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by JoeBlough
Rags & d_bacon here yet?
Nope. Neither are Lunch or RCLG!
What the hell? Are we gonna be forced to drink alone here?
Perish the thought...
But we will if we have to, right?

by JoeBlough
At home with Rags & Deb....
Hey Rags, guess what happened to me at "Kroger's" today!
Oh great! A "Grocery Store" quiz!
Sure Deb. I can hardly wait! Lay it on me!
The Produce guy mistook ME for Gal Godot!
So how does a blind man weigh produce?

by JoeBlough
Have you no respect, woman?
What the hell has got yer skivies all in a bunch, baldy?
This is our most holy Temple for worship. Not a place to flaunt breasts and rump.
Shee-it! These here jugs & "Daisy Dukes" get me welcomed anywhere, old man!
A short time later.....
Hey, you can't lock me up in here for "Lewd Behavior! I'd thank you to LET ME GO, PRONTO LIKE!
And if you do, you'd be very welcome!

by JoeBlough
Watkins Glen, NY...8/19/2019
What the hell went on here over the weekend?
My info is that some pig and a saucy fat guy caused a mass riot.
How'd they pull THAT off?
They promised the huge crowd they'd be entertained by over 150 bands.
I'm guessin' THAT didn't happen?
Right! All they had was an old boom-box and 20 different "Rockin' to the Oldies" CD's! Chaos then ensued!

by JoeBlough
Yo Rags baby, what say we go to "Woodstock 50"?
Hells bells d_bacon, don't you remember when we tried to attend the original?
Aug. 15th-18th, 1969
I thought you said Jimmy Hendrix and tons o groovy chics would be here, Rags?
That's what the flyer said! Ya think there's a Woodstock somewhere else other than Utah?
This time I'D navigate!! Now to find my bell bottoms, Dashiki & headband!

by JoeBlough
Ya hear Mike Trout signed wit the Angels for 430 mil?
Yeah, but it's a12 year deal!
Really? That come to bout 36 mil a year. I think a sucka could live damn high on money like THAT!
Tell me about it! That's why I'm gonna renegotiate MY contract!
Yes sir, I DO feel I deserve a 50% raise on my 2 year deal!
Fine! But if you don't EARN that 10K I'll expect every penny back!

by JoeBlough
After months of therapy.....
Well Mr. d_bacon, I'm so glad you have finally come to terms with your maleness!
It's all thanks to YOU, Doc!
This non-binary craziness is just a fad. I'm so very glad you beat it.
Me too Doc. Nothing but all females for me from now on!
I think d_bacon just got home!
So who does he screw tonight? Me or you?

by JoeBlough
Listen up d_bacon. This whole non-binary thing is a HUGE mistake!
Ya think?
Hell yes! Your dressing up in nothing but gender neutal stuff is like putting lipstick on a....
On a what?
A pig?
Where's the damn Xanax?

by JoeBlough
What seems to be the problem, ma'am?
There's this pig guy in the ladies dressing room.
Excuse me sir, but you can't be in there.
I'll be right out. I'm just trying on outfits to "get my sexy back"!
Well Mr. d_bacon, how does THAT ensemble make you feel sexy?
In THIS I feel like a "Stripper"!

by JoeBlough
Good morning Rags. Sleep well?
OK, I guess...considering!
Oh no! Considering what?
Considering that d-bacon thinks he may be non-binary!
It just means he's unsure of his identity, that's all. It's not contagious.
We can only hope!

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