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by JoeBlough
You're my idol!
You're just a common "loser"! A "nothing". A pitiful "nobody"!
We'll just see about THAT!
That's it. Slink away in shame, LOSER! Crawl off, you nameless cipher!
But years later, on "Execution Day"...
Go ahead and kill me. At least I've made a name for myself!
That you have, Mr. Loser Nobody! That you have!

by JoeBlough
Gimme a pack of "Luckies" rag head!
So sorry. Boy must be 21 to purchase tobacco products!
I'n that case *crack* I'm gonna have to kick yer sorry ass!
Oh Butch! Vishram need you, pronto!
Oh ****! Scratch the smokes! Just gimme some "Chicklets".

by JoeBlough
Dad does your company, "Pixar", have offices in Japan or Korea?
Japan or Korea? We probably have resources there. Why do you ask?
I just think there's a huge pool of untapped talent for PIXAR there.
It's nice that you're so concerned but OUR talent is 2nd to NONE!
"Second to none", my ass! Now THIS is what I'M talkin' bout!
Welcome to, "Horny Hentai Honey'"

by JoeBlough
Amazon Prime Days 2019
Now to buy lots of cool stuff, CHEAP!
Naturally, there's a glitch....
Hello? Amazon customer service? What's all this "Walk-Out" talk?
We all decided to walk off the job for the last 3 hours of the day to get more pay.
Hey d_bacon, this lil punk from Amazon won't take our orders.
Oh I'll take your orders AND your payment! Just don't expect to receive anything!

by JoeBlough
You're not a Jehova's Witness, I hope?
Not at all. I'm from Publisher's Clearinhouse, to tell you that you've been chosen as the Win....
Holy SHIT! Rags? Deb? JB? We WON! We're rich! Rich, I tell ya! Rich as Croesus!!
...ter's biggest LOSER.
Ex-squeeze me?
All your phony names & entries are gumming up our system. So please, STOP ENETERING!

by JoeBlough
I'm sorry Mr. ragu4u, but due to the new laws, I can no longer prescribe your Morphine Sulfate!
What? How am I to obtain my pain meds?
Not my problem! Write the legislature. Maybe THEY have a solution for you!
Good idea. They HAVE TO HAVE a way. They won't let me down.
But after a month of dead ends.......
But last month you sold me 90 tabs for only $25! What kinda govt. provider are you, anyway?
Looky here, bee-otch, a brutha gotsta turn a profit. You dig? Now gimme the $500 or BEAT IT!

by JoeBlough
Manhattan, NY 7/13/2019
I think the power is about to go out!
Did you just see the lights flicker?
It went dark for over 5 hours!'s 1977 all over again!
This could be a long time. What should we do?
Then, about 9 months later.....
Hurry Doctor! 37 women are crowning right now and the water broke on 150 more waiting in the lobby!
These "C" Sections are killin' me! Wait'll "ConEd" gets the bill.

by JoeBlough
Frat House Community Bathroom.....
I hate these ghetto kids!
Why's that?
The lazy little punks are clueless!
And you base that claim on WHAT, exactly?
99% of them think I'm a washing machine!
Guess where the other 1% do their wash?

by Moturd
Knock, knock
Who is it?
Justice who?
I said Just ICE
No hablo ingles!

by atomiclunch
Feel better?
Decidedly. And I didn't have to break up our conversation.
I know i'll be sorry I asked but what do you do with it when it's, uh, full?
I generally head to the restroom when it's convenient and dispose of it.
Must be hard to flush, huh?
Shoot, that's nothing compared to waffle stomping one down the shower drain.

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