Powers Series

Heroes and villians with nomininal powers.

In a public restroom, evil is born. Dr. Howie Toddid discovers he has a super powers....the power to put catchy tunes into people heads and force them to sing it over and over all day......
Oh man I hate that song. I wish this guy would hurry. I gotta go.
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight......
Don't you just hate that?
Uh we muh weh uh we muh weh uh we muh weh.....Oh crap! Now that stupid song will be stuck in my head all day!!
Why is it always world domination? Can't evil villians ever do anything else? Oh well, anywho...what will The Jingler do next? Who can stop him and his diabolical plans? Stay tuned.
Hmm. I have the power to force people to sing whatever I want. I could use this power to rule the world. No more Dr. Toddid. From now on I am....... THE JINGLER!! Mwa ha ha ha hahaaaaa!
What a freak. I wish he would quit staring at me. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaweeeeaaaa oo we ahh muh muh weeeeeeehh..

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Powers Series

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