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Hah! Matt can't draw, but he can make comics out of other people's work pretty damn well.
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by ProAlien
Leanna realizes during a student's oral report that some people just cannot share information literately.
So um... in this next problem, you take the 3.5 meters and... No, wait. Seconds! The 3.5 seconds... and divide them by... frog?
*YAWN!* This guy is so boring!
A physics teacher with a guilty conscience stumbles onto the scene.
I wonder if it's possible ot ban someone from teaching permanently?
Who me? I- I'm not THAT bad of a teacher, am I?
Actually, Mr. Spadafore, I was talking about...
OH GOD!!! I always knew this day would come! I'm not really a physics teacher! My life is a sham! I'm a phony! *sob* Why'd you have to discover my deep down secrets?
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