1-30-11

One fine day...
hmm... Facebook on my brothers new 32 inch flatscreen.... Everyone looked better on my iTouch.
by seanator, 1-10-11

One fine day...
Sir we've invented a rich chocolatey treat, we're calling it a "chocolate truffle"
GREAT! now make sure they melt at room temperature!
by seanator, 12-29-10

One fine day...
Achey Breaky Heart is the worst possible thing that could ever come from Billy Ray Cyrus!
by seanator, 12-05-10

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