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I pump gas at a gas station. When you go to your local gas station, don't be cheap, they don't pay us that well. Give us some money. It'll compensate for the brain damage caused by the gas fumes. Send your feedback to pump_jockey@hotmail.com
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by Pump_Jockey
You are a steaming pile of cow feces! Now time for Donkey Talk! But first, let me explain something:
That's right, just keep smiling! Don't let anyone know how much that hurt! Hold back the tears.
I just want to clarify that I'm not singling anybody out here. You are all steaming piles of cow feces. I don't care who you are. Now, it's time to hear from Donkey.
We just got cancelled.
And thus ends the eventful event that was this event.
Well shit, that lasted, what, twelve minutes? Damn, guess I'll have to get another job now. Wanna go get a beer?
Who are you talking to here? Of course I want to get a beer. You paying?
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