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by JoeBlough
Why is it so hard to breathe down here?
It's probably all the escaping gasses.
Yup! *queef*
*cough*'re the culprit? *cough*
You ain't smelled NOTHIN' yet, Bozo! Wait till Maura lets one rip!
Sweet Jesus, not HER!

by JoeBlough
"Justice For Floyd" in Minnesota
YOU are Floyd, I take it?
Certainly! Who ELSE would I be?
So, do you now feel "Justified" by these riots?
All in all...'s just another brick in the wall!

by Porternotes
You don't need to leave at all....
I'll just go in the other room. You can do your... thing.
Maybe you'd like to participate?
Oh hell no. I'm good. Just clean up the mess when you're done.
I always do. You probably had no idea how much I masturbated before we'd been in lockdown together.
The stiff socks in the bottom of the hamper told the tale.

by Porternotes
So, what have you got planned this week? You need to go to the store? Or gas station?
Hadn't planned to go anywhere? Why?
I just think you should leave the house for, oh I don't know... Fifteen minutes?
I want to masturbate.
So, I have to leave the entire house?

by Porternotes
Well, I guess it's time to go back to work.
You sure you can handle it?
I don't really want to do it anymore, but what choice do I have?
You've got this. You're the provider!
I'm starting to hyperventilate.
I can show you the Amazon bill if you need inspiration.

by JoeBlough
I wonder why Mr. Epstein invited us here?
I hear he loves children's games, pet grooming and westerns.
Pet Grooming & Westerns, huh?
Well, I've heard terms like "Doggy Style", and "Reverse Cowgirl" used a lot!
And what kinda kid's games?
They say he's big on Pajama Parties, playing "Stuff the Bottle" and having us bob for Jumbo Weiners!

by JoeBlough
We want answers, McEnany!
Tell us the truth!
You reporters need to calm down. The President will answer ALL your questions during the LIVE "Q&A"!
Lay the facts on us!
"ON The Air"
We want Fauci!
Guess I had better shutdown all media outlets!

by kaufman
Doctor, did I see you treating Mary Poppins this morning?
Yes, that was her. In the flesh!
You're kidding. What was wrong with her?
All sorts of things. Abdominal pain, shortness of breath, dryness, nausea, sliding up banisters, continually needing to pee, ...
Were you able to diagnose her?
Yes. It's supercalifragilisticketoacidosis!

by atomiclunch
So, what's this about Rags making Deb tote him to the wedding in a rickshaw?
Yeah, I can't believe she did that. I reckon she was too tanked to say no given how much drinking she did to go through with the wedding in the first place.
Well, if we were to get hitched, you know I'd never do you like that, TK.
Duh, one, you're way too wimpy to do it and two, Hostess has super zombie strength since the resurrection!
Hey! That's not fair! We have a brother. Let Frito-Lay do it!
Ay! Ni madres! They can take the bus, puta!

by JoeBlough
47 Years Ago Today
Where are the bride & groom, Father?
They'll be here. This gas shortage is messing up ALL commutes.
A short time later.
Here come ragu4u and Deb now. They can explain their tardiness.
After the Wedding Ceremony....
So why were they late Father? Also, why did the bride look so tired?
Turns out all ragu4u could afford was a rickshaw. As far as the bride goes, ever try pulling a rickshaw 2 miles in a wedding gown?

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