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by choadwarrior
I'm confused.
The sedation is wearing off.
What happened?
I had to fill a few cavaties.
I came in for a tetanus shot.
You can clean up in the sink.

by brycekain

by Makin_d_bacon
...of Hal, Lucy & Nate are NOT what....
C'mon, look at me!
No way! You look like A "Bugle Snack Cracker" with body parts.
...they appear to be. Thus the term...
Ever think it might be the medication you're on?
Maybe your right! I'll take a peek and see that you're just plain old normal. In 3...2...1...
How bout we go for two out of three?

by Makin_d_bacon
Inside The Bijou Theater of Mississippi
One for that film with the black Super-Hero.
The WHAT? "Training Day" is on DVD now you moron!
That's racist! You, my good woman, are a RACIST! I want to speak to your manager!
Fine...fine! Don't get yer panties all up in a bunch!
You CAN'T be the manager?
I CAN & I AM! The question is..."What am I NOT?" The answer is..."I'm NOT selling you a ticket "home-slice"!

by Makin_d_bacon
So, did ya pick the "CC" winner, d_bacon?
Sure did, but I'm expecting a back-lash.
Really? How come?
I gave the win to someone who has not been around lately!
Sounds like yer just TRYING to **** people off! At least the comic was funny...right?
At the LEAST!

by Moturd
2024-- Libtardia outlaws all new guns and confiscates all existing guns
2025-- School Shootings drop to zero
2025--Incidents of bombings, bio-terror, mass poisonings, mass vehicular homicides, stabbings, and chainsaw massacres at schools rise by 34,560%
Mommy says school used to be dangerous when she was little!
Mhm. Which do you want me to open first? Anthrax, Ricin, or Cyanide?

by Makin_d_bacon
Fasten ALL Seatbelts!!!!
Stewardess, why is this happening?
Why? WHY???? Because YOU opened the Emergency Exit!
Don't blame ME! It's HIS fault!
Just SIT and fasten your safety belt.
The ******* wouldn't stop farting! We needed AIR!

by Makin_d_bacon
Why the aggressive stance, Gabe?
Why? Because, Mr. Chen, it's "Punch a FAG" day!
And ALL you students think that I'm a fa.....?
We don't THINK it! We KNOW it! they all thought YOU were a fairy, huh?
You're turnin' into a real Sherlock "Homo" there, Hiromi!

by Makin_d_bacon
Have you been watching the "Winter Olympics"?
The what? Olympics? What's THAT?
You millenials kill me. You have NO appreciation for sports competition or for trying to win a GOLD Medal!!
Do too!
I still think the "Sandy Hook" shooter deserves a GOLD Medal with 28 kills. Compared to HIM, that Cruz kid is just an "also ran"!

by brycekain
Hey honey, guess what? The Walking Dead will be coming back soon.
Did they kill that loud mouth ******* in the stupid outfit yet?
You know who I mean, right? That ****head with a stupid name that just loves talking **** and thinks he knows everything?
*sigh* No, Carl isn't dead yet.
See? This is why we never ****.

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