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by ivytheplant
Welcome to the Great Library of Askendore. Here you may ask questions that will help you on your quest.
I roll to eat some books so I can gain knowledge through osmosis.
I roll to loot the rare book room.
Guys, you're supposed to ask the library a question.
I roll to ask the library if I can eat some books for gaining knowledge through osmosis.
I roll to ask the library to look over there for a minute.
The Great Library of Askendore is revoking your library cards.
I roll to eat my library card.
I roll to steal the DM's book.

by ivytheplant
Okay, are you guys ready to begin?
I roll to begin our quest!
Oh FFS Jeremy, not this again.
Your roll failed, you run into the wall.
I can do this Brandon, let me try again. I roll to open the door.
Give it up, Jeremy.
Your roll failed. You break your leg on the doorknob.
I roll to crawl out the window.
I can't believe I gave up movie night for this.

by ivytheplant
That was a hell of a fight, man!
I mean, you really knocked them all right out!
The PTA will think twice before criticizing your cookies again.

by ivytheplant
Nadine gazed lustily at Ethan as he dimmed the bedroom lights.
He turned around and walked towards her, only one thing on his mind.
"Sulsul! Plerg majah bliff?"

by ivytheplant
"Check out this German copy of The Land Before Time!"
Heil Hitler!
That's all the German I know.
Heil Hitler!

by ivytheplant
I'm afraid I'm going to need to see some ID.
I left it in my other pants. At your mom's house.
I was ****ing your mom, is what I'm trying to say.
I believe she enjoyed herself immensely.

by ivytheplant
Look, just let me do all the talking.
If anyone asks you directly, just say you have a concussion and things are fuzzy.
I swear, Bernie, this is the last time I bathe your grandfather.

by ivytheplant
You're a psychologist? Since when?
Since I finished my Master's last year.
I thought you hated that psychology stuff.
I did until I realized how entertaining it's gonna be diagnosing my relatives at the next family reunion.
They're not going to invite you back.

by ivytheplant
Holy **** you're here! Where the **** have you been this whole time?
The game, right, but where have you been.
No, I said where have you been?

by ivytheplant
So what have you been up to lately?
Oh, you know, the usual: Disposing of corpses through taxidermy and gardening.
Haha you're always such a kidder.
Haha yeah. I've also learned a lot about how human trafficking works.
Oh, that's...nice I guess.
Hey, wanna come see my unventilated shipping container?

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