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by Moturd
A UN report released today says that white supremacy is on the rise...
Incidents of naziism are increasing across the globe.
Is it alright to kick a nazi in the nuts?
This reporter says, yes.
Its not nice to correct your moral superiors, grammar boy!
"It's" has an apostrophe when used as a contraction. You only leave it off when used as a possessive.

by DBoba
Fuck this ****..I'm a ghost and you're not even scared..what the **** is wrong with you kids these days?
Scared? Actually I was contemplating having sex with you later....
Yeah..I never made it with a you gonna buy me a drink first or what?
Fuckin' WHORE...ghosts don't have money! BOOOO you sleazy little BITCH!

by DBoba
yesterday at CNN headquarters
Hey Gil...did you see that new theory about the JFK assassination?
Oh mean..NO!
Yeah well it seems that they have real good evidence that Trump was the grassy knoll shooter... **** you realize that Trump was only 17 when JFK was shot? he was an OVERACHIEVER...everybody knows that!
I can't really wrap my head around this just now..I got to clean the toilets in the ladies about a JFK headshot..have you ever seen the ladies room after a regular business day?

by DBoba
...uh oh...
What's the matter with you narrator ***** get your pecker stuck in your zipper or something?
HA HA I don't think that be possible!
So Khan...what about that little kid that supposedly sailed a world cup class sailboat over here to complain about "climate change"
Wait Chan! that what she's complaining about? I thought it said "clamidia change"....
WOW! You really should get your contact prescription checked again....
So what the ****..she sailed over here on a big boat made out of petrochemically refined does that ENOBLE her to lecture us about our carbon footprint? THE LITTLE BITCH!

by JoeBlough
I came over as soon as I got yer text, Rags!
Thanks, Lunch! Behind this door is the bulk of RCLG's Intellectual Property that was deemed...
....wise & funny beyond belief, right?
Kinda! Let's go in & take a look.
Geez...he made ALL THESE hilarious comics?
These? NO, these are complaint letters ABOUT his comics. His good comics are in a cigar box over there in the corner!

by JoeBlough
YOU? Again? Why does my dad keep hiring YOU?
Hey likes my style I guess!
I mean, you're a babysitter! How hard can THAT be?
Some of us just know how to "sit" better than others. Now go to sleep. Your dad will be home soon!
Hours later Timmy gets suspicious...
Wow! She DOES have a unique "sitting" style...right on dads face! I hope he can still breathe!

by atomiclunch
The witness, one Mr. Boba, stated "I didn't see nuthin'!"
hahahahahah! Hey 'Lunch, did you see someone broke into RCLG's hq and stole his ideas? HAHAHAH!
hahahahahahah! Heh heh. Wooo...
Now Rags, *snrk* It's not nice to laugh, someone stole his intellectual property.
HAHAHAHAH! "Intellectual!" HAHAHAHA!
hahahahaha! "Ideas" hahahahaha!

by JoeBlough
Hey Ma, is Uncle Gary out marching for Civil Rights again?
No. He just went out for a haircut at that new "Minority" owned hair salon!
But we only do hair for African Americans. I'm not very famil...
Oh tish, tish! A haircut is a haircut! I support ALL minority business by confidently using their services. Clip away, woman. Clip away!
Nice "Minority" haircut, Uncle Gary. Did you actually have to pay money for that?
Those people shoulda stuck with selling drugs!

by DBoba
OH BOY! I feel a CONSPIRACY starting!
Jesus...look at this place!
WOW...all the drawers are numbered too!
...hey check this out...the numbers are up in the 100 thousands....
SERIOUSLY???!!! I wouldn't know I can't read ENGLISH that past TEN YEN?!
FUCK YEAH! Do you know what this means? He's posting from a veritable treasure trove of unreleased ****!
YEAH! and if we STEAL a few...we can CHUMP HIM right outta the starting gate!

by DBoba
9-23-19 two have health insurance?
JESUS ya dweeb..did you enroll?
So..what's up with our health insurance plan CHAN?
Well was time for your annual preventive colonoscopy..and when I checked our benefits page to see if it's covered it said to call..but nobody answered..just a BOT!
WAIT! HOLD ON...what do you mean ANNUAL colonoscopy?
Yeah don't you know you sposed to get that thing rammed up your butt every year???
OH HELL NO! I'm still recovering from the LAST ONE! AIn't no way no how! I might not ever be over that! Do they cover the trauma of colonscopy? How 'bout a Colonoscopy prevention plan?

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