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by JoeBlough
...they'll undergo strict training!
FASTER! You troops gotta gather faster! Do it AGAIN!
No way!
Yer killin' us!
You believe this guy?
We made a damned "Bee-Line", dude! What more ya want?

by JoeBlough
...AND the panties!
What's wrong with right here, Kim?
But I'll get sand all up in my coochie!
Your sister sure didn't mind! She didn't say a word!
She didn't? Why that little ****!
Actually.....she COULDN'T!
You "deep-throat" almost better than your sister! And ya don't squeal anywhere near as much!
It isn't polite to talk with my mouf full, silly!

by JoeBlough
Greg, wake me at ten till five in the morning. OK?
♫Riddle,dee,riddle dee, riddle, dee, dee! Riddle, dee, riddle, dee, riddle, dee, dee...♫
♫Riddle,dee,riddle dee, riddle, dee, dee! Riddle, dee, riddle, dee, riddle, dee, dee...♫
Jesus Christ, Greg! I'm up! I'M UP, ALREADY!

by JoeBlough
Amighetti's Sandwiches-St. Louis, Mo.
Is there a problem, Sir?
Yo, yous got a bubblah in dis joint?
A bubblah?
Yeah! I doan wanna choke on dis wicked hot spucky. I'm plenny dry. How's bout a tawnic? Gimme a tawnic. I'll be in the ****ah!
I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean, Sir!
Too bad doan nobody in St. louis talk American like we's do in Bahstun!

by JoeBlough
One Possible Scenario....
You all better be "St. Louis Blues" fans, fella!
*tweet* That'll be two minutes for "attempted intimidation"!
"Attempted" my arse! Screw up pal and you'll FEEL MY intimidation!
*tweet-tweet* That'll be a double minor and a game misconduct for "High-Schticking"!
Just before Game 7, Series tied 3-3...
So basically, if the Blues lose, you want I should go all "JOB" on the Refs. Correct?
And throw in the "Sodom & Gomorrah" treatment on Boston, too!

by JoeBlough
They've been waiting 49 years......
Gloria (Gloria), I think they got your number (Gloria) I think they got the alias (Gloria) that you've been living under (Gloria) But you really don't remember, was it something that they said? ...
They DID IT! Hey Rags baby...we're goin' for Lord Stanley's Cup!
I heard. I HEARD! I better dig out my old "Blues" jersey from 1970.
Did ya find em'? They still fit?
Maybe if I sew two of em' together?

by edoggydog

by edoggydog
I spray 'em, you splay 'em!
Try again.
I squirt 'em, you dirt 'em!
I wet 'em, you Jimmy Fredette 'em?

by UnknownEric
shoots off own foot

by UnknownEric
Gonna make some sweet brown / flush it down
I got the night ****s.
(ohhhh, got the night ****s)

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